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Shannon Plante @ShannonZKiller Cotswolds, UK; previously Canada

Class, sass, and a badass. I run things for @Sacriel42. Tweets on streamer biz, memes, and interior design. IG: ShannonZKiller.

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@JonsandmanTv Doesn’t it feel more warm and casual tho
@itmeJP @BikeManStream @aureylian That’s ok I eat more than my fair share of holiday food @itmeJP @BikeManStream @aureylian @itmeJP @BikeManStream @aureylian @dutchdarky @BikeManStream @aureylian American. I already celebrate that one more than the Canadian one in the last ten years sooooo @Sacriel42 @IntelUK @EGX @ASUS_ROGUK @CORSAIR We’ve also got Sacriel collector cards and pins/badges to give away s… @MLozada It’s interesting for sure, but there’s a lot more to that story. See thread: @BikeManStream @aureylian Extended edition only @aureylian @BikeManStream She’s mine already so I guess that makes us siblings? @Sacriel42 @kelz909 @GraziaUK @PourMoiLtd 😂😂 @kelz909 @GraziaUK @PourMoiLtd Awesome! Congrats on the article, and all your accomplishments 🙌🏻Yes, this is obviously conjecture but while the fraud being compensated for happened in 2015, it doesn’t give me an… @Ross_McDougall @Wyld Interesting. Do you happen to know if they reviewed up to and including 2019? I think despite… @Bacardibatman Yea 40mil is nothing to them. But that doesn’t mean the reputation won’t cost them. We could see a b… much of that “massive 41% September growth” was fake? Possibly all of it. This likely will have a long term ne… inflated views by as much as 900%. Aside from the obvious fraud issues, it’s interesting to remember this… @kelz909 @Slasher Don’t forget about the 11 people on Facebook who watched. That is, of course, after removing their inflate… @ElspethEastman @kelz909 I hear that one was good! I watched the new Aladdin and disliked it.
@Morrison @galenhdec No wasn’t mine, I just quote tweeted the idea and complained about being old 😭 @galenhdec @Morrison Hahaha yea my memory has just gotten SO BAD lately I can’t even remember where I am in a tv se… @LukeDaviesMUFC As a way of avoiding prerolls that could stop seeing best action it makes sense. Also ads do provid… @Bacardibatman God damnit @Sacriel42 @GeekStanton @AndrewWK Right so party like it’s 1789? Got it. @jimmywhis Scary! But glad you’re all safe and your place is ok @TheHilariousMax There is no competition for twitch. It’s ten times the size of the next largest gaming steaming pl… @Vyjinlol @Sacriel42 @kelz909 He means Gaz @LtVic Auto ads are terrible. The cut in front of action because they aren’t manual @kelz909 I prescribe more Disney movies! @Sacriel42 @kelz909 LOL “gas”The right path isn’t always the easy path. Kudos for saying it.
@kelz909 You didn’t know who Maleficent was?Help me decide my Halloween costume @BarrowsBOY No, it would be site wide. Since ads are based on the viewer’s region, the ads wouldn’t/shouldn’t chang… @WishfuiiyTV When are we not giving tho honestlyThought: maybe allowing for viewers to bank their own watch time site-wide would be an even better option, like loa… @Spero_Mcgee @Speedynewfie @itmeJP @Twitch I think this is where they want to head - but in order to get better ads… @JLassie01 I get the shift in culture since Twitch made the mistake of letting eight years go without really bolste… @lucanaii Yea, it isn’t out yet I don’t think. But it’s coming, so I think that’s great. @seriouslyclara @Vaecon @Professorbroman Well that’s a shame. Sounds like the messaging at @Twitchcon ended up diff… @GrizzlyBenTV Exactly. @EmilyKrumlinde I’m not sure. The help article doesn’t specify. @FG_squared Even with PIP? @SirSlaw_ Having said that, maybe allowing for viewers to bank their own watch time site-wide would be a good optio… @SirSlaw_ Actually I don’t think this idea would work. Ads are region based. Sub-gifting makes sense, but ad-watch… @BryanThePirate I get the experience used to suck, but I think these changes should help bring better quality and m… @GoldGloveTV Cannot like this hard enough. @itmeJP Yea, the improvements would have probably had a lot more success being brought in back in like 2014. Havin… @GoldGloveTV Yea, I mean ads are a big part of how they run as a business. It’s not all about subs/bits, and nearly… I the only one that thinks this is actually good? You can simply continue letting prerolls run, or you can run o… this point I'd rather Blizzard, Riot, the NBA, Apple, and all other game developers/movie studios just tell me t…
Retweeted by Shannon PlanteReminder that publishing PR on a Friday evening is 100% meant to bury a story when every major journalist is packin…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @HayliNic @hgtv Get it duuuuuun @themissariella @Twitch He’s not partnered and never can be. He’s just verified. @spencerwalsh116 @Twitch It’s satire. You have Saturday Night Live. How is this not apparent?everyone knows when you're confident in your values and what you believe in, you release a statement at 5:30 PM on…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @xpatriciah Yup. An ethically bankrupt person with no sense of remorse or shame. @Trunist @Slasher What Brian Kibler said rings true: “I could understand a fine, or even a short suspension from co… @Slasher Insincere and not good enough.
