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This might be helpful if you want to diff 2 collections in JavaScript. A function that compares two collections and… for thought: Are most teams stuck in a storming phase?
[ ] Is Engineering taken serious and important factor? [ ] Are the people who do the work stakeholders? [ ] Is t…
We're officially out of beta! 🎉
Retweeted by A. SharifThrowing more libraries at the problem... you’re hung up on FP architecture, just follow these steps: 1) Break your Object into a module that holds data…
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Easy going person looking for new opportunities. Experienced in several programming languages, worked on many proje…
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"Hey Underscore, You're Doing It Wrong!" is a classic talk. If you go back and watch it, you might notice that many… to setup extensive API tests and just realized @Cypress_io might be enough to accomplish this. Checkou… are sleeping on this. Somebody needs to print "Fail Fast. Fail Safe." t-shirts. We have heard about "Fail…
I think we can all help @adamrecvlohe find a new job. The React community never disappoints. Please RT or share hi…, I'm putting the word out that I'm looking for new opportunities. Y'all know me, love #JavaScript, especial…
Retweeted by A. SharifIf your favourite programming language was a music genre, what genre would it be? Bonus: Which programming language would be Jazz?I just published "Algebraic Effects in JavaScript part 1 - continuations and control transfer"
Retweeted by A. SharifAmazing. Haven't been working with anything React related in the last couple of months. Needed to quickly setup a R…
We can ship this prototype into production right? We can re-implement it later, as soon as we have a better idea of… All! I am back on the market and I am looking for a full-time remote opportunity as a front-end developer. Re…
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Self-Organization in the wild... Some Manager: i want my team to self-organize and I have very clear idea how they should do it.Nextjournal is looking for an illustrator familiar w/ brand identity to join our team. The ideal candidate works fr…
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If people understood the benefits of something that you're trying to push forward, they would probably already be d…"Do you want containers or a blog post?" I'll leave this here. Watched this talk and rewatched again. Great talk,… very cool people @invitario are looking for a lead developer. If you're a mid to senior developer and currently…
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Building a library in isolation: "This should cover 95% of the cases." Integrating the library into a real world pr…
@LogicJoel Yes, good point. I would say it's unrealistic deadlines and features first, sometimes it's the constant… strong skill to learn: move a technical problem to the side. Walk away and comeback to solve it from a fresh per…
If you're struggling with an declarative approach, maybe first implement it in an imperative way to better understa…'re hiring a lead developer for our Vienna office. If you're an experienced developer looking to take on first st…
Retweeted by A. Sharif// TODO: Please refactor later… Most TODOs will survive the original code and remain forever, detached from the or… @functionalStoic Seeing a lot of people searching for jobs here on Twitter and people asking how to find better wor…
@dan_abramov @gillchristian Yes, very valid argument. This could work for people that already have publicly stated that they are… weeks. Make sure to get back to someone waiting for an answer regarding a job or freelance work within two week… of nesting render props? Wonder how async-await/CPS sugar would look for React components? 👉🏿 Check out…
Retweeted by A. SharifMight or might not be a good idea: If you're looking for a job, then try writing a blog post describing how you wor… watched "Simply React" by @kentcdodds If anyone asks why React, then show them this video. It explains very… @reasonml This drumroll has been going on for weeks now...
Available for new opportunities next month.
Retweeted by A. SharifIf you are in Vienna next Monday, I highly recommend dropping by the awesome @ReactVienna meetup! We have dedicated…
Retweeted by A. SharifThe very cool people @invitario are looking for a lead developer. If you're a mid to senior developer and currently…
dear developers everywhere... how the hell do you find time to work and play and live?! how do you manage your time??
Retweeted by A. SharifThe last thing any development team needs is "motivation". There is a need for realistic constraints and boundarie…
I think Prettier has had a huge impact in improving the developer experience in JavaScript. Just re-read the origin… @markdalgleish We need to hire a new Scrum Master to "motivate" the team. Also we need to hire more "motivated developers".Product Management: Let's focus on shipping features, no time for refactoring! Also Product Management (6 months la… @LogicJoel Yes, this is where the actual problem is. If it's always features over everything else, you will get slo… @ThomasS09 I think it's about a shared understanding. Maybe I better way to think about is: once technical debt imp… @gillchristian @wjohnald Yes, I think it's about who carries the weight. If refactoring is an afterthought but has…'s be realistic about this: If management, product or business decides over wether a team can refactor or delive…
@tamasrev Yes, very valid point regarding technology match. Instead of hiring based on motivation to learn technolo… might be a mismatch somewhere... # There are developers over here searching for jobs. # There are companies… last chance to find a freelance gig today. If anyone knows of a project looking for a freelance Web Dev, please…
Retweeted by A. SharifHey folks 👋 Did you know I have a few lessons about testing on @eggheadio?
Retweeted by A. Sharif"ReasonML is Serious Business" by @ken_wheeler Dope title. Dope talk.
You can either... a. [ ] Streamline the process b. [ ] Create a high performing team You can't have both, no mat… @jamiedixon I think it's almost always done on purpose. This happens due to unrealistic timelines and thinking that… @chantastic The lego 3 in 1 idea was next level. Especially that part where you were not able to bring it the confe… watched "Hot Garbage Clean Code is Dead" by @chantastic There is so much to take away and learn from this ta… @sharifsbeat Define what should be done, not how it should be done. Engs often start discussions about implementati…
Retweeted by A. SharifClean Code is Dead. Great talk by @chantastic at #ReactRally
Retweeted by A. SharifSet a clear agenda for any technical discussion. * Define outcomes for the discussion or meeting * Timebox * Defin… a team of 8 developers all work own their own part of the application and own their part of the code, you don't…
@thunk_life Maybe Martin Fowler's writings could be a good entry: @surrealakirn Very valid assumption. I can see why this advice might not work. Thanks for the excellent argument.
Try to work with people, you would also work with if you were not paid for it. Definitely not simple to achieve, b… @yannickdot @JasonAWitt Yes! It's very easy. And you might help some one find a job via a single retweet.Thinking about packing everything into a newsletter (designs, tools, articles, resources and tutorials). Would you be interested ?
Retweeted by A. SharifWill try to finally publish the first part of "Introduction to ReasonML" in the coming weeks. Will publish this via…'s do something positive today. @JasonAWitt is a Developer with 8 years of backend and frontend experience curr…'m looking for a freelance Web Development gig or mid/senior remote position. JavaScript, Vue.js, React,js PHP, Ac…
Retweeted by A. Sharif @JasonAWitt What are you looking for? Having you tried writing a Tweet with what you're looking for. I think the co… were the best developer jobs you had? What made that job special? A lot of people are interested in finding t…
"I don't want to write fewer lines of code. I want to make fewer and easier decisions" Forget Velocity, Let's Ta…
The more you try to manage the process of building Software, the slower you get. Is there a special phrase or word… shot ways to slow down your delivery: * Micromanagement * Treating estimations as 100% valid commitments * Tr…“An Introduction Into Lenses In JavaScript” by @sharifsbeat
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Agile is no more or less than * work in small increments * get feedback * take engineering seriously If someone…
Retweeted by A. SharifAs a Developer feeling comfortable with your current work, there's a powerful thing you can do. Check who's strugg…
Always like reading write-ups that show a basic implementation of a complicated topic. This excellent write-up by…
A couple hours of unfocused or chaotic work will lead to multiple more hours of rework. Sometimes taking explicit b…
What advanced topics do you wanna a deep dive in #reactnative?
Retweeted by A. SharifThe problem in a nutshell: # Most processes assume people work the same way and optimize based on this assumption.… underestimated but highly valuable skill is learning SQL. Even in times of ORMs, QueryBuilders and NoSQL. Use T…
The problem in a nutshell: # Product runs the show: it's all about features now # Management runs the show: it's a… excited to release this huge tutorial for building a GraphQL Server ✨ 🚀 Apollo Server 2 🐘 PostgreSQL 🤝 Authe…
Retweeted by A. SharifInstead trying to find people that can hit the ground and start running, maybe focus on hiring people that can actu… new course on developing a Serverless backend using Node on AWS is out! 🍾🎊 It covers s…
Retweeted by A. SharifThree hours of unfocused work can lead to multiple hours of rework, which could have been avoided but not working t… @juliandoesstuff I take breaks. I only start a session when I'm ready and have a very clear idea of how to approach… with high focused sessions of writing code for the last couple of weeks. Three main factors: * Sleep *…
Tech often tends to underestimate the time needed for something to evolve. Ruby f.e. started to gain traction 8 yea… version of @elmlang out today! Compiler generates small assets by default. Just add the --optimize flag!…
Retweeted by A. SharifWill be publishing a post on persist data structures and structural sharing next week. If anyone is interested, her…
One more sorting algorithm, this time a selection sort. Checkout the selection sort sketch: @Jack_Franklin Here's one possible topic: talk about Tasks in Elm, explain why they are useful and how we can lever… something is supposed to be simple, obvious or easy, be sure that in most cases it's neither easy, obvious… problem in a nutshell: # People sitting in meetings without an actual agenda is seen as productive. # People w…"We were promised better ways to build quality software. We got gurus doing Lego workshops instead." @mikeveerman
Interesting PR on adding ‘’’ let.await = doStuff(); ‘’’ to @reasonml 😍
Retweeted by A. SharifIterating on some ideas on how to represent component enum props explicitly with @nikgraf right now. Here's a possi… with another sorting algorithm, this time a bubble sort. Check out the bubble sort sketch: