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Kepler’s successor, TESS, will begin examining nearby stars, searching for the tiny dips in brightness that signal…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @kevinmgill @CassiniSaturn Initiate warp speed! @tanyaofmars @nytopinion @nytimes Thank you Tanya!That's one way to reduce your astronaut corp @moorehn Love that placeAs we watch NASA's human space flight program flailing and getting whiplash between going to the moon and Mars, I'l… @kchangnyt Yeah.. @NASAWatch I am aware that there are water ice deposits in the craters on the moon. I am aware of all the reasons w… @jaywbennett @dwbwriter I've gone spelunking before. Send me! I'll keep the robots company.“The bottom of the pit is total exploration. We have enough time to just see what the heck is down there. We are th…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe VP really needs to leave god out of our space program.Pence: this happened, the astronaut would arrive to the moon before the 13 (!) cubesat missions designed to go there an… wants astronauts to land on the Moons south pole. This whole thing is just bizarre.It's not *impossible* but I highly doubt we can land humans on the moon in the next five years. I'd go as far as t… years! This should be interesting. If commercial rockets are what we need to get astronauts to the moon then commercial rockets it will be. Oof.The next National Space Council meeting should just be the administration going to Space Camp. Put them in the centrifuges.National Space Council meeting is getting underway in Huntsville. NASA says the meeting will include a report from…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeMy latest for @NatGeo covers a new paper out today. Check it out! Other 'Earths' are out there. Here are the best p… @michellelegro 🔥 @smcslothsloth I don't know who you are but that cracked me up. Thanks. all women spacewalk was not a NASA publicity stunt, but two astronauts scheduled to complete work on the Intern… @mgrabois @A_Bro_LIncoln @heroinebook Have we ever run into an issue where two men couldn't walk because there was… @mgrabois @heroinebook Of course her being safe is top priority but I think the issue here is why there aren't two… you ever have a day that's just so bad that it's almost funny? Like you're impressed with the universe's random…
Trint is doing an excellent job of categorizing the different types of stars | British Parliament takes #TheresaMay out of control of the #Brexit
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @cbquist Yeah that’s not a good look. Well only one woman can survive. I can’t believe they’re just figuring this out. @cbquist *extremely sarcastic voice* Ooo but we're definitely going to Mars. @cbquist Yeah maybe the next cargo drop off can include some Lisa Frank stickers that'll fix them right upSo the planned first all-female space walk will not be... Because they don't have enough spacesuits that fit.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @cbquist Gotta love the irony that because women have never spacewalked together before that there aren't enough su… @JoAnnaScience @sarahmirk @thenib You know what to doThis Monday has lasted a year @nova_road Makes way more sense @sarahmirk @thenib @JoAnnaScience @ErinEARoss Yes please. Either that or send me back years. I'd also take going one year into the future for $800. @_Astro_Nerd_ @HappyStemCell Yeah we would 100% die which is part of the appeal tbh. Not a bad way to go at all. Sign me up. @DrMRFrancis @_Astro_Nerd_ I would love to die that wayOur contribution to #ProcrastinationDay Meet Noë, the Quai d’Orsay cat 🐈
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @_Astro_Nerd_ Of course I'll take you! Dying alone is less fun ;)Someone send me to Jupiter @PAYOLETTER Congratulations Rae!This series just keeps getting better and way too accurate. science lovers--my amazing friend and fellow writer wrote a very cool book and I think you're going to want to… mood up to terrible news first thing on a Monday is surely a good sign of how this week will go.Fan Ho, Journey to Uncertainty, 1956
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThey call it, “Granbia.” 🤭Old British women are going to Gambia just to have sex with the locals. Including...The Great British Bake Off judg…'s Outward bound Moon lander. First selfie photo from a distance of 23,364 miles (37,600 kilometers) from Ear…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone<have a bestselling book and sell movie rights and be extremely successful> 😐 to watch a movie at home but can’t forget the most important thing. #wenttothetheaterjusttobuypopcorn
ICYMI my latest for the @nytimes is about a possible new era of space exploration and it started with the MarCOs. with my usual this list is epic so far. Also lol to the person who said, The ShiningHey twitter--what are the movies you watch to cheer yourself up? If they are cringe-worthy, please share them anyway.Receiving planet earth from older generations like
Retweeted by Shannon StironeTop Three Tips for Writing Productively 1. Set goals! 2. Incentivize productivity! (eg: allowing yourself that devi…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeSunday mood Yeats by Lady Ottoline Morrell
Retweeted by Shannon StironeVincent van Gogh
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFYI. Sessions of the recently completed Lunar and Planetary Science Conference are online, incl a @NASA HQ briefing…
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“While the Red Planet could have hosted large bodies of water on its surface for about 100 million years, Venus cou…
Retweeted by Shannon StironePlanetary scientists are proposing a mission to Neptune's moon Triton, the "largest object in the solar system that…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeStill from Fritz Lang's 1929 film "Woman in the Moon"
Retweeted by Shannon StironeMary Oliver-The Journey @heroinebook I love it! @kbatygin @MiamiSymphony @EduardoMarturet Fabulous! And happy birthday!!They were nicknamed "Wall-E" and "EVE" after the movie characters, and their successful journey to Mars could chang…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeMood. @MuseeOrsay an adult is highly overratedRoom in Brooklyn, Edward Hopper
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFerdinand Hodler, The Disappointed Souls (Les âmes déçues), 1892, oil on canvas, 120 x 299 cm,
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFerdinand Hodler, Die Lebensmüden (The Tired of Life), 1892, oil on canvas, 149.7 cm x 294 cm
Retweeted by Shannon StironeI wonder if there’s life in those clouds Mueller, Robert TO: Barr, William SUBJECT: Final report Hey - attaching report. Thanks. ---- FROM: Muelle…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe Trial (1962) (based on Franz Kafka's novel) Director: Orson Welles Actors: Anthony Perkins, Orson Welles, Mich…
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@JakeOnOrbit It was great to see you too! And anytime, I would love to be back on the show. It was a blast :) @JakeOnOrbit Cheers pal! @JakeOnOrbit I see Texas did not disappointOh man
Retweeted by Shannon StironeAnybody else excited to resume talking about THE ARTS when this is over?
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe Mueller report and every journalist in a newsroom right now. @alanburdick Poignant Friday tweets are the bestCats dance to a Satanic tune in a detail from “The Witches Cove Creek”, a 16th century Flemish painting by a follow…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeAfter I’m dead but one day for sure, Venus astronauts will mock Mars astronauts for drawing the easy assignment. Ti…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeHappy Friday @JoAnnaScience @dwbwriter @DownHereOnEarth This has got to be the weirdest tweet to ever come from an lpsc 😂 @phil_torres @VICE Omg if I had only known when I had my botfly what a special thing it was. I still would have kil… the first time ever while talking to my mom she said, “honey you know I don’t like booze but you sound like you… reminder: we are all winging it
Retweeted by Shannon StironeWhen you're emotionally drained but the show must go on
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In the near future, cubesats could be like the probes that Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise launched toward a planet w…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFor you @heroinebook Meyerowitz 1963
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