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luke @sharpefiIms (re)writing a show

❝i felt it. perfect. i was perfect.❞ • he/they

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@A5AMI5ATO OMFGHSJSBJD @brittqnas ilysmthis has to be me i just know it @WLWYUEKI @sapphicbisexual omg @korrasearp help @korrasearp 😭😭 @brittqnas @talaswife SO TRUE @talaswife @brittqnas i meant brrrr @talaswife @brittqnas nalith heart go brer @talaswife @brittqnas OMG OMG OMG @korrasearp *shows u ur acc* we know @korrasearp i meanevery day i come on here and laugh at the gay activities of a watermelon @korrasearp LMAOOO @BATKYLES yeah i changed a lot 😭 but yes i’ll try @LILAPlTTS omg omg @fletchpoison it’s,,, hard @ADHDANNlE 😭 @ADHDANNlE ILYSM BUT THE POINT OF INDIRECTS IS YOURE NOT SUPPOSED TO TAG MEtw death - - i just planned an lvtw d*ath scene and it broke me why the fuck did i make my friends as characters why why @DANICLVTON NO @talascanary @SUPERSAPPHlC damn @LILAPlTTS they don’t??? @MlLFSHARPE uh w h a t @LILAPlTTS maybe it’s 15, maybe it’s not @silhouettesmoak no- @BATKYLES i made it too obvious didn’t i @LILAPlTTS hmm should i?34. so true bestie my famous oomf ily33. i don’t even recognize you anymore32. there’s life beyond gay cartoons and shooting games with funny dances31. we don’t- we’re not even moots @ADHDANNlE i love it @MlLFSHARPE @MlLFSHARPE blocking you . @2storydumblife KKDKEJKWVSNQS @MlLFSHARPE Yay30. best oomf not fav oomf but best oomf i stand by this29. alexa.. don’t play anything stay silent @Co_captains @mazienation ... @MlLFSHARPE if it’s for leo snart i am willing to, yes, but we can share him @Co_captains @mazienation THE ATMOSPHERE ONE, SKYE. /nm @A5AMI5ATO yes i did @mazienation @Co_captains PLS @A5AMI5ATO and i love @Co_captains no- @esperastrx idk @saraIancealot yes i have @Co_captains yes,,, @esperastrx idk use your detective skills @luthorstomaz yes,,, it would,,, @Co_captains yours is the most obvious one @baeradtarazi no ❤️❤️❤️ @esperastrx yeah! @luthorstomaz that would ruin the indirection of the indirect wouldn’t it28. i miss you so much you might be like the only person that still remembers my first acc and idk i wish we hadn’t drifted apart27. magic man with magic hands go brr and your braincells go kapoosh @MlLFSHARPE reminder that i’m his useless bi bf and this is not negotiable26. 🤨🤨🤨🤨25. you’re soft but scary but also soft but also scary24. do you have a personality23. we’ve had like one interaction i think that’s really sad @baeradtarazi no ❤️ @baeradtarazi yes i have @luthorstomaz yeah! they’re not in order tho22. your personality is limited to two things and two things only21. you’re not spicy just soft and worth d wording for that’s all gn20. talk to me hoe we haven’t talked in days TALK TO ME19. we kinda drifted apart :(18. we don’t interact much and that’s a crime17. nothing spicy to say about you either i miss you a LOT tho16. the fact i need to imagine your lvtw character without ever having seen your face drives me crazy15. you’re literally my coolest oomf no cap can we be friends14. you’re cool, you hate me but you’re cool13. i don’t have much to say abt you???? drink water12. your dn is dumb but ily11. haha your name describes the atmosphere10. stop obsessing with the latest sapphic couple and talk to me I MISS YOU9. bitch why do we barely interact these days you’re like my best friend here8. weird, but good weird7. alexa play ‘attention’ and ‘die for you’ by the weeknd6. angel there’s nothing spicy to say about you i can only cover you in love, hugs, and praise5. huh4. we barely interact nowadays what happened !!!!!3. i don’t have anything spicy to say about you ily drink water and take care2. i’m glad i forced myself to ignore my brain and interact with you again1. ngl, i did spend an entire month thinking you hated me and i kinda still doi sound like cj why do i sound like cj my pinned and then like this tweet for a spicy indirect 😱😱😱 @darhklights angel do u need to talk? @darhklights can i punch your dad @MlLFSHARPE 🤨 @MlLFSHARPE not this again @ZARISBIAN 🤔 @MlLFSHARPE 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 @MlLFSHARPE vc mais que qualquer um @MlLFSHARPE pra que, todo mundo concorda @MlLFSHARPE nah so mto gay @MlLFSHARPE naum