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All coaches can use that argument Tomlin is in position to hire black coordinators and he hasn’t in 14 years, so I’m not going to let him throw… I’m pulling up to Undisputed 🤣🤣🤣 #Little #Unc haven’t seen Luka in that discussion since season started put him in to see’s super about Lakers w/o AD cut checks you understand how TV wrks that 3 from Bakersfield’s not what you said. don’t have a vote 🤣🤣🤣 habits follow you. Remember saying same thing about Chiefs and penalties. We’re up 3 TDS, who cares. Until you’… the 12th spot, 13-18 record. A player from that tm should be in MVP discussion. You should be ashamed you said t…, how many times will you continue to foul Steph on a 3 pt shot. FCKHe said Kawhi was better than Bron. would Skip say: had Lebron/AD go 3-15 and in the 4th with 6 pts like Kawhi/PG in a 5 pt loss? Clippers also w…
No way, he know it. It happened in Seoul beat Tarver b4 dropping the weight coming from HW 1 other fighter did what Jones Jr accomplished, Bob Fitzsimmons. Win titles at Middlewight, LH, Hw had 7 belts and the guy with one said come to Germany to fight me for it. was after he cut 25lbs of muscle. Remember Roy was heavyweight champ of the world. Went from 193 to 168 Pea was special. His defensive skills might have been better than Floyd’s, but Floyd’s hands separated the 2.’m taking Roberto Duran, Hagler, Sugar Ray and Hearns over Canelo also. Who did I miss do you go an entire fight and your opponent doesn’t land a single punch on you? Only time in compu box history… you tell it got Roy all day, EVERYDAY do, Castillo, Baldomir, Corrales, Guerrero, Hernandez. LOOK’EM UP, FOH. walks around at 150-155. Canelo walks around 190 maybe 200. The fight I would’ve like to see , prime Roy Jone… you didn’t follow Floyd’s career. think that guy was worthy opponents? Forget mandatory challenger, yes or no they beat Floyd, what would you have said? Check Floyd 1st 10 yrs fighting. He was so gr8 he made champions loo… started out at 130. Check his resume from 130-140 he was knocking damn near everyone out. Look at the champio…’m not saying Canelo isn’t gr8, but some of these mandatories🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ he beat him? Carried him, toyed with him’m waiting for Bud Crawford vs Errol Spence, gimme that man, Canelo, De la Hoya, Cotto, Mosley, Hatton Judah, Marquez, Maidana, Castillo, Gatti, Corrales, Ortiz, Guerr… guy in the ring with Canelo yesterday. Should’ve been watching Canelo fight like myself. sure Canelo wants the risk at this pt. 30 mil to fight B fighters or 30 mil to take risks. He chooses A🤷🏾‍♂️ fighting sparring partners in title matches, but don’t know who he can fight to make it interesting. Triple… only going 10 blocks to wrk. It turned out well for both parties 👍🏾 had the greatest college season I had ever seen for a defensive player
Yes. drove it. Only 3k miles after 8 yrs. it was costing me 3 bands a yr to drive 50 miles. Couldn’t justify it a… did not Kobe 6 Protro Grinch 🔥🔥🔥 @Corporategotem to the @TheShoeSurgeon 🙏🏾 on Blk. Identical to the one Jordan had in the last dance. 512 testarossa watched Miami Vice every Friday nite growing up. Told myself, I’m getting everything I see, LEGALLY 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 boys looking to take advantage of ppl, poor, rich, elderly child. Doesn’t matter. Some see it as an opportunity’s better on the Lakers* I show up with 150k cash. How much you think IRS already pocketed? I’ve been audited for 27 cents, 33 cents and… bro, 2 watches, a pair of cuffs links and you there. It wasn’t like I was carrying all my pieces, I’ve left my bag in a NYC cab 200k in jewelry and 3k in cash. He returned it. I gave him all the cash. 🙏🏾 the most part, I’ve always paid for my services up front for an entire yr. haircut, massage, facials, mani&pedi…’t know about purchasing off of Craigslist, ppl be trying to hit a lick. That’s not going end well for someone. you, I responded to the gentleman speaking about Lakers. That’s it has taken 95, 115 and 135k cash from me and didn’t ask not one question. They just asked my assistant t… one plays for Lakers plays for the Bucks. bad make payments, but the payments are easier when you found 20k🤷🏾‍♂️👍🏾👍🏾 on ball defender, can guard 94 ft. he do what he’s doing in LA? AD, you on Flakka early this morning’ve determined already Gasol has been a disappointment B. I do that as a 3rd option? That’s question because on Lakers that’s what he would be? had 20 fouls entering the 4th quarter tonite. Wednesday against Jazz only 10. Return of DS, better defense r… as well, his on ball pressure plus he can create his shot and for others is the 3rd best player it’s suppose to be Kuz. is suppose to be the 3rd best player, your 3rd option not the guys you mentioned, Tatum, Mitchell ruined that. Kuz sees himself as those guys, but they’re not 3rd options. Kuz is never be gr8 IF* you can’t play with expectations didn’t want him, they wanted Ingram AD being out was Kuz opportunity to step up and show what he can really do with increased mins? Whistling 😗😙😙He’s saying ,break your boi off a little something. You’ve got a tray full of food, but I’m not going to beg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 comes forward, saying 20k was stolen. They can have it bck, I’m just not turning it over to cops. How’s that’ve kept the money and purchased a car 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Retweeted by shannon sharpeSuh on Brady and the Patriot Way will discuss this on Monday, I’m ready to go’s a Duke thang. You and I wouldn’t understand one is surprised by this. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE sense, yes. Common sense, FOH Carson was in charge of HUD as a former Neurosurgeon. Now you want experience 🙄🙄
I remember that couple❤️❤️ wanted credit when I broke the story, but ESPN insiders took credit for. Y’all know who broke the story