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Uh oh I'm listening to Elliott SmithThe 🅱️impsons @locustbones Hell yes @tanner_juicebox Fuck yes!!! @NickMillerMusic YES @Papapishu Hell yeah'm going to get blackout drunkDrinking those wonderful things we like to call "beers"
@DontHateTrav Yes bitch, next question is one of those songs that makes me glad I've pretty much given up. I can't write this goodHoly fuck this song @boobricahrd The military sucks major ass and no one should join it hope that helps
Retweeted by Kitchener LeslieHere's one of my theme songs chewed up computer charger, goodMore food i like being alive? no. but am i good at it? no
Retweeted by Kitchener Lesliei don’t wanna be real
Retweeted by Kitchener Lesliei miss when i didn’t exist
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslieshoutout to my demons
Retweeted by Kitchener LeslieOr whatever else @Fancy_Puffin YesI am going to eat myself to deathI sure hope I die in my sleep tonight
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie
Democrats be like: We got you a PS5!
Retweeted by Kitchener LeslieIs this a good gym rat shirt hope this email finds you not mad at me
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @KTharase @DavidSandbeck @SusanSarandon Very cool to not ever want things to get better and to actively mock those who do!
Rudy Giulianics.
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @palexharris @ShanusPartDeux I haven't a clue! @palexharris @ShanusPartDeux I did it, Paul @BubbaYega I've been getting Jet's to scratch the Detroit style itch but futuro looks so freaking goodCan I get a "congrats on quitting your job Sean" going in the chat please
Retweeted by Kitchener LeslieI need futuro pizza to go ahead and open alreadyDon’t forget.
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @ScottMGreer We all took history class you dumb bitch @lickmybutt42069 Sounds great @lickmybutt42069 NoHey
@RepMattGaetz Open your mouth so I can shit into it @RepMattGaetz Kiss my ass and suck my dick your piece of nasty dog shitYEAH WE KNOW THE COPS SIDE WITH THE SHITHEADS IT'S OBVIOUS @BubbaYega @tholzerman it's weird because Blue II's debut year was my freshman year, so I got to be there for TWO puppies @BubbaYega @tholzerman his debut year was the year I went back to school and I got to hold him as a puppy and 🥺 @BubbaYega @tholzerman trip is a good boyi just remembered why @willcarless too bad lol @housefuzz oh lol I was thinking Prairie Artisan Ales, but I dunno if Prairie Farms makes beer! probably not! @housefuzz i do not know what that means @Timcast you're one of the ugliest people I've ever seeni'm very sorry to all of the people I've ever tried to make think I am cool @Papapishu @grinchposting thank you jackIt’s so funny that they keep saying violence is un-American...
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @GrrrGraphics I would like to get sucked off. do I need to follow?I almost wish the dead kennedys weren't such a huge part of my formative musical tastes so i didn't always feel com… @NickMillerMusic one of my FAVORITE concert moments was at a festival when he came on stage during a Descendents se… is just stupid
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @NickMillerMusic Jello Biafra, who wrote all the songs, was kicked out of the band because the rest of them are hor… @TimAlberta christ just shut the fuck upthe "this isnt american" framing is the dumbest shit ever yes it is bitch it always has been its the astronaut with…
Retweeted by Kitchener LesliePrairie is definitely a top-tier brewerymitt romney's entire job is to ensure that white boomers who make over 250k don't feel too guilty for voting republ…
Retweeted by Kitchener Lesliedidn't realize mitt romney had stans @voweler liking Mitt Romney won't help anyone @99percentsassy he looks like he's in an ed wood movie lol @voweler doesn't matter he's still a piece of shit. hope that helps!Hopefully all those people caught covid from each other @ACM189916 he's a piece of shit! You don't have to defend him dude!Mitt Romney - he's a piece of shit! @morninggloria lmao. LMAO @HawleyMO I look forward to you going and fucking yourself @HawleyMO kiss my ass you stupid fucking piece of dogshitapparently threatening to behead senators doesn't get you suspendedso far, so bad @becyea Unfortunately "hell yes"is weightedHere goes nothing here I go @badbisque good vibesI have eaten a cor powHey liberals, do you notice that when conservatives lose races we don’t riot, scream, smash windows, burn cars, ass…
Retweeted by Kitchener Leslie @housefuzz maybe hell yes should count for like 1.5 yes @BubbaYega LOVE them, they've been my go-to ever since we moved a few blocks away like six years ago @housefuzz so far the no is equal to both yeses @BubbaYega I'm a big sucker for stuff like this. Every time I go to Stony's I almost always buy something off the counter @BubbaYega It's an imperial stout brewed by Devil's Trumpet aged in Jefferson's Reserve barrels. Very whiskey-forwa… @ItsPhetz thank youi will set up an alt if i do i try to get suspendedfeeling... bad
Retweeted by Kitchener LeslieWatching AGDQ and temporarily feeling like everything is perfectly normalI will gladly lay down my life for my hero, the big fat TV manTHEY ARE ON THE SAME SIDE @jeffrosenstock Lmao