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Shannon Plante @ShannonZKiller Cotswolds, UK; previously Canada

Class, sass, and a badass. I run things for @Sacriel42 and save dogs from kill shelters. Tweets on streamer biz, memes, and interior design.

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@MrJJuK Isn’t season 2 the farm? I didn’t mind it. My most hated season was 9 (whisperers) @Surreal1993 Oh Daryl is better for sure, but shane has qualities for sureAnd then she criticises him for going?!? WELL THEN YOU SHOULDNT HAVE OFFERED HIM UP, YA BRAT. Also can we talk ab… HOLy wtf LAURIE YOU TRAITOR. Not for sleeping with another man when she thought her husband is dead, but for off… @WishfuiiyTV Exactly. Unless the virus wears off in potency over spreading - like how corona seems to.I forgot how different zombies were in the start of season 1 of Walking Dead: they remember where they live, they p… @MikeTheBard We need a new post apoc show. Preferably set in Canada cos let’s face it: Canada gonna survive better than most anyways. @OverBoredGaming I tried that... it’s awful @kelz909 Haven’t yet, I reckon I have to wait to watch it with Chris though since he has a thing for Gillian Anderson. @teresmajortv Oof. @EGMillion @Swiiper__ Hmmmm. Well, my favourite ever is Cranford. There’s also return to cranford. I also love Lark… @ShellRazor44 @FemSteph Actually confession: i haven’t read a full book in like 8 years. I stop half-way through pr… @teresmajortv ITS SO GOOD. Can’t wait for season 2. @EGMillion @Swiiper__ Yea I watched that one, with Rob Stark iirc. It was good! @FemSteph READING??? WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE, AN ENGLISH MAJOR??? (Cos I was) Ok I’ll pick it up! @CrendallTwitch Oooooo @Kdwolf77 She’s the best character in the entire series. The ultimate survivor. Daryl a close second for the same r… @Kdwolf77 I mean, it means we get to see Shane again right? And Hershel, and Carol’s ascent to god-tier badass? Worth, tbh. @CohhCarnage @Subnautica I’ll get my people on it @CohhCarnage @Subnautica I think we need to get you a special immunisation for Dads that stops them getting anything their kids have lol @WinterShorts Lucky bugger @Swiiper__ Seen it all. My three fave genres are: Post apoc Sci-fi Period drama @DamoHiddy Hmmmmm maybeeeee @ChefDoobles One of my favourites! @Bambimag2 Yea seen it all. Waiting for another season. @TheLauen Yea I tried watching the first season and gave up a few eps in. I’ll check out season 5 tho maybe @CozeyDann Done them all. I am feeling some 28 Days later soon maybe. Also they really need to make a 28 months later...I’m so desperate for good post-apoc tv (and I feel like I’ve seen everything?) that I’m considering rewatching The… @2K_UK I don’t need to win a copy, just wanted to say Eleanor of Aquitaine is OBV the best leader and not just beca…
@Dexerto @Sacriel42 @jonosovich @grumpytrooper @hitstreak @Sacriel42 @Dexerto Ya humour and not taking yourself or your spouse too seriously is tot… @hitstreak @Sacriel42 @Dexerto, @Dexerto busting my balls lately almost as much as Shannon does. This edit though 😂...😩 Found it here:…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @Sacriel42 @Dexerto @Tysall’s case study on our “Natural Born Killa” design journey. Btw keep an eye out for more fresh 42nd des…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @Its_Mittenz The struggle @joitoo69 Exactly this. @dexbonus I never thought of that as an ex-LA issue. Checks out.First-world tweet: I get unreasonably unhappy when I grab my coffee mug to take another sip and its already empty. @Thrungus @Sacriel42 Thanks for bringing this charity to my attention! I’ve been on the lookout for uk based rescue… @InYourLibraryy I LIKE YOUR THINKING @AnthonyKongphan I’ll try to have four by the time you get here
#NationalPetDay 🐶🐶🐶 I’m ready for another @Sacriel42 @AnthonyKongphan FINE. @Omeed @OP_Group Ready @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 @DamJess @hugh_jeremy @g_shonk @Sacriel42 Wait so what kinds of sounds can you make?
@AnthonyKongphan @Lorena__Kay @Kross @I_AM_WILDCAT Not sure on personal taste or what you’re looking for, but Society6 is a pretty safe bet. @dexbonus IT and Outbreak @Tascharoe @Sacriel42 We’ll have lots of ways to help raise awareness, education, and funds for dogs! Stay tuned <3 @HoopleHeadUSA @Sacriel42 Just saw this. Don’t make me cry. <3 @Sacriel42 @bstategames Somehow I hear Bane
@NorthernlionLP Is that an Orange Julius sign? @itmeJP @RollPlay @skinnyghost Woooo! Happy Anniversary!! <3 @AllDogsMatter Hi there, interested in possibly getting involved but I couldn’t find your financial report on your… @Strippin @StephanuszGames @Sacriel Awwww thank you for looking out for us! We booked a hotel though because I’ve seen this s… @Strippin Bout time. Guess I’ll put away my crowbar. @hugh_jeremy @DamJess If this isn’t determination I don’t know what is for my annual streamer safety PSA: Using an Amazon Wishlist for your stream puts your privacy at risk, becau…
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@Janril_ I’m pretty sorted for TN for the time being! Thank you though <3 @Rumney90 @Sacriel42 @TSM_Break @Sacriel42 @TSM_Break YT VIDEO: Best bits of the week including @TSM_Break giving us a Tarkov rap, spicy #EscapeFromTarkov snipes, an…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @Strippin @DaJukeBoxGuy No idea. Couldn’t care less really, since Chris got tired of the game two years ago. I doubt he’d eve… @DaJukeBoxGuy Oh, that’s good actually. Content shouldn’t be gatekeeped from the community (especially when it’s ma… @morganism___ @DaJukeBoxGuy @Curvyllama Oh yea, and custom servers/zombie mode, etc I believe is also exclusive to… @morganism___ @DaJukeBoxGuy @Curvyllama To get early access to seasons/maps (and IRL swag) you must stream PUBG for… ended on 1244 shirts sold!! 100% of what we earn is going to non-profit dog rescues to save dogs from kill shelt…
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @KriegerCM @Sacriel42 @AnthonyKongphan Telling them he’s no longer interested is entitled? K. @TPAIN 200IQGaming con vets on Twitter: Use hand sanitizer! Cough into your sleeve! BEWARE FLU SEASON!!!! 😷 Gamers anyways:
@Dansgaming @Sacriel42 This for that voodoo doll I ordered? @Griff0Zero @Sacriel42 @AnthonyKongphan Hi yes, meet my husband’s husband. @rocketmunkey @Sacriel42 Don’t make me go Cloutier on you @kelz909 When I grow up I wanna be just as strong. Currently I only have “ginger strength” which means in a pinch I… @SethTheBoy @Sacriel42 RUINED @kelz909 God you’re a beast @simoneastmead @Sacriel42 Yeee! we’re gonna def do it for next Sunday!This man visits dumpsters every single day to pull out abandoned puppies 🙏💗
Retweeted by Shannon Plante @HoggyStreams @dodo Welp that’s the first cry of the day. @Torraias TOP NEWS: A domestic over sunday breakfast 😂 @aureylian @MrsQueenBartley It’s extra af, looks like fairy branches, and is perfectly fine. REMEMBER TO COME TO ME WHEN YOURE FUSSING @Lil_Lexi @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 Me @Lil_Lexi @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 Them @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 WAIT HOW DID THIS HAPPEN WHEN IM RIGHT NEXT TO HIM @Dutch_Samurai_W @Sacriel42 @elgatogaming Yayyy!! Enjoy! Ez clip buttons now!
@Sacriel42 @Garrett_Leigh @AnthonyKongphan @Sacriel42 That little box of tea tho 😭😭😭😭 @reddogsusie Well, this makes the third time I’ve cried today. @PR3SIDENT No, you’ve got a family. Slow charging will NOT be viable for you. It can take far too long. @PR3SIDENT Dang, for how large the population is in USA I assumed they’d be everywhere. @stwissmann At least his final moments were in warmth and care instead of being discarded. @PR3SIDENT I don’t see the X on that list but ya. If that’s not poss due to price I think some other companies are… @CinderSlays This is one of my favourite moments in the series. Thanks for reminding me.