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So, many of you have all been asking for this. I am happy to announce. You will be able to add any of the followin…
Retweeted by Stef Sharp- Whisper - Black and muted greys and blues with a pop of rainbow glitter. Inked in pale blue. 16 sets to goooooo… @psmadrid99 The next 20 ish sets are ones with owners that I'm finally finishingHot. Uh. Damn. Temporal Aberration - @TangibleDice @InsiderFood That's not a corn dog. @kfalconspb Hands down. Every day.Realized I never posted any video of me while in Gilmore, so those who didn't see me at con might not know how he l…
Retweeted by Stef Sharp @KP11Photos @ArdentAbsol @matthewmercer @CriticalRole 😍 @amiedoubleD @WillCaruana @zjpahle @elkentaro I'm going to try not to be hurt by this... @TangibleDice Wut... @_Yaniir_ The cat union has come for meWhat's your favorite junk food and why is the answer corn dogs? @_Yaniir_ The two of you have been talking I see... @_Yaniir_ Something about no longer being treated as second class citizens...and pets @_Yaniir_ Do you hear the people sing of course!
I am going to have too much fun. 7 of @LifeOTPartyDND is getting too real: Pandora: "They don't even teach us basic math." Mayes: "It's li… some Loot Tables dice in and this is the first I have held a huge d20. It's beautiful! And now my brain is obse…, on my day off: Mmmm sleep in My cat, at 7am: Let me sing for you the Les Miserables @ashleymcnamara @kylie_robison As if the strong resemblance wasn't indicative enough“If you were a critical role gif, what would you be?” @SurenaXMarie - all 10 projects + 10 people. FOREVER
Sales Tax on Patreon is a fun bonus surprise every month, eh? @thedapperbat You're right *almost perfectHe's in a meeting. Must bury this with dice pictures. @the_mermae It taught me a lot. Hardened me up a little. I would prefer others get a less sleazy introduction to how to be firm. @the_mermae Oh yeah. ALL the time. When I traveled alone for business lawd the wealthy businessmen who thought I wa… @FoxenBoxen Actual footage he sees this he is going to be puffed chest bird preening for days.My favorite has to be when someone tries to talk bad about my partner having never seen or met them. As a form of f… @the_mermae @spacevalkyries True @seopirath For you? Soon as I'm not 21 sets underwater.I never posted these. But they are snuggled up with that mermaid set on the way to their new home. case you were wondering, it's still art theft.I should note I've had these awhile and bought them when it was "just offload the original 2100" sets. So I can't s… @SciaticNerd I just did a sale. It's waiting on me to pour and finish more. I balance this around full time job and… @SciaticNerd Well... I got nothing. This is my cover. Dice fanatic. Always dealing the dice. @darquis Given the deep discount on them I don't think that strategy worked out.But Stef, you gave money to a terrible business! I know. It's not a proud admission. But when a manufacturer claims… summary? They are dubious in origin. You're going to be hard pressed to find a set with this inclusion and color… cellophane peeks through in places. Which again isn't uncommon with handmade dice but this has an air of speed… numbers are shallow in some parts with messy paint on faces. They are HUGE and I have large dice so that's sayi… said I'd share my thoughts on the I*ceDice. I ordered a set out of curiosity. I recommend doing a little research… @BanhammersWrath Burn it all to the ground!For those counting. Aka me. I have 21 sets left? Some sticky notes fell off my monitor. 😭😭😭 @GDAnnin You're ravishing and enchanting @theavalkyrie Weirdly enough its a completely different mix!What I have learned today? I have scared all of my followers into looking up dice balance at some point over the la… @GamrFritz Welcome! Usually it's just dice photos. 😂 @clubneon #6 carry us all @itsKonekoYAN Thanks for humoring my little rant. Haha. I think it really takes experiencing to get why it's so exa… @nevermoreraven7 Well gosh. Thank you. Finished dice really are something else. I have to remind myself dice look w… @jeffm9770 I want those max crit fails! @theavalkyrie Made it @SurenaXMarie Louder for the people in the back
@electr0spectrum I just enjoy watching your exuberance. It's a nice little ray of sunshine. @electr0spectrum This is great words @electr0spectrum I feel like this is like reading a novel from an unknown civilizationI'm modeling some custom logo d20s and d6s for something I am SUPER excited to work on and really my life is just dice.Alright. Something positive. A mermaid set off to their new owner. It's a slightly older cast so it has my old font. @thezolon To create a truly unbalanced die with resin colorants you'd have to put so much colorant in that the resin would never cure. @MattLith I'm going to play a campaign where we bet real money and see how fast the fun dies. @thezolon I'm going to be honest I have forgotten everyone that asked me in the early months. We are at the point n… to make friends with a dice maker: Do Not - "These are awesome, but I can't read the numbers" Do - "These are… you for coming to my dice Ted Talk. @p01arst0rm revive?4. Sometimes people put rocks or sand in dice. They tend to note the dice are going to be somewhat off. We call the… some people don't know, so I will help: 1. They are handmade 2. Resin inclusions inside resin are genera… @theavalkyrie Do people say 'Those raw boards would be great if they were soldered'....asking for me @SkylledDev I don't think it registers to the speaker as being extremely rude. And for some it's a genuine place of… @NathOnSecurity Well geeze thank you. This wasn't about me. I think I have ignored enough of both to get people to stop asking/commenting.The level of antipathy I have watching people backhand compliment other dice makers is immeasurable.Yall, don't ask if they are balanced and don't say you can't read unfinished dice. I don't walk up to your half fin… @MylesBorins I'm always watching 👀This also applies to fonts, friends. @bitandbang @steveklabnik If you aren't using a punch card do you even know what programming is? @MylesBorins vs Me as Caduceus 🌸
Retweeted by Stef Sharp @electr0spectrum I see nothing but kings hereYour friendly reminder to check your licenses. Sites like CGTrader and Thingiverse offer a clear licensing indicati… @Ithireal_Dice @flaminflamingoz @AlchemicalGems @SugarBeeDice Tweethearts 🥰 @BobWorldBuilder & @theGMwitch (SO by @IcarusGamesUK) @CraftCandles, @sharpstef, @_MadMadamMim_,…
Retweeted by Stef Sharp @TianaLeiva I do! As I have inventory though and I'm not the fastest dice maker. @sroby25 @BobWorldBuilder @theGMwitch @IcarusGamesUK @CraftCandles @_MadMadamMim_ @Diceawaii @kimberloft this artwork by @Davien_art of my rogue, Ruvyn, just has me crying. I cannot fathom the skill of artists. I… @MattLith @StillNotSam Shhhhh. A queen is talking. @StillNotSam Wait wait wait Wait This was you?!?!
@0Becki You are a saintI'm going to finish the remaining 19 of these promised sets and take an actual break. Someone remind me of this post in a few weeks.A Lisa Frank homage petri. With glitter.'re live RIGHT NOW with Day One of the #DnDBlockParty . Join us for panels, giveaways, and games as we raise mone…
Retweeted by Stef Sharp @deedsweaves I am just awash with nostalgia. My gosh you are just doing even more beautiful things than when I last… hit home. is also the person that convinced young me to pursue engineering.I went to school with this breathtaking human being and he does the most beautiful fibers work. Worth a look.
@EvilCleverDog That is so clean @Btaeuber 100% better than watching me with dogs. There is a denial phase and then you become second to the cat.