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That's how to start the season. 1-0. 😈
Retweeted by ShanninCleansing the timeline with this one. Be a number 50 in someone’s life...
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I ain’t gone mention the others @ Baker getting picked before Lamar 😂Great to see ⁦@21Jjtaylor⁩ in his first NFL game with the Patriots. Not a bad day 5 touches 29 total yards #ProHusky
Retweeted by ShanninYou already know I had to bring out the headwrap for this one 😉
Retweeted by Shannin @RodghStewart4 Start player ALWAYS got injured too. You can’t compare him to those coaches cause they haven’t won.… @rcmason1 @RodghStewart4 Why should it, he just had the 3rd best record in the west. This is the best team he’s had and you w… want him to get fired mid series? This gotta be the stupidest shhh i ever seen back JJ Taylor, a @Cen10Football grad, is playing for the Patriots today. Just picked up a first down!
Retweeted by ShanninLamar picking up right where he left offWhat’s y’all on w/ my dog John 😂Jevon Kearse, Jalen Rose, Steve Francis & Edgerrin James all wearing each others jersey. (2002)
Retweeted by ShanninPlease stop telling these marginally talented big kids that they are wings! Teach them to defend and take advantage…
Retweeted by ShanninLet’s be clear #RavensFlock @DTSavage_2 You get 1 yet?hardwork n discipline🤷🏽‍♂️
Retweeted by ShanninHigh motor, finishes above the rim and plays excellent defense on and off the ball. 6-8 2023 Centennial F Jeremiah…
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I hateeeeee bad car washes
Retweeted by Shannin“Want to win, put Marcus smart in” I been saying this
Retweeted by Shannin#ravensflock all still fine as hell.
Retweeted by Shannin @GlenWorley4 Lol 1/3 is getting touches. He hit a big shot, they won. He played a part in it @GlenWorley4 He helped close the game lol. They won @GlenWorley4 He ain’t just make two of the biggest plays to help close the game?I’m hype for youngin9.11.01 #NeverForget
Retweeted by ShanninLmao my college tuition was $45k, annually. Thank God for scholarships
Jalen Rose asking Skip Bayless if he averaged 1.4 PPG as a senior in HS will never get old. “Water Pistol Pete Jr.…
Retweeted by ShanninThey want your talent. They want no parts of your humanity.
Retweeted by ShanninThe boos during the moment of unity should make it very clear that it was never about the flag or the anthem. Those…
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@JoJofooly_ 😂😂😂Will do a fantastic job! 🔥✨
Retweeted by Shannin @belaireleah I couldn’t stop laughingWe Are Proud To Announce Phamily Sports. The program is in its 2nd year and looks to continue to help programs prom…
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😂😂😂 whom this may concern 😂😂😭😭
Retweeted by Shannin😂😂😂😂 hatin before noon bro gone lie, we bringing that drama to that “Border League.” Line that shhh tf up! @Cen10HoopsEgbeda, Lagos: This is 10-year old Sultan Adekoya with his trainer/coach Tito. I want no smoke from him...
Retweeted by Shannin @BeachCityHoops @Cen10Hoops @aaron_mc2023 Lmao bro 😂😂
Can we talk about how @Cen10Hoops sophomore @aaron_mc2023 touched 11’11 at the why not combine last week? 😂 @scoobzdoo It’s scared money don’t make money @scoobzdoo Why tf not? @HashTagDaf 😂😂😂Jamal gotta let that fly, idc about 9/10 misses😂😂😂😂😂 @SDinwiddie_25 😂😂😂Sheesh he pounced on son 😂Sometimes you gotta just watch a Bad MF and say God damn!
Retweeted by ShanninHoly shi*. Don’t mess w a leopard.
Retweeted by Shannin @CoachRodg1 He grabbing the board w/ one hand and flinging that joint on the bread!!!Damn the outlet, jokic can pass on the break, from the high and low post, off the drive, top of the key. He’s dimes… dimes are top tier @markglife 😂😂😂Congrats to former Husky ⁦@21Jjtaylor⁩ signing to the 53 man roster as a undrafted free agent! Hard work pays off!…
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Jalen Brown gotta chill, my goodness @I_STAY_FADED Same!It’s a fire near corona or something?5
Retweeted by Shannin @MikeCaffey5 Tryna make you profile public so i can RT? @stefiiebee Happy birthday! @coachspoon2 Lmao I’m on the fence w/ this one @Sportsjunkyyy On it @Hawkinss_ Lmao 😂😂 @YouloveTC @Hawkinss_ Lmao WAY UPDo i really wanna give Tariq a chance? @mirandalasheane Naw dead ass wtf did i just watch 😂🖤 is beautifulMercedes really the goodsAutumn Night really the goodsA whole bunch of bull 😂😂 @mirandalasheane This gotta be the most twisted, hilarious shhh i ever seenLet’s see what’s going on at the PYNKOne thing about me, I’m a laugh if it’s funny😂😂😂😂 he air all that lay? 😂 @Jigga2cal You know just like i know JR can make a shot regardless of how long he’s been off. My next question for you is who’s AC guarding? @LadyNC It’s interesting @Jigga2cal Swish can make a catch and shoot J. You can’t have AC on the floor with rondo @josh_mantock I know swish can make a shot @Jigga2cal I don’t have the answer for that but crowd favorites haven’t done too well in the bubbleAC get too many mins for my liking
@rismvrie LB might be a little steep for a bowl @CoachRodg1 Might be a little steepWhere these at? costs $0.00 to retweet & help me grow my small business 🥺💕 IG: fruitify__ 🤩
Retweeted by ShanninSandra Bland, Breonna Taylor we haven’t forgot about you! #BLACKWOMEN
Retweeted by ShanninCan we please stop praising missed dunks as highlights..
Retweeted by Shannin @lftcsthonbadger @DraftComplex 😂😂😂😂 @miramenace_ 😂😂This shhh gotta stop @doyouknoJR You know i agree @doyouknoJR He really not good to me @DraftComplex Great vibe
@Jay_Bean05 I’ll hit him up @Coach_Payne Stupid car wash out here lost one of my mats