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Max Loy 🦈✊ @sharkfists Victoria, British Columbia

Fiddler. Game dev. Desert Bus stage friend. Formerly @idlechampions, @tinymobgames, & more. BUY MY STUFF they/them

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I seem to be fast and furious from now on.
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streaming on an empty stomach is no buenostream start time is currently bounded by waiting for this soup to defrost (tomato barley) @sharkfists “Technically not a deck” sounds like a euphemism for getting around regulations on the import of sex toys to New Zealand.
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊ @historicbent it's technically not a deck because it's not designed to have people on it, which is likely why it ha… @historicbent it is!ceiling update: they're not actually going to replace my ceiling. instead, they're bumping up the deck repair from… @mxSophieH 🎂 @mxSophieH 🥳 @mxSophieH 🎉and I still have no idea how to broach the topic with those that may be reticentI don't know if I am ever going to look as non-binary as I feel @sugarsh0t yeah I'm not unhappy about mine either. I like playing the mischievous grandmother archetype @sugarsh0t grey! grey! grey!it's possible I'm grey at the temple but at the moment I have no way of knowingshoutouts to two other parts of my face that have become relevant this year: my giant schnozz that makes masks diff… Disaster Hair can get pretty wild these days was going to do so much today, and got completely waylaid by a short attention span and a *massive* headache @coachNellyMTG @Carsonogenics they've made a lot of different things over the years
Going live with some celtic fiddling! Dragons are in da place !! #AppreciateADragonDay #dragons #mushroomdragons
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊Names are like points.
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊ @James_LRR I mean, technically I can, it's just not edible afterwards @Sarah_Serinde @DesertBus After watching this, we couldn’t help ourselves...
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Time for some chill celtic fiddling/@DesertBus afterparty. going live at it's getting weird, get in hereWelcome to Desert Bus 2020 Done Quick! Thanks to the additional bumps from Fangamer and the Desert Bus 2020 Merch,…
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊The DB Speed Run is underway
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊Come watch the million dollar stream! @MLeeLunsford I honestly didn't expect this to be the crossover point from what you do and what I doClaudia's Waltz @ldottxt if they can get away with it, they deserve it @ceejohan ours does, which is the Beacon Hill I'm thinking of in particular. it was originally "Shore Of The Beacon… still have another unnamed tune in the pipesIt took me so long to name this that I forgot I hadn't uploaded it Of The Beacon Hill twitch I really feel like you're lifting me up here 😂 is why I'm looking at them in the first place, I guessgoing cross eyed while looking at extended health coverage plans
@sharkfists 😘❤️
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊Shohreh is a goddamn treasure @mxSophieH I dunno what flageca means but here we go I guessTime for a fiddle stream! Come enjoy some like traditional music
Game writer followers/mutuals looking for work, drop me a DM please! Might have an opportunity coming up soon 🤫 Pa…
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@Azralorne I don't want to steal *everything* out of @TheLongestJohns' playbook >.<next stream is tomorrow (thursday). haven't settled on stream times for the weekend yet.also hey if you're all about the recent sea shanty tiktok stuff give my stream a follow shanties becoming an internet phenomenon a few months after I start streaming traditional music is auspicious timingGot a haircut. Ringlet game is strong today. time! do you want some live celtic fiddle music in you life? boy do I have a stream for you going live at @anxiousarchives 🤬🤬🤬
sounds like they're going to redo the entire porch area above my suite in the spring. fingers crossed that that helpsthere was about 4 more litres that came through while I was asleepThat was... a lot of sleepThird roof leak in as many weeksLove to have to get out of bed to adjust my roof leak bucket 🙄
noted fantasy game, World of Warcraft Clarinet in C by Nicola Papalini #nicolapapalini #metmuseum
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊Empty street #pixelart #ドット絵 #пиксельарт
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊ @WilliamWWorkman Try this retrospect, starting a Torghast run, the WoW mode I currently find quite boring, was maybe a mistakeI gave in and had a nap.finished my errands and chores, now I get to reward myself with a fiddle stream! come hang out at
a bigger downside was having the system completely redone between the last time I got my prescription and now, mean… of the downsides of online medical care is that everyone has shit AV quality, especially when working from home… was some sort of homemade pho affair, light on noodles, heavy on the raw steak, nice salty broth...Last night I dreamed of really good soup
@JoannaBlackhart Should be a record button next to the go live button. Set the target folder and quality stuff in the options menu. @JoannaBlackhart @KirbySS44 I use OBS for both streaming and recording locallythis whole episode is super queer and greatDanny is a sentient street that *explicitly* uses they/them, and they *lay that out in actual words in the show*Please allow me to convince you about Doom Patrol @sugarsh0t the real trick is to train a seagull to *not* do thatI miss australian birds. all we get here are seagulls and crows, neither of which are much fun @WilliamWWorkman they're the ones that go like this
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊ @WilliamWWorkman they're the ones that go like this that the Nolan Batman movies are the be-all-end-all but they're still really goodI think Doom Patrol might be the only non-animated DC thing I've enjoyed in *many* years. Since the Nolan era, maybe. @ChevyRay I specifically remember kookaburras from living in Brisbane where they were great but also loudkookaburras are such amazing assholes game that you might say is continental in size.
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊SeaShantyTok keeps getting better
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊back streaming from a couple of days off. come listen to some live fiddle music!
@celsiusgs I've been checked of twitter so I missed the original announcement but aaaahhh congrats!!! @celsiusgs excellent! @celsiusgs please give her a scritch behind the ear from me @celsiusgs exceptional cat @paullicino @NAACP_LDF only complaint about this tweet I have is that it doesn't have a link to your stream so I can follow youbeen a lil while, but ive been playing Ikenfell recently (cute lil fantasy rpg, go check it out!) and i had to draw…
Retweeted by Max Loy 🦈✊I am broadly activating the "I only stream when I want to" protocol that I have espoused since the beginning.I am currently doing sleep crimes and my general sleep schedule is shit. Stream later today is a maybe. @xev_the_dev I dunno. keep protesting. keep pushing for the right thing. but things aren't magically going to get b… @xev_the_dev they are better than the alternative but they aren't going to stop me feeling afraid of interacting with my culture @xev_the_dev these angry outlashes aren't going to fix the systemic problemsthe entire "evil nazi scientist" trope itself serves to undermine how horrific the actions of nazi germany were. m… when you start equating america's pop understanding of german culture with the "evil nazi scientist" trope then… am related to several Fuchs and your jokes about that name start at tone deaf and work their way downOk, so Doom Patrol continues to be excellent but: America, please get *over* your fixation with germans as a stand-… real question why *isn't* Timothy Dalton in more things. he's really good.completely *nails* the series as a knockoff Fantastic Four/some X-Men elements. self aware in construction but not in character.