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305 @TaylorRMarshall The military sucks dick
@lickmybutt42069 I wishJust watched the Mortuary Collection and had to rewind it to notice the special guest appearance
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”The Wolf of Snow Hollow. EXTREMELY good @ShanusMcAnus 1 retweet = divorce
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Beggin strips is @lickmybutt42069 and my 6th anniversary. One like equals one "happy anniversary" @RiggedPig Not much how's it goingHey dudes
@Fancy_Puffin can you introduce me @NickMillerMusic hell yesI've wanted to make my own unlicensed movie posters for about a decade now. Scratched that itch today. This was fun…
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Pyramid Head bimbofication.
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”krampus's grandfather is grampus. thank you @MichaelMcAwesom Honestly whatever you'd put in your chili if it were in a bowl is fair game IMO. I like fritos, jalapenos, and tapatio @MichaelMcAwesom I mean, cheese and onions are always good optionsTbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”think sloppy joe but betterOk, hear me out.... Chili sandwichAddams Family Values is a perfect comedy and a perfect sequel
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Are there any instances of a movie version of a TV show being superior to the show? The only one I can think of is… kids who don’t hate your fucking guts is completely incomprehensible for most conservatives
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”are we in middle school?an extremely weird "professional" thing I've noticed in email replies is people saying "thanks for your note"We have fun you can call my house the tasty freeze
@taureansunrise I mean if enough people vote no I might hesitateShould I buy itAdam Sandler HamiltonI am going to name my son Bozo @acomplexcollin Did this work @99percentsassy Santa got high @GingerCaat Same :( @GingerCaat Yes I loved itGod, Please help rescue this little boy floating in this air balloon. Amen.
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Bigfoot'a health barI believe goblins exist
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”The show got really weird, huh???I miss Bernard
This sweatshirt has been haunting me on Instagram for weeks because it knows how fuckin cool I'd look wearing it @SketchpadTheGr8 That was agonyLet me tweetElvira scaring people at the Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park, California on TV's Bloopers & Practical Jokes, 1985
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Burgers. best foodTonight I combined the two foods I've been eating almost exclusively for two weeks. Tonight I made chili cheeseburgersIt would suck to find out that your best friend is the "Best Friend Strangler"
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”Are PC's still IBM compatible? @NotFunnyJ I could survive both of those things @housefuzz I'm differentGuess what, I'm reading about sheep. Watching sheep shearing videos. Etc.
I'm a little dork because every time I see "ACB" on my timeline I think "Austin Custom Brass" because that's where I bought my euphonium @NickMillerMusic hell yeahwow! this sucks fucking ass! the annoying kid running around the restaurant finally cracks his head on a table...
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ”I could get out of every trap from every Saw movie no problemThe constitution is trash. I wipe my ass with the constitution @MarshaBlackburn Lol shut the fuck upThis person also worked at the Kroger by my house. I saw her almost every single day. This makes me really fucking…
I came home and took a two hour nap that was probably 15 minutes total sleepI stole this jacketWas Eat the Rich by Aerosmith meant to be ironic?PERSONALLY i am perfectly fine not hearing billionaires' opinions of what poor people do and don't needDavid S Pumpkins is still funnyI remember being briefly obsessed with the movie Joe's Apartment when i was a kidWhat do we think have avoided it splitting halfway down so easilyHow to do you say itIt's REALLY BOTHERING me that this person is cutting straight down with a serrated knife @badbisque much chili @badbisque (my wife is a hairstylist)I don't even wear a mask to themI've had a bunch of them @NickMillerMusic SonofaSo far Evil is a pretty good show. thank you for reading my review
@lickmybutt42069 People who look like goblins are real, and so are goblins. That's rightthe other fantasy creatures are all fake. but goblins are realFirst movement of piano sonata 9 has always been one of my favoritesOne very funny moment in cartoon history is when Chucky Finster says "poople" instead of "poodle"I believe goblins existIIIIT'S BEEN @Timcast TIM FOOL! TIM FOOL! TIM FOOL!Ummmm I think you mean "four hearted"????? Genius????? I'm good for a maximum of two games of Phasmophobia in one sitting before I have to take a scaredy cat break
@NickMillerMusic Is that a Nissan? I only ask because it's the EXACT same radio as my carI was joined by my pal @ShanusMcAnus to chat about the ethereally beautiful nightmare of Mandy. #podcast…
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ” head is fucked @aka_fatman I like that one a lot too. My favorite overall is Skins of the Fathers just because I like CB's monsters
@aka_fatman I was hoping SO HARD the the new books of blood movie would have that storyI just realized the pun in my tweet @JCFart Damn... I wonder if you could ask for a spicy chicken mcgriddle... S tier right thereI just want to see a movie/tv version of In the Hills, the Cities, why is that such a tall order???!!! @JCFart Omg and the chicken mcgriddle is aces tooWhen I come home drunk at 3am and make some food
Retweeted by Cor Pow πŸ” @NickMillerMusic Cor pow!!!!! (Cc @lickmybutt42069)