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@catacalypto @nameoftheyear Who whatSomeone said, “Imagine your history being so horrible you want to ban people from learning it.” Marinate on that.
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @fujoshidile I AM FULLY CHARGED
Grow empathy for people outside your lived experience challenge. @MikeStuchbery_ Hmmm now why does this remind me of our current arguments against allowing refugees sanctuary
Retweeted by Cher TailorReally ruining my night with your casual identity denial. @Delafina777 Maybe people are mad because they escaped the fkin homophobic death cults of American protestantism an… @Delafina777 And it's just another layer of being shitty when you deny a person their agency in escaping bullshit e… @Delafina777 Your point was pretty clear, I disagree with the terminology since I don't think culturally assigned r… like a Mage of Sapphery amiriteWARHAMMER TOTAL WAR TIME @louisvuittonfly Anomalous.all bases covered
Retweeted by Cher TailorThe past: technology will take us so far. We'll have flying cars in the future, and all illnesses will be cured. Th…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @Delafina777 More like ex-Christian atheists. 👀Me in the 90s: I wish my computer was as reliable as a car *monkey paw curls*
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @KaijuQgle @TenguRey Me in adventure gamesEvery Vtuber ever.
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Retweeted by Cher TailorTomorrow is the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of insulin. In 1921, insulin’s discoverers sold its patent…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @cloudspretty She's right.Anyone got a reliable Twitter unfollower app?Hmm Guns n swords...
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@mellodillo WHAT DID FLUTTERSHY DO??I've received more VO requests for this than any other, so I decided to make my own meme. #hughnation #hughneutron
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Retweeted by Cher Tailor @kielbasagarage 🤔This is what happens when you roll for entering a room and crit fail. @magicmeows Gosh, remember having cute signatures on forum posts? @Jordyy345 Quick, Robin! To the Genshinmobile! @Tissaiadeyeet But will she have the Angie puppet?? O:Once again, capitalism is evil.
Retweeted by Cher TailorI'm trying to slowly move my account to mainly following tabletop accounts. @mcclure111 @AliceAvizandum First instance is probably this case which is a bit older
Retweeted by Cher TailorRatchet & Clank™ Abby Normal (Silver) Collect every Telepathopus brain. #PS4share is why people can't stand the police for this shit right here just to put us in jail got a plan evidence just…
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Did you know: British people think Americans are joking about having to pay for ambulances, and when they learn it’…
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This excerpt about Black women working at Activision is going to haunt me.
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ウィリーバイク・デデデカスタム Wheelie Bike Dedede Custom
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @Astrogentt @CosmonautMarcus They're gonna get him! O: @JVargas013 @GorgonzolaShark ANG-UMPSCAREUncle Karl meets the girls for the first time ✨ #ResidentEvilVillage #REVillage #ResidentEvil #RE #KarlHeisenberg
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @JVargas013 The Duke would also totally be the guy with movie recommendations. @fOrGiVeNcHy @Mr_Goodfellow91 This gives me violent thoughts.
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @JVargas013 Moreau would totally own a ton of movies.I'm case I've not made it clear: Fuck Activision. Fuck the entire rotten industry.
Retweeted by Cher TailorRacism has no regard for respectability. Sagging pants or suit. Senate or street. Reminder: My father was assa…
Retweeted by Cher TailorShamelessly stolen from my teacher @seyvoice
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @SagarKsagar90 @LeeCamp You know China has a fraction of the US budget, right?
Retweeted by Cher Tailorvaccines insulin therapy 🤝 🤝 🤝 should all be fr…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @HarxMLeth YEAHHHH O: ♥️Samus M60 💖
Retweeted by Cher TailorActivision has a habit of trying to push negative press away by doing huge announcements or revealing things about…
Retweeted by Cher TailorJustice for Mimics ⚔️😂 OC: Joey_Valentine #dnd #gamenight #5e #charactersheet #wizardsofthecoast #follow
Retweeted by Cher TailorThe next time Bezos goes into space he should be genuinely afraid to come back.
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @olivesagan @behsss making humanoid aliens that look a lot like each other challengeStop making aliens who look exactly like humans challenge @hannahcrileyy
Retweeted by Cher Tailoragents of shield walked so the marvel disney+ shows could run
Retweeted by Cher Tailor"mistakenly" it's wild bc i've been telling ppl that this happened to my brother for years and the standard reacti…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @RazzleDazzleRtB One of what? O-o @LollipopKABOOM You should join my Sea of Thieves squad. :P @pawmo15 @CorkyBottle @ManishaKrishnan @VICENews
Retweeted by Cher TailorHere's a fkin alligator lol case anyone forgot how media puppets were downplaying the virus early on. to clarify most of the people here are sub-locked. they have already cancelled their subs/ are going to let th…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @JennytheZen1 Less reboot, more big ideas that aren't wasted. @JennytheZen1 I think they've gotten complacent with the idea that people will watch their show if it has an inklin… @claygamer2003 @TrollIncidents I'm in my mid twenties and I enjoy more kid stuff than I did as a kid. You can enjoy… fked up that Marvel shows have less lore than your average improv tabletop rpg session.Make no mistake here: TERFs are not merely aligned with the far right. They *are* the far right. The most charitabl…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @HardSciFiMovies Huh. @GooseButter00 @WarnockWarrior @FPWellman Quite literally the opposite, Tucker can't be he… is a spineless POS.
Retweeted by Cher TailorI got a breast reduction. #comic #garfield
Retweeted by Cher TailorThere is nothing radical about a City Councillor denouncing extreme use-of-force against peaceful civilians. It sho…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @HardSciFiMovies A what @Popgoes6 OooNo More Ship Discourse they're Girlfriends now
Retweeted by Cher Tailori am fucking crying dog
Retweeted by Cher TailorWhat's that photoshop replacement?
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @MaleVieraWaist @qtrcirclejab @LJBirdDog We bannin' Blizzard @mapachelibre1 I like them a lot. 😔♥️Congrats Ubisoft, you managed to get 2nd place in the dirtbag competition today. Activision Blizzard really swept y…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @mapachelibre1 What about @qtrcirclejab Anyone got the original article?they should legalize all cowboys. not just male ones
Retweeted by Cher Tailorit's important that Activision-Blizzard not survive this. at least not in its current configuration. the whole thin…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @Ekanaut It's a good game!
Retweeted by Cher TailorCommon Gravity Falls misspellings! A handy guide- ❌Zeus ✅Soos ❌Bill Cypher ✅Bill Cipher ❌Mable ✅Mabel ❌Schmebulock…
Retweeted by Cher TailorAshton Kutcher has funnelled millions into surveillance & facial recognition systems, propping up authoritarian pol…
Retweeted by Cher Tailor @PressHerald Sounds like the safety checks were subpar.People acting like there wasn’t opposition to the US having a space race dick measuring contest with the USSR in th…
Retweeted by Cher TailorThe Harry Potter lady after making someone with 100 followers named @HoSpeedRacer lock their account
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