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I talk about music, make videos, and make things happen. publicist. owner @page7paper. @umesnews alumna. | all opinions = my own.

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Who knew an Italian dude from Brooklyn would give me some of the best personal advice, ever. @themonaleo’s story really inspired me. I’ve been thinking about how far she came since I found out about her. @KristenAyanah You know it!That song the jellyfish were playing on that spongebob episode.
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsIma go to Philly this weekend so I can finesse my father into buying me this curly hair.As long as I was solid that’s all that matters in my book. Can’t control nobody’s actions but your own @evelynvwoodsen Ok. Just lemme stand on a couch with some baddies one time 😂Have they ever did amber alerts this much? This is the third time I got this messageThat amber alert literally almost made me fall out of bedTread very lightly with me and that's for whoever.
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsThe thing about gaslighting is you really start to feel like "mm maybe i am over reacting" YOU NOT!!!!
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Car payments keep a lot of people broke. Avoid em if you can.
Retweeted by Sharon B Millsdirect deposit
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5 Recipes For Cheddar Lovers
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills @coopdoe Yeah, lol. They have special mouses for them too. My mom is a leftyThe National Bail Out Collective is freeing Black moms for Mother's Day
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Retweeted by Sharon B Mills @coopdoe My mom and grandfather are lefties lol @coopdoe YesAn extremely emotional Jalen Rose breaks down in tears honoring his mother who died earlier this year #MothersDay
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsYes. Content.
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills @KingOfQueenz so about that dreamville merch in the video 👀 take a ride and get some tacos...I want tacos.....Please tell me the last pic is at least an Ag major..... @big_business_ Yo people need to put some respect on the originator, Tim Vocals This was 2008 and still slaps till…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsAlso, Happy Mother’s Day to the women who took other people’s kids in. This day is for you too!I think the only people still arguing over PPP loans are people without real businesses. Like if you KNOW you’re…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsOur nail tech really got my mom watching these Korean dramas @ivanaestelle My family did this but we didn’t necessarily want a “reunion” but we wanted to go to find out what we… lies were told @MatthewACherry By Miss Lawrence! A true #RHOA moment.
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills“I’m embedded in yo brain” IKDR!!! call the Colombian drug dealer fit. just know he didn’t say... @ChinChillaaaa_ Me too 😭#TripleChocolateMeltdownHive @kourtneyyymarie Ok!! I was mad young talking about flying above some haters 😭 @kourtneyyymarie Soyoucangoaheadand TALK and you WANNA. EYE built up a shelllllllY’all laughing and I’m dead a** serious lmao @stutterjawnpod EYEEEEMMM so comFORTable in the SKIN I’M IN 🎤Lemme know if kandi plays fly above. I’ll tune in for thatBring back songwriter and producer #VERZUZ I’m begging. I would’ve preferred seeing Kandi in a songwriter joint absolutely!
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills.....the purple bag is fire.
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsThis is what happens when you’re too focused on brand deals rather than simply doing something for the community. just playing cooking madness and check in with the battle on Twitter. I’m not interested in this one because of — that...*steps out of my marketing bag*Tidal would’ve been the BEST platform for verzuz. This triller sh*t does not make sense.Exactly. I thought they were partnering with brands that aligned with the community. I would’ve even accepted Nar…'s over a dozen accusers...
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsI just think it’s weird to be singing all over Instagram during a pending investigation but I digressKandi THEE pen.
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Wow I’m so burnt. I swear that looked right when I tweeted itFelt that cus they had my sis fucked up
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsAs you get older, paying for convenience becomes more and more nonnegotiable.
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsI wonder who comes has come across the paperwork to renew Beyoncé’s license or ID.....If so gonna be a lot closer than people think
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills“Like the O’Jays” literally has me in tears see folks don't know how Marketing works unless it's attached to a brand deal.
Retweeted by Sharon B Mills @iamtycole AT ALL!i’ve been washing my hair all wrong this whole time 😩
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsLady London really makes the best Savage Fenty ambassador content. The girls are not seeing her. wish I knew how to braid my own hair downDont trust dis shit
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsSon this fire on the parkway is insane. I hope no one got hurtGoing to school out of state will have you listening to music from everyone’s city lmao*throws phone* don’t talk about this song enough will it take for Apple Music to get Verzuz back on their platform. This triller deal is TRASHI been thinking about Pop Smoke all night after reading the reports. This is so sickeningAre high schools in jersey doing prom? I have two dresses to donate.If this is the standard for mobile homes now ima cop a piece of land and get me one of these bad boys. had absolutely no business eating like this
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsPixar always knew the assignment
Retweeted by Sharon B Millsi’ve never met a stylist that taught me how to properly love on my hair. i feel like i went to the doctor but for m…
Retweeted by Sharon B Millsi didn’t detangle my hair before i sat in her chair. so i said i’m sorry, thinking i gave her double the work. she…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsAnd she’s in JERSEY CITY??? SAY LESS. Savage Fenty has the best undergarments out next to Calvin Klein @2RudyTudy SO COMFY!! I can’t believe I held out for this long on this!I thank God for my brother because he definitely keeps me uncomfortableThis Savage Fenty robe was a GREAT buy. I’m getting it in black too!!they killed Pop over a Rolex they sold for $2,000 and Cuban link chain they never got. I don’t even have the words…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsA message from the family.
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Retweeted by Sharon B Mills @_heyyymscarter Nope. It’s still great. Rebuke that energy!!Over the next 6 years, the Army Corp of Engineers spent nearly half of the $45M+ budget on displacing 700+ families…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsAs the US economy rebounds & thrives post war, President Dwight Eisenhower signs the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 195…
Retweeted by Sharon B Millsit can go up it can go down... either way I’m prepared “i n t e r l u d e” produced by @tminus_music
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsThe unfortunate thing is this feeling can linger/last for years.
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsI love this line because when you look at Cole’s career, it literally could’ve went one of two ways — chasing super…
Retweeted by Sharon B MillsI hate the days when my Starbucks doesn’t accept online orders in the mornings. Very ghetto. @lifeis_rocky Love you so much Rocky
Y’all remember when Zan used to just nod his head? Now he’s so confident! I love that for him.My favorite part about these videos is watching the kids’ growth 🥺 to their customers and terrible to their employees. I just don’t understand it. note, I’m coming for long curly hair again. I miss it! So low maintenance 😭I just wanted to test this out real quick lol This is mad old What the problem?? Now you ready for anything your uterus throws at you!
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