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Sociologist/ political policy. Bipolar & working hard at life. Johnny Depp is my idol/ hero 💞 Instagram- BINKIBOWLES

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Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥If I ever saw another me...
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥"I've had friends and girlfriends refuse to go into bookstores with me, because I'll be two or three hours. Its lik…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥 @HayleyMcGregor1 I'll always be around 💖 hoping for a better day for you 😘 @GreyMatterLeaks I know I don't know you but I just wanted to send you support.
@HayleyMcGregor1 Sending you love and good energy ❤️ the flu makes you miserable so I hope you feel more like your awesome self soonAnyone who suffered any kind of trauma or struggles with their mental health absolutely loves Joker, while woke act…
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@NatalieChance7 Bowie and Bolan...... I love their names 🧡🖤🧡 my hero White is now the same age as her entry number in the iconic danceathon episode of Golden Girls
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥 @JulieAndr6 Arizona Dream is actually one of my favourite Depp movies. I find it wonderfully acted with a heartbrea… @HayleyMcGregor1 @GumOnMyShoeBook @BeingMaddie3 @aimes_wilson @roiben @KarenKts11 @LucyENichol @PeterMcDonnell_…
@ZazzG4 We just gotta keep ourselves strong and keep on going, hon. I'm sending you lotsa love and wishes that thos… @ZazzG4 I've been better, bubs, but I'm alright. I hope you're thriving in all that you do 💖 @ZazzG4 I am here, bubs! Sending you loves 💖Johnny Depp on the set of Edward Scissorhands
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Fun on set of Edward Scissorhands
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@DEEYISDEAD Sending you all of my love. Recovery is always possible no matter how it starts at the beginning. Life… @DEEYISDEAD Today she is still on many medications as the chemo and radiotherapy damaged parts of her body BUT she… @DEEYISDEAD My mum got a hysterectomy alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She was cervical cancer stage 2. She…, I ain't no royalist but it is very clear what the press was doing to Meghan. If I had the choice I'd leave, t… @DEEYISDEAD I am sending you every ounce of support and love I can manage. My mum being ill was the worst time of m… this ❤️ only actress who should've been nominated for two #Oscars this year was Lupita Nyong'o.
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Did no one realize that BRAD PITT just played a ROCKET SCIENTIST, who had a CAR?! THOSE ARE THE THREE THINGS THAT D…
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“During that time in which you're most vulnerable, there are helicopters flying over… it felt like it impeded on th…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥My hero, ladies and gentlemen 🖤“These bracelets are very important to me, when I'm in dark days and I'm sad, I look at these bracelets offered to…
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Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Filming taking place with Johnny and Winona
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Johnny acknowledged the gifts of the fans tonight during the show. He said that those bracelets, necklaces, etc gav…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥 @HayleyMcGregor1 I'll always be around. Sending you hugs, Hayley
The way I see it, all Prince Harry is trying to do is protect his little family in a way his Mother wasn't protecte…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥It's official..... I get to see my best friend tomorrow 😍 I cannot wait to spend time with her and her adorable babies.☆☆☆Johnny Depp☆☆☆
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥For the past six months, he's been working with an illustrator to animate him and his girlfriend into her favorite…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Edward Scissorhands behind the scenes
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Appointment number 1 done. Dinner eaten. True Blood on TV. Appointment number 2 tomorrow at 12.30 so I am using t…“Well done Winslet, I told ya do a holocaust movie, the awards come didn’t I?” I can’t deal🤣 @rickygervais is such…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥The first day of filming Dark Knight
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥but HE was labeled & called the ‘abuser’
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Yet the Palace has never once said they were ‘disappointed’ in Prince Andrew and his friendship with a convicted se…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥 @HayleyMcGregor1 Sending you every piece of positivity I can and love, too x
I will never get over how much I love this image. A baby gorilla reacting to a cold stethoscope. ❤️
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Holy shit. She did it. Diana won from beyond the grave. Absolute unit.
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥I love this video media: *constantly harasses and belittles Meghan and Harry* Meghan and Harry: "Ok bye" The media: "What could…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥How can anyone find this man attractive.... Oh yeah. Sorry. I forgot.... His money room is freezing (as it always is this time of year) and I use oil free moisturizer which makes my face feel col… ideal weight is Johnny Depp on top of me
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥“If I have some celebrity, I hope I can use it to make a difference. The true social reward is that I can speak my…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Kangaroo can’t stop hugging the volunteer who saved her life
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Johnny Depp is a living example of what "taking the high road" looks like. Even at the expense of his own career and reputation.
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Tim Burton and Johnny Depp on the set of Edward Scissorhands
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Just for @greghemphill96 : Here’s Mark Cox forgetting he’s supposed to be in the scene... @MrMJCox @paulza70…
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So sad to hear about the death of Elizabeth Wurtzel at just 52. Prozac Nation came out the year I got diagnosed wit…
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As the criminal trial of Harvey Weinstein officially begins in New York today, revisit @NewYorker's explosive repor…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Throwback to 2008… Johnny Depp was named Best Actor, Comedy/Musical, for playing the title role in Sweeney Todd. U…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama goes to Joaquin Phoenix for "Joker". #GoldenGlobes
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥NB: this isn’t about liking or disliking the Ks. It’s about inconsistency and the fact that they still (like many c…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥"Contrary to popular belief, I don't want to rock the boat, but the boat needs to be fucking rocked."…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Joaquin Phoenix won best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama for "Joker." During his acceptance speec…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Here's @RickyGervais' full opening speech at the #GoldenGlobes Absolutely savage.
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I watched this and got emotional. It's about time. Well done 👍 Blood has been added to NowTV.... Goodbye social life. I have loved this show since it first came out was so prophetic because she has faced the most narcissistic men that a woman can ever face in her lifetime…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥johnny & tim havin fun bts... #johnnydepp #timburton
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Goose prade 🎺🦆💓
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥𝘌𝘥𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘥 𝘚𝘤𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘰𝘳𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘥𝘴, 𝟷𝟿𝟿𝟶
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥New piercing alert ⚡ My new conch piercing with a lightning bolt. I am completely in love with it 😍
My skin is a mess. My hair is a mess. I am cold and sneezy. Yup..... It's definitely January 😬😂😂😂 love this world is in shambles. At this point I would question the mental health of anyone who doesn't feel at least a little depressed about it.
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥This gem deserves a separate shout-out: David Heard (#AmberHeard's father) to #JohnnyDepp the day his daughter was…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥I encourage all my friends and followers to watch and share the shit out of this new video from my friend Brian; a…
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New Year...New video. Thanks for watching! #JohnnyDepp #AmberHeard
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Hi Emma, it’s the year 2020
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Edward Scissorhands behind the scenes
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥 @MerCleodora am settled on the couch with a chai latte while watching one of my mum's favourite movies "Oliver." This is how…
Happy New Year to all the amazing people on here. I wish you all health, happiness and love for 2020 🎉🌈💞2009 vs 2019. I still love my black eyeliner 😂
Edward Scissorhands has the best score ever made, not even up for debate
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Edward Scissorhands, 1990 (Dir. Tim Burton)
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Edward Scissorhands (1990) Director: Tim Burton Cinematographer: Stefan Czapsky
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Johnny Depp on his role as Edward Scissorhands
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥behind of the scenes of edward scissorhands (1990)
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Caught some of Edward Scissorhands on TV this afternoon, which reminded me just how masterful Depp is in it. Almost…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥I can't
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Oh my..... I cant. Cuteness overload 😍 clockwork, at this time every year I have trouble with one of my ears. One is blocked so I have drops for it a…
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I do not want to hear about your January diet
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"There's nobody that's ever really been able to take care of me. Johnny did for a bit. I believed what he said. Lik…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥"You can learn a lot from books. I get obsessed with certain periods in history and the lives of writers and painte…
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥Tim chatting with Johnny Depp as Edward
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Yazoo - Only You is one of the greatest songs ever written.
Retweeted by Sharon 💭💥It wouldn't be Christmas without getting my Johnny Depp calendar 🎄💖 #JohnnyDepp #Christmas Exorcist / Gremlins by Sacha Feiner
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Merry Crymas
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