@aureylian Why are you doing this to me @KingGhum No, actually, it’s not discriminating. It’s actually the entire point of verification on literally all so… @RichardRyszardR @Twitch What nonsense are you raving about? Man, I tweet satire about Trump and all the idiots com… @lolesports Shameful.Important note: Users banned in your chatroom can't receive a gifted sub from your channel. Don't want DonaldTrum…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @BexM92 Happy Birthday!! Also you look divine. Also also where are you? It looks lovely! @Djtechlive @Twitch My tweet was satire. I personally think the first racist/hateful thing he says should result in a suspension. @HiItsBrant No, I don't actually think it, but I'm going to hope!!! @FAH_cornbread Oh hey look, it's a cute stupid troll. Bye troll! @mcrdaveg Probably not but I like to dream big 😂 @KingGhum He doesn’t have partnership so it doesn’t violate a partnership contract. @VernNotice I can see the headline now: “A Canadian expat in the UK has somehow won the American presidency. No off… @VinnyThejoker @VernNotice Actually I’m not left at all - fiscal right tbh. I just dislike stupid racist people in…, I think it’s a brilliant move for this specific reason. Imagine Trump streams a speech and makes one of h… @VernNotice If I had a dollar for every Trump hypocrisy, I’d have enough money to run for president. @VernNotice He doesn’t have partnership, just a verification badge to prove it’s him. Though I agree with your poi… @verge "Mixer went from being a lesser-known streaming service to one of the most watched platforms after Blevins a…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @verge "Mixer went from being a lesser-known streaming service to one of the most watched platforms after Blevins a… a sign of confidence in the future of the platform... (a platform that is only three years old no less)… now having a verified account just shows how accepting of diversity @Twitch is. Letting oranges stream is jus… @PopDaddyGames @CohhCarnage @ChrisEvans @Pokket I knew that, but I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I fi… @KelseYouLater I absolutely hate that. I grew up being trained to turn lights off where I am not. Chris leaves the…
@CohhCarnage @ChrisEvans @Pokket I feel like all over America, frogs are already boiling in water. @Sacriel42 I’ve created a monster @littlejohnbmx @Sacriel42 LOL @HoopleHeadUSA @Echoics Very cool and industrial!
@PR3SIDENT HAAHAHAHAH @Slasher Helping to raise important issues further once again. 🙏🏻I’m CACKLING @aureylian @djWHEAT Third. @buffwoto @MissKyliee @KraigLooney I smashed through AHS and now in Hotel season.My Statement on Blizzard and Blitzchung
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @bmkibler Brian, I know we’ve just begun to properly know each other and have only hung out a little, but my god am… tonight's Collegiate Hearthstone championship, American University held up a "Free Hong Kong, boycott Blizzard"…
Retweeted by Shannon PlanteHuge hi5s to workers in game & tech companies who are walking out more and more. "Blizzard employees walked out in…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @TCatspider @jasonschreier Epic supports the rights of Fortnite players and creators to speak about politics and hu…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @Sacriel42 @CORSAIR @tchelicongaming @elgatogaming Jedi x SithSwitched my iPhone to dark mode and it’s magically changed all my apps to dark mode too. Me rn