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I feel soo bad for how long and hard I laughed at this. I hope theynamed him Tonka sucha CUTE LIL TONKA TRUCK!! 100 short days I'll be travelling halfway round the world to meet my some of my closest friends, my family and a…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Y’all sense a disturbance in the Force? Cuz I totally sense a disturbance in the Force. Pretty sure it’s @Deeptec
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @AquarielleArt Aawwwee @jetcityrascal Eeeeeee!! We are going go have late nights soon!!!
2020 someone order a goodboye sandwhich?
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @JadeDragon716 Leave a charging cell phone on the bed. Bed bugs will come out to the heat and sometimes climb on th…
Aawweee cuddle buddy.'day! I'm kicking off the old stream at 8pm EST! I'll be joined by @jetcityrascal and @stiffy21_ as we delve into…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @OddNMacabre COASTERS!!Hey everyone. I like you. You're cool. Especially you. Thank you for being you
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Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @Cptnrwrpnts EEEWWWWWWWW @Deeptec Fingerpeens!!NEEBS GAMING NEEBS GAMING NEEBS GAMING #peacelovevideogames @NeebsOfficial @Thick44Official @JonnyEthco
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Is that a distant cousin?
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Seems legit 🤣
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@GeekyGarrett16 A pig can consume 1lb of human flesh every 8 seconds, you piece of shit! -Snatch @TTraykJ @GeekyGarrett16 Same lol @TheIrishPickle I can't WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!! I will be able to drive up and get selfies with your cock and hug… here!! @KayWafflee I want to color these soo bad. I can't wait until the move when MAYBE I can buy stuff again... maybe. @jetcityrascal @KayWafflee @CelticCrusade13 I love it @bushhhyy I am so sorry :hugs: @TheIrishPickle Haven't yet, though I need to be around Charlotte. I am thinking Kannapolis or Gastonia. Depends wi…
@KarduelPlays Thanks! I eat locally everywhere I go! I even drink unfiltered tap water :gasp:
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @KarduelPlays I will post the date once rental lease is signed. Ideally I will be moving in first weekend-week in March.
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @RoboticHat717 @TheElectroshark @Nixuizu I love your art. @Aztecia316 @The_muzz1 @WilmywoodNC She's amazing you're going to love her! @The_muzz1 @WilmywoodNC HAPPY BIRTHDAY you all for checking in on me! I am ok, I've been consumed with packing, down sizing, searching for a rental…
Job done, sore however pain meds are doing the trick. Didn't feel a thing in the chair.because of Frank Sinatra Las Vegas became integrated and no longer were black performers forced to perform at casin…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦I'm going to be in Anaheim this weekend for the @NAMMShow Also, doing a community meet-up on Saturday at 5pm at Uns…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @UncleDude8 Oh you got this. Do ITIL Foundations 4 newest version of Foundations.So let it be written, what's done is done.Dental surgery today! Wish me luck folks! Some broken tooth out, bone graft in! Yyyyyyaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 Lol!!! 🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘
@jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 It is allllmmmooosssttt time!!! I am FREAKING OUT. @Jon_Fury @Jonathan280388 I see a GIANT LOG laying across that little spill way. @CaiteeeCat Hope you have a GREAT BIRTHDAY!!
i fkn need this so badly
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@NeebsOfficial Look Neeb's out in the wild!😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙😍❤️💙
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦do you remember Juice Bubble Gum?
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Adorable!
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Best transformers ever! 🤖
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦I need Can you guess where its from?🐰
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Firefighters in Australia say cooler temperatures and mild winds have allowed them to turn from defense to offense…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Tornado Planet on Outer Wilds! #outerwilds
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Shadows. Source: Vincent Bal
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦We are doing another #StroopWafel and #Merch #Giveaway on stream today! Also it’s community night! #RocketLeague is…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Idenity theft is not a JOKE JIM!!!
[AUS/ENG] - GIVEAWAY! | !playerone !etsy
@KarduelPlays @TheIrishPickle Whoa that space ship is TOTALLY CALLED OUT BY THOSE CLOUDS! @jetcityrascal It is huge to feel a loss for people who have been so much a part of our lives. How cool his creatio… to find the love, share a laugh, give a hug. We all need it now more then ever. Reach out, check in, make… @jetcityrascal Ohh... shoulda read part 2 before making a joke. I am sorry love major hugs!! @jetcityrascal Rush? 😁 @Darklordtory @spudzilla1325 @Deeptec @seakazoo @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee @Darklordtory @spudzilla1325 @Deeptec @seakazoo @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee @Taru_Ninja @spudzilla1325 @Deeptec @seakazoo @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee is 7!!! <3 I wish you all could meet him. He is so loving and silly with his wiggle butts. @spudzilla1325 @Deeptec @seakazoo @jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 @baines_joshua @KayWafflee @CaiteeeCat @talemyn BIRTHDAY BRONX!!! @OddNMacabre Dog eating a bone, upside down. @OddNMacabre Oh my god, I wish I have never seen this.You thot was lion but in fact am Doggo!! Bamboozled again.
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @Darklordtory You're 6'4"?!?!?!Already almost at $7k! Lets keep that ball rollin'! WOOOO! Show your support at the @NeebsOfficial tiltify page, he…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Well, that was incredible... YOU just raised over 13 THOUSAND Australian dollars for @WWF_Australia in two hours…
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If a 6 year old is asking the tough questions, why can’t we?
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦US firefighters applauded as they arrive in Australia to assist with bushfire efforts.
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Holy cow! We haven't even started streaming yet and we've raised $875 for @DirectRelief_G to support Australia's re…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Still a goodgirl
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @CuteEmergency Always watching.'s always watching
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Phoenix got into a terrible dog fight. I have no money & her treatment totall came out to nearly 4k. My last option…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Was listening to BSB tonight and it reminded me of PLGX ❤️❤️
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @Thick44Official probably won't be happy about quarters next month 😈 "Fruit bat quarters are coming in February 💰"
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦 @baines_joshua