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Writer. Art Historian. Find me in @NYTimes @washingtonpost @PopSci @TheAtlantic @NatGeo @NewRepublic @RollingStone @Wired @Longreads. Opinions are mine.

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Retweeted by Shannon StironeCC: We're reading you loud and clear, Buzz. Out
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFor the @nytimes I wrote about why landing humans on the moon and Mars is not the right way to measure the success…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeWhat would have happened if the Apollo astronauts were stranded on the Moon? and read more…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @DanielleRGunn 😊🌝
Retweeted by Shannon StironeCDR: The Eagle has wings
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone50 years ago today my parents had their first date. They stood in front of a shop window with ice cream cones and w… fire the copywriters. Ottoman Drawing of a Peri, attributable to Veli Can, Turkey, 16th century
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Saw the trailer for Cats where Taylor Swift plays a furry and suddenly I realize @SwiftOnSecurity was right all alo…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeVery punny funny, David Nesvorny. @kbatygin may appreciate it.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThe song du jour The Beach Boys - Don't Worry Baby (HQ Stereo) via @YouTubeThis helpline is, of course, completely fictional and not something I would call several times a day if it existed.…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeI’M WORKING ON IT GET OFF MY BACK!
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone guess my wish of being a character on Lost has finally come true."So you know, a warming of 1 degree Celsius, which is what we’ve seen thus far, can lead to a 10-fold increase in t…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeSurface rupture and relative co-seismic right-lateral movement on the main fault trace of the Mw 7.1…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeTomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon. Get into the lunar spirit by checking out…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone“ ‘Moon Landing’ is not considered to be one of Auden’s better poems, and yet it is one of my favorites.”
Retweeted by Shannon StironeSally Storch
Retweeted by Shannon StironeBye NYC ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by Shannon StironeEdward Hopper
Retweeted by Shannon StironePowerful #earthquake shakes Athens (this is a breaking news story: the @BBCNews report will…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeEXCLUSIVE: George Nader, witness in Mueller probe, hit with new charges of sex trafficking
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone1/ Apollo 11 led to one of the grandest travelogues ever made by humans. With their ever-present cameras, the crew…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeDo you know why the World Wide Web (WWW) was invented? "The project is based on the philosophy that much academic i…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThis and the responses are so good
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThis music is wrong.My Uber driver is playing the absolute worst elevator jazz and he’s tapping his fingers on the steering wheel like… some money from Human Exploration towards a Climate Corps—now this is an interesting idea. @Lori_Garver on…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeWhen Poppy Northcutt went on TV to talk about her job, they asked about her miniskirt instead. I interviewed the…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeFor those of you contemplating tattoos, a warning-they’re addictive. Almost walked into a shop today to get somethi…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeHBO didn't submit Gwendoline Christie for an Emmy so she submitted herself and got a nomination. Be your own biggest cheerleader.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @ErinEARoss @erinbiba @metmuseum We ate an enormous piece of cake 😉
The Moon exhibit at the @metmuseum is fantastic. left the Moon exhibit at @metmuseum with @shannonmstirone. It was INCREDIBLE. Collections of humanity's first…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @ErinEARoss @erinbiba @metmuseum YES!! We had a blast. No pun intended 😬Your daily moment of metal
Retweeted by Shannon StironeA baffling alert. A race to the wrong building. Notre-Dame still stands only because firefighters decided to risk e…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeSometimes New York City is charming as hell.
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone
Russian literature is amazing because really makes you understand what it is like to be one of those people who can…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @im_a_mia I bought three books. I have never come to nyc and not left with books. Ever. It’s a real problem. @BSS57 No. NoooooooooooooooooooooooMe: I will not buy any books. I will not buy any books. This bookstore: lol, k.Oh @mcnallyjackson I love you so. @KAlexander03 spotted at @mcnallyjackson on Prince!! @cirquelar Oh god no. @cirquelar No. Are they worse there?!Extraordinary journalism.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeNASA approves extensions for all its operating astrophysics missions (except SOFIA, which wasn't considered) - so h…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeOh New York, you have some of the scariest cockroaches I’ve ever seen.Stanley Hall @holdengraber
Retweeted by Shannon StironeA Bigger Splash by David Hockney
Retweeted by Shannon StironeWhere workers once put the finishing touches on the Apollo capsules that went to the moon, there is now a 24 Hour F…
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Extremely here for this dystopia
Retweeted by Shannon StironeWalking to the train and this happened. (It’s the big one!) beliefs about calorie deficits have long diverged from what scientists know about how weight loss works. I…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone❤️😀 at @nytimes: Fifty years after Apollo, what does it even mean to be an astronaut anymore?
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThis piece by @kchangnyt is so lovely. Please read it. Michael Collins Didn’t Walk on the Moon. But He Got to Dri… other guy on Apollo 11.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeVirgo: Don’t lose focus of your career goals and ambitions. Remember what you promised that dying horseshoe crab on…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeIt was a case worthy of Ace Ventura, the pet detective.
Retweeted by Shannon StironeIf you’re familiar with Mr Ross and his rather extensive body of work, you may be interested to know that precisely…
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Comparison of US and Estimated Soviet Expenditures For Space Programs, August 1964 -
Retweeted by Shannon StironeNow THAT’S the kind of movie trivia I crave
Retweeted by Shannon StironeIn 1999, child mummies found near the volcano's summit were perfectly preserved, without embalming. It seemed nothi…
Retweeted by Shannon StironeIf I die while in the city it’s because I got distracted looking at all the cute dogs.As we celebrate Prime Day, don’t forget the ultimate sacrifice that was made.
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@KAlexander03 Ok deal :) @KAlexander03 I’m going to buy it at home and have you sign it for me when I buy you drinks. So cool!!!Spotted in the wild! @KAlexander03 this is at Three Lives and Company in Greenwich Village. Woohoo!! @danfalk @nytimes @nadiamdrake Yay thanks Dan! @dwbwriter @nytimes @michaelroston It’s gorgeous! @lynnelyman @stevesilberman @Delta @david_sheff has shared a lot about why these kits should be everywhere even for… York City, I am in you.Go buy a paper today!!! will never get tired of tweeting this...
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ICYMI-my latest piece for the @nytimes is for the Apollo 50th anniversary special. I touch on what our artistic rel…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone#facebook is embedding tracking data inside photos you download. I noticed a structural abnormality when looking a…
Retweeted by Shannon Stironetv show about a sleepy british village where a criminal investigation is underway called midswimmer murders
Retweeted by Shannon StironeThere’s nothing line getting all dolled up for a wedding to remind ones self that they are a grubby t-shirt and jea…
Retweeted by Shannon Stironesleeping is like “g2g die but don’t worry i’ll be back”
Retweeted by Shannon StironeSoviet reporting of the Apollo 11 moon landing from the 7/26/69 issue of one of the most popular magazines in the S…
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone @burritojustice Right??*keanu whoa* are still waiting for LightSails solar sails to deploy but, in the Pollock - Reflection of the Big Dipper, 1947
Retweeted by Shannon StironeMax Ernst, Birth of a Galaxy, 1969
Retweeted by Shannon StironeOdilon Redon, Gaze, 1910
Retweeted by Shannon Stirone
And don't forget there are still some tickets left for this amazing one-night-only show on Broadway on July 21 to c…
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