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@grossbart Thanks for sharing! I only know the first, will check out the rest. Interestingly people complain about…"Understanding Clojure's Persistent Vectors" is a comprehensive walkthrough behind Clojure's PersistentVector imple…
If anyone is interested, here is a basic Trie implementation including comments and Flow annotations. This will be…"Render Props, Render Callbacks And Higher-Order Components Are All Interchangeable" by @sharifsbeat
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Currently preparing a write-up on structural sharing and hash maps tries. What is highly underrated is the enginee… are finally stable and ready for use! Small, simple, stable and probably fast event streams for Java…
Retweeted by A. SharifHello #reasonml folks! 😃 I've started to port my lib Taskorama from JavaScript to ReasonML. Here is bs-taskorama ⚙️…
Retweeted by A. SharifI wrote some thoughts on React component APIs
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@sseraphini I would recommend the "Designing with types" series. It covers some very interesting topics and very we…
An interesting approach. This is like mobx (an API to construct computational graphs) but with an extra API to effi…
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@ScottWlaschin Yes, will order this book tomorrow. Also thanks to @shinzui for pointing out the book. @ScottWlaschin Thank you for explaining these concepts in an understandable language. The examples were perfectly c…'t recommend the "Designing with types" series enough. For example read "Making state explicit". The write-up go…"We want to hire the best people" vs. "We want to build a great team" There is a difference between these two statements. @Sander_Spies Yes, very true. There are definitely differences between languages, frameworks etc. Some make it easi… @kyleshevlin Fully agreed. Culture plays a big role in this. If the culture supports a learning mindset, then adapt… methodology is the less interesting part, the team consistency aspect is more interesting. Traditional project… is really need to tackle these challenges, is a process that fits a team to help them uncover these unknowns e… @Sander_Spies Is it really a problem with said languages and techniques? I have seen people write highly maintainab… problem with traditional project management in Software is that it optimizes the knowns, but can't incorporate… @AndaristRake @GeeWengel @BenLesh I extended the example with an await example @GeeWengel Like @AndaristRake alread… @sharifsbeat use a key!
Retweeted by A. Sharif[QUESTION] How do we reset the state of an uncontrolled component? This can be confusing for people, especially wh…[DISCUSSION] How do we prevent an outdated response from overriding the actual state in ReactJS? Interested in se…
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@sharifsbeat In the case of a Component that only ever renders 1 object (ex. UserProfile) if the id for the user to…
Retweeted by A. Sharif @omarismail Sure, if you're using RxJS this should be no problem. But also adding RxJS to solve this specific case… @sharifsbeat I use a property in the state with the last fetched date (timestamp). See
Retweeted by A. Sharif @PanyaKor Could you check if the example has been saved and repost or save your example? Currently this looks like… @EmilTholin Looks simple, but also very effective. I like this approach a lot. @PhilippSpiess This is a really cool approach, but where or when do we unset these ids again. We're setting the ids… @sharifsbeat One idea is to use an object and store the id as well so you don't overwrite but have both versions in…
Retweeted by A. Sharif @sharifsbeat I like to store an empty object on the component outside of state before the request, and check if the…
Retweeted by A. SharifCredits to @cullophid for helping to rephrase the actual problem. Maybe we can turn this into a blog post or take a…[DISCUSSION] How do we prevent an outdated response from overriding the actual state in ReactJS? Interested in se… @AutoSponge @BenLesh Ok, I have learned a couple of things today. So the AbortController is already supported widel… @AndaristRake @BenLesh Excellent feedback, thanks. Very true, the guards make no sense, we can rely solely on the resolve, reject functions. @cullophid Yes, that's a very good point. I've been thinking about this too. Maybe I will build an example later on… is an improved version quasi Cancellable V2 after a lot of very valuable feedback. Inspired by the @BenLesh cr… @sompylasar I know the problems, I know where fantasy-land originated from. Just want to implement a function for d… for valuable feedback @richsilvo @AndaristRake @giuseppegurgone @richardiii @eloytoro @sompylasar Currentl… goes perfectly with today's devtip!
Retweeted by A. Sharif @richsilvo Not sure if we really need the return value. For example what if we were updating the state at the end… Promises are not cancellable. But what we can do, is make them lazy by wrapping them inside a function an… out that MySQL has Common Table Expressions now. Postgres already has full fledged support for the JSON datat… @sstur_ @thinkfunctional True, you're right, these tests don't have to run against an actual DOM. Will have to do some more research.
@dan_abramov Excellent thoughts. We just need to take a look at Databases f.e. At some point Postgres added JSON da… @robertcaldecott Finally, really trying it out today. I'm already amazed at how this simply runs inside codesandbox… to catch up with current status of testing in React. Very helpful that we can run react-testing-library ins… thinking about the powerful toJSON/toDOM implementation by @sstur_ If we can serialize the DOM, can't we lev… @rpominov @dan_abramov Yes, that's a really good point. Do you mean for example using things like createElement or… runs in cycles, what was outdated at some point, is back in fashion at another point in time. The next i… the basis for the right way forward was popularity or the current status quo, we wouldn't have Gradle or React o…
the tools you use impact your culture. If your tools require a high level of discipline and knowledge to use correc…
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@amasad @faceyspacey Fully agree, nothing comes close to Illmatic, although It was written (in hindsight) and Still… take on DJing, and translates almost 100% to attitudes and talk in tech industry as well
Retweeted by A. SharifIf those claiming "...but in the real world..." would listen to their own claim, they wouldn't even have a job in s…"I’m told that the only thing that works in The Real World is what its inhabitants already know and already do. No… "...but in the real world" argument in Software actually means "we're already years behind from what other peop… just published “Test Isolation with React”
Retweeted by A. SharifJust published "Transforming Elements In React" Learn how to transform React elements. Markdown:…
If you want new talent, nurture it. Give back. Don’t alienate any potential new talent by being condescending 🙃
Retweeted by A. SharifIs your company complaining about no talent available? Turn @tamacodechi's Tweet into a poster and hang it up on Mo… @staydecent @kentcdodds I will try to build a list of all code sandbox examples that I have created over the last y… @_philpl @jevakallio Thank you very much for the great feedback @_philpl @jevakallio! Your interactive markdown exa… @dan_abramov True, but the more these points appeal to the lowest common denominator, the more it becomes a popular… @dan_abramov Any VS. comparison is a try to simplify complex decisions down to a number of approachable points. It'… @NTulswani I found this very helpful You go through the code and uncomment step by step. Ot… @NTulswani Good point. It also depends on what we're familiar with. For example this works quite well in ClojureScr… most debates about wether to use JSX or not in React are flavour discussions. The more interesting pa…
@sstur_ I was looking for a way to recursively go through the DOM and turn it into a object representation. After s… - Today‘s my last day working with my current client - I‘m accepting new clients from July - Hit me up! I d…
Retweeted by A. SharifThis is too good. DOM to JSON and JSON to DOM functions. Great work @sstur_ to make each week even better? We are hiring!
Retweeted by A. Sharif📜 Published a little blog post. I hope you enjoy it. Would love to hear feedback! 😍 👩🏻‍🍳 Render Props, Apollo and…
Retweeted by A. Sharif @vincentriemer Here's another small example. Might be helpful. claiming there is only one way forward is trying to sell you something. Learn whatever you want... Learn SQ…'t let tools be the limit to your progress as a developer. Understand these tools, see them in context and use t… one is watching how the least experienced person in a group or given environment is being treated and how p… to finally play with react-testing-library by @kentcdodds. Always used enzyme in the past, but now I think I'm…
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