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Looks exactly like Elsie @ Westworld. moves/talks exactly like Dina @ The Last Of Us Part II Instagram: @shannonwoodward

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White people: we want a haircut. Gov’t: Done. Black people: don’t strangle us to death. Gov’t: that’s kind of a big ask.
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardMy LA people will you please join me tonight on this community call. #JackieLaceyMustGo #LADA2020
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardFrom four (4) year ago:
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardLeaders listen.
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardWant to support LA's Black-owned restaurants? @provoloned has started a Google doc that lists 100+ of them and she…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardWhite people talking to white people. More of this please. If you’re white and you believe yourself not to be racis…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardNeo-Nazi accelerationists aren't discussing infiltrating protests or riots, but more about strategically taking adv…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardMeanwhile, up north...
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @PJVogt see! it’s just about miniatures 😀They brought in the National Guard to protect Groundlings Yes and..
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @FakeRayBanzz Pretty sure the statute of limitations on petty ddos’ing has passed 👩🏻‍💻 @BrickMastrsLove Nope, never. Ty @AkilahObviously I will drop you some if you want. @BrickMastrsLove Fair. @BrickMastrsLove (Idngaf about the store, i was questioning police motives, but shit was too vague so i deleted). @BrickMastrsLove Black lives first and foremost, I’m with you. @LASTOFUSPART2 Nah, that was my bad.These motherfuckers went from “wearing a mask is tyranny” to “the government can shoot anyone on the street at night” pretty fucking quick.
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardIf your son was brutally murdered on film and you broke a window I would understand.
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @LASTOFUSPART2 I’m with you. Not worried about ulta. not at all. My tweet was not nuanced enough to convey my skept… @TVWatchtower @kcrw yeah. Ugh. @devplays1 @brickFUCKNmastr @TroyBakerVA Love to y’all. @brickFUCKNmastr @devplays1 @TroyBakerVA Nah, I’m all for the protests. There’s some weird stuff happening on the r…
Ummm I used to Ddos when I was 14 sooooo taking a knee at the White House. H/T: @ABC7TimBarber
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardThis should be retweeted over and over and over.
Retweeted by Shannon Woodwardquite simply — and i cannot stress this enough — iconic
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardSeeing so many videos like this from all over the country.
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardObservations on Ft. Greene Park, Brooklyn, the night of May 29, 2020, in hopes that it's useful to the movement and…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardExactly.
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardDeeply shaken KCRW reporter calling in from her car, where she was recovering from being hit with a rubber bullet a…
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @bdgrabinski Would’ve been tough to get out in time for curfew tbhThis is some insidious shit - just passed by a white girl straight up smashing a cart into the Trader Joe’s on 3rd…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardFor the people who are dismissing the idea that agitators are trying to disrupt peaceful protests. We organized a…
Retweeted by Shannon Woodwardpeople reacting to looting like it's murder is what happens in a country that treats people like things and things…
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward
I’m out of @Skittles @JoeCarnegie @MayorOfLA Meet me @ Lil st joesPleased to hear on this live @nasa broadcast that “SHANNON” is the code for the final abort zone 🤗Me waiting for the dodo’s to fly me like @johnlevenstein Woody Allen never misses an opportunity to gaslight!!! @TheOtherRebecca @RAZero I’d love to. @RAZero @TheOtherRebecca ❤️❤️❤️ man, I miss you guys.I am so fuckin sad today, and sending love to every single one of you who need it. You matter.
No justice, no peace. #BlackLivesMatter @Mike_Pence No justice, no peace you racist asshat. @winklevoss Omg can spellcheck do it too @PJVogt Technically, Hereditary is just about tiny people living in a scale model of a home. That should de-fang it for you.A few months ago my dude was looking for a tote bag to carry some things to the post office. I gave the biggest bag…
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @thegridkid a wild ezersky original has hatched! @mrsjannati Also wow, I did not think anyone thought i was cool. @mrsjannati Holy shit! Hi!we shot Man of the House (a MASTERPIECE), in Austin when I was 18 with a fake ID. Hard to beat that. (Totally kiddi… is some creepy, collapse-of-society shit. Frustrated, lonely psycho realizes he can dress up like a surreal Do…
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More ways to support Black movements in Minnesota right now #GeorgeFloyd:
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardVery few things to look forward to lately, but the prospect of my villagers wearing the cult robe I just designed is not nothingThe only tv show I want to watch about the pandemic is about g & k Conway’s quarantine together.All this awful going on and on top of it people been shitting in waterfalls @nlyonne 😂I will never recover from this
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @travishelwig Am drunk on your behalf don’t worry @LauraBaileyVO Check your DMs 🤗🤗🤗when I was a teenager, I spent all of my time on IRC. I didn’t go to parties, or hang out with friends. I couldn’t…
@AwkwardAya Yeah, Malibu is a place i will not go for years. @fijigvrden @JohnBoyega I know! I just like the sweater.It’s nowwww honor of launch day..... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch live stream bb @JohnBoyega That sweater tho is 🔥My brother just told me he got harassed in a parking lot for wearing a mask 😷 This is going great!!!Can’t believe we get State of Play AND the SpaceX launch in one day. @hitRECordJoe Normal. People. @adityasood ....... Go on @thebeckydodd Yes yes, another moon m’dear @travishelwig @thebeckydodd and the only cure is more cataogin @thebeckydodd Becky can I pls come over and catalog I am your FREN @corybarlog @samwrite where was the last of it? @samwrite The last of whom?tfw one of your heroes likes the game you worked on 🙏
Retweeted by Shannon Woodward @solobeatz @bdgrabinski ^ he seems cool @bdgrabinski They have to wear masks anywhere outside the home?
@vingardiyin 😂😂😂😂my neck is stuck like this now thrilled to have been interviewed for this that I quietly cried thru half of it? No, I really did. The Last of U… @leah @garywhitta @feliciaday Incredible. An icon. Let me know. I don’t have plans for about the next ten months or so. @garywhitta @feliciaday @leah Felicia lets go together 😍😍 @garywhitta @feliciaday I DO WANT TO @feliciaday I live for this please invite me sometime tysmDear Playwright, Apply for this. I made this for the playwright like me, pre grad school, who knew I was a playwr…
Retweeted by Shannon WoodwardWe are testing our co-stream tech this week 🤗 @somebadideas Ooh, I meant mapping photos for custom designs! @samwrite My memoir title @somebadideas what do you use? @somebadideas I really need to get into uploading pics into the system. This is awesome. @somebadideas Someone else did— it’s on nookipedia!Look at that ruthless photo bomber btwcome see my garbage island on IGN's charity livestream june 12. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch @samwrite Sam no*furiously spruces up island* @davidkwong That’s the Postmates in the hollywood flats. It’s been doin it’s thing there for like... a year or so now I think?