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@JillsScotch Wh—what did you think she said? 👀Bun B breaking down what’s happening in Texas & how they got to this point. #PopLifePodcast
Retweeted by Shar JossellWhen T-Boz sang "If I move too fast, just let me know. Cuz it means you move too slow," I felt that.this was A DAY on twitter. Whew!!! @KirkWrites79 @Nettaaaaaaaa !!!Totally fascinated with how Tokyo strung together 6 wigs for Cardi's Interview Magazine spread. Holland for British GQ April cover photographed by AB+DM styled by Law Roach
Retweeted by Shar JossellHappy 50th Birthday to the Queen of Neo Soul Erykah Badu (@fatbellybella)💕
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SpideRhon same! I love that for us!'Handmaid's Tale bae' will be playing President Obama in the series.⚡️ “'The First Lady': Who's Playing the Obamas, the Fords, and more” by @Variety introduced me to sound bathing and it has been a game-changer. THANK YOU!The influence of Black fashion — we’re honoring Black designers and trendsetters this #BlackHistoryMonth.
Retweeted by Shar JossellThis attack was horrific. On a residential West Hollywood street, just a half-block off Sunset. And it's all caught…
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @dejatheviewpod The woman has a point! @hoodopulence I want to get champagne tipsy with Mariah so bad. Hopefully one day. @MzGossipGirl Literally everyone! Hell, even I know about the relationship and I can’t even tell you a song of his. @MzGossipGirl And that’s literally only the tip of the iceberg. Wendy ain’t even drag him. She was laughing.I’m not one to necessarily defend Wendy, but ma’am. Your son is 21 with 7 children...let’s start there, because tha… know Wendy has to be like “this, again?”Using transphobia to attack Wendy Williams? How painfully original. Definitely A.
my statement is here:
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @Reggiefrmthebay Right! I knew I wasn't trippin. I remembered her face, but I couldn't remember what her stance was.Just learned that this week is Black Women's History Week #BWHW Each day has a theme, and it purposefully falls on… In Trumpland is streaming now on @topicstories through Amazon, Apple TV, Firestick, etc ✊🏳️‍⚧️
Retweeted by Shar JossellMTG is again showing why simply stripping her from committees is insufficient. She needs to be expelled from Congre…
Retweeted by Shar JossellRead this entire thread, please. 👇🏽
Retweeted by Shar JossellThis is terrible. what the hell is going on? just watched this full interview and the attorney is so robotic, I could hardly get through it.$1.15B NIH plan launched to solve COVID 'long-hauler' mystery via @abc7chicago @cameronjawesome I literally just started part 3 of the reunion, smh @JarrettHill Jarrett.(I’m still not tired of CxH’s latest album)YESSSSSS!!!!!! ----------- Chloe x Halle - Ungodly Hour (Official Video) via @YouTube @urban_elegance She has been through enough! @The_ChaseLA 💀 @DoctorJonPaul Yes! See previous tweet @thedejaspeaks DejaaaaaaNot Cita!!!! 😭Oh... my gosh @Reggiefrmthebay me either @XTlANemiliano Wow!!! I couldn’t imagine. I learned to box braid my hair last summer and I did it monthly from June… @XTlANemiliano you used to do your own hair?The size of these braids. The length of these braids. The joints in my arms and hands are aching just from watching…! Washington and Laverne Cox on Making Their Own Opportunities and Achieving Inclusivity on Set Watch the ful… @hoodopulence !!!!!!!!cable + add-ons/premium channels + internet + streaming services = $6,938.47 per month.these streaming wars sure are annoying. cancel it all and normalize cable again, shit. My pockets aren't going to survive.(also, men.)This meme should not have sent me screaming to the moon in the way that it just did. is a crime, and it's insulting. Debra Wilson carried MADtv. Her contributions are still celebrated TODAY! wow…'all really got the jokes off today with W Magazine's latest photoshoot.Kelly Rowland x Tina Knowles Lawson in conversation about heart health @KING_CORY OKAY?!!?!? I ain't mad @alexgreen713 @scapimag Love you Alex, thanks!Paramount+ wheeled out ALL of the announcements today. Sheesh!Halle Berry To Executive Produce, Star In Sci-Fi Drama 'The Mothership' For Netflix And MRC Film'Rugrats': Original Voice Cast Members To Reunite For Series Rival At Paramount+'Ray Donovan' To Return With Feature-Length Film, Liev Schreiber Back & Will Co-Write Script, With Showrunner David… News To Launch New Streaming Version Of '60 Minutes' For Paramount+ Perry Studios Sets Strip Club Drama 'All The Queen's Men' At BET+ McCormack Joins Emma Thompson In Sophie Hyde's 'Good Luck To You, Leo Grande' Barris Takes On Contemporary Relationships For Paramount+ In First Series Under ViacomCBS Deal @scapimag Thank you again! @joJBschafferAn alumna of Langston University, an HBCU (Historically Black College/University) in Langston, Oklahoma,…
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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Real Housewives’ Franchise Prepping Limited Spinoff Series, Women From Various Cities To Stay In Same H…
Retweeted by Shar JossellThe way this gov't is committing genocide to save capitalism.
Retweeted by Shar JossellIf you are in LA!! I now work with a non Profit called Feed The Streets. Every week we do different events. To he…
Retweeted by Shar JossellWithin the two weeks leading up to the 3/13 pandemic lockdown, I was either on a boat or eating good at a buffet in…
Retweeted by Shar JossellOh, I have a list: - upgraded my spa treatment at @Burke_Williams - let go of the stupid abstinence pact I made wi…
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SharSaysSo I wouldn’t change a thing. I work at a hospital so been working the whole time.
Retweeted by Shar Jossellnothing. that was the last time i saw my family in person
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SireLeoLamar LMAO BYE! I was 18 and 22 at the time. I don’t HATE them, but I just would like them scrubbed from the record @SireLeoLamar I only have 2 and i want them both removed lolI’m RTing 3 moreI would’ve enjoyed the moments I had with my students a little more and gone harder at looking for another job. May…
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SireLeoLamar You really love your ink!I would've been in the tattoo shop every fucking day. (Which is the first thing ima do post-vaccine)
Retweeted by Shar JossellNot quit my job so could’ve gotten unemployment & actually relaxed
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SharSaysSo 1) Had my book appearance at Skylight Books (which ended up being cancelled the week after) 2) Had plenty of sex
Retweeted by Shar Josselli would've met my friends at the gay bar to watch drag race and would've licked salt off as many margaritas as i co…
Retweeted by Shar JossellCash out my sick time and then quit 😊
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SharSaysSo Ask for an advance of a lot of the bookings I had planned second quarter.
Retweeted by Shar JossellI can’t even say I’d do shit different me and my ex was lit everyday lbs
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @_mothers_ Honestly, same here (aside from going to see family) Everything was just fineI actually really really enjoyed those 3 weeks. I cant say I wouldve done anything differently.
Retweeted by Shar JossellBe outside some more at the club
Retweeted by Shar JossellGo clubbing instead of “catching up on quality sleep” after traveling cross country the month before.
Retweeted by Shar JossellHug my grandpa harder than I ever have and get him his favorite food every day
Retweeted by Shar JossellStarted wearing a mask and getting some lysol
Retweeted by Shar JossellYou know what's so funny, the week leading up to the lockdown I went to Magic Mountain and then a bar crawl for my…
Retweeted by Shar JossellAbsolutely nothing different, I had one of the best trips of my life to Mexico and got to link up with my west coas…
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @SharSaysSo Buy a big trampoline, nice fire pit, and zip line for the backyard.
Retweeted by Shar Jossellbuying bitcoin and visiting with friends one last time. also would have given the f*ne *rts building the raypac tre…
Retweeted by Shar Jossell @itsLaKayy Lord have mercy!Went twice as hard for my birthday that was 3/12 🥴
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