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@AOC Oh this is so good.All your base (are) belong to us 👾
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFuture cosmonauts on Europa, moon of Jupiter, illustrated by Nikolai Kolchitsky, late 1950s.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeI think 'motherfucker' is a great word and I use it every day involuntarily when I read the news. It just walks right off my tongue. @david_sheff @sampha Oh wow, well done Jasper. Damn.*checks the news*’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. @CherylStrayed I am so glad you are on this earth. @nadiamdrake Ooo I've always wanted coupes like that. Mama D has excellent taste, we know this. Cheers to you friend xo. @im_a_mia @francineorr @latimes @latimesphotos I might have to drive down for this @DanielleRGunn It is so bad. @francineorr @latimes @latimesphotos @im_a_mia :) @LukeEpplin This is really fucked up.Today in dark thoughts.
@heroinebook Hahaha. Yeah something like that. I’ll stick to your saying though. @heroinebook I'll take it. Really anything other than dying alone an abject failure would be ok with me. Though tha… @heroinebook I couldn't even finish responding because the worst case is so damn sad and the best case I know to be… just asked me what the best and worst possible scenarios for my future are and I realize neither are likely… I ask for, every day, is for a secret door to open in front of me & to be never seen again.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @heroinebook You rock Erin!!"Eeyore" is simply a phonetic spelling of the sound a donkey makes, the braying noise usually transcribed in Americ…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe Journey by Mary Oliver.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeIt's been a full 24 hours and I still can't get over this quote. @meganeabbott thank you for posting this. folks. Big story comes out Monday. joke never gets old.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeBrutal.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @erinbiba @lizlandau @Lisavipes @AstroYuki @Nickelodeon Liz no. No.❤️ @rabihalameddine Oh my god my heart @nadiamdrake I am writing something about this as we speak and I'll share it with you when I'm done. May those stars burn bright. @nadiamdrake @adamspacemann @meganeabbott I’ve been haunted by this since I read it. @meganeabbott Wow."A man has always wanted to lay me down, but he never wanted to pick me up." Happy birthday, Eartha Kitt...
Retweeted by Shannon StironeBravo @Aeromexico bravo.
@erinbiba That makes me sadI really want to write an essay about Mary Oliver. I might have to do this.I'm just going to say that I think it's really interesting how many women in particular that this poem resonates wi… @Jill_Yuricich I love that kind of thinking :) I hope it finds you. @Jill_Yuricich I found it at a small bookstore in SF but I'm sure you can get it online. It is fabulous. @Jill_Yuricich This is from New and Selected poems, volume 1. It's a wonderful collectionOne of my favorites. Not Anyone Who Says, by Mary Oliver. Do I Love You? By Mary Oliver her book Felicity and the section on Love. @lyzl Me too. It's a lot of truth to contain in two little pages. @w00ki33 ❤️The Journey by Mary Oliver. @howagreg Try New and Selected poems volume 1The opening page to Mary Oliver’s Blue Horses. is a great piece by @brainpicker I suggest reading it"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" Mary Oliver, RIPShe helped so many people fall in love with poetry for the first time. It was an honor to write this
Retweeted by Shannon StironeI'm sad that she is gone but I do have a stack of her books next to my desk that are underlined and marked with lit… was vulnerable, gutted and totally open when she lost her love and yet she was laid that out for us to witness… Oliver somehow had the ability to not just convey the despair and depths of pain we experience in this life, b… were so lucky to have her"To live in this world you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bon…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe last page of her poem, When Death Comes. I cannot give you any better advice today than to go sit with some of… one from her book Felicity: Moments is one of the first poems of hers I ever read: If I Wanted A Boat breaks my heart. Mary Oliver was a gift to poetry and I am so glad I found her work in my life. Eisenstaedt
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @heroinebook Also related to sources, it has been a nightmare getting in touch with people and it is so stressful ❤️ @heroinebook I think I’m just a zombie now. Or vampire, whatever is coolest these days. I look dead, I feel dead, I… Diebenkorn (American, 1922-1993), Man and Woman Seated, 1958.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeI remember rolling out of my bed and suddenly waking up on the floor and running to the hallway and the shaking see… insomnia twitter @KarlTheFog @chrissyfarr This is heartbreak crying. You’ll find love again. Let the sun come back. @johnwenz @FiveThirtyEight Because we are artists and narcs don’t tell us what to do in Flatland. @johnwenz @FiveThirtyEight They warned me about the drugs too colors used on this test are nice. Not sure if this means I’m cool or not though. It might be time to move back to Los Angeles. @sciencequiche I’m so glad you’re ok!90!!! @SirFluffyWalls @NWSBayArea I have no power either and I’m more east. Probably no power until morning :( @SirFluffyWalls @NWSBayArea Oh that must be what it was. It was huge!!I’m meeting my deadlines by candlelight and before the power dies on my computer. Nothing like no electricity and 6… @grantwmckinney @MarsMaven I’m going into preserve power mode. This is nuts. I’ve never seen lightening that was neon blue before. @MarsMaven Power just went out after the biggest brightest blue lightening strike I have ever seen.Hey @NWSBayArea just saw a massive bright blue lightening strike towards west Marin.This is the worst storm I've ever experienced in the Bay Area and I've been here 12 years. My windows are double pa… @im_a_mia @MariamWatt This cow is a national treasurea rodeo cow escaped and hid herself in an Alaskan park for months and no one can catch her!! no one!!!
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @DownHereOnEarth @ErinEARoss @tembeep Devious Leah! This is a good idea.Frasier, Niles, Marty ... etc.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @arawnsley Jesus I did not know that. That makes me like him more. Yeah, feels about right. What a time to be alive. @arawnsley @ErinEARoss Erin that is hilarious and so sneaky of you! @ErinEARoss @DrMRFrancis @tembeep I guess the teeth are out of the bag on that one. @lukedones Oh Leo ❤️ I’m sorry for your loss Luke :( @DrMRFrancis @ErinEARoss @tembeep I haven’t, is this teeth related? @ThePlanetaryGuy Hahaha this is great @ErinEARoss @tembeep I think it's weird AF that we hoard our childrens teeth and tell them a person sneaks into the… @ErinEARoss 57% sparked joy? from teeth? wow I don't know this audience at all.
Then for the rest of week this is me. just when I am sure I've killed them all and erased their last tough guy appears and then.. turns into what feels like it rains and the ants start coming inside for shelter @PAYOLETTER This is just pure entertainment. I just imagine the computer trying to get this right and short circuit… @mikamckinnon @PAYOLETTER Oh my god Mika that is hilariously sad. I am just Shannon Stramonium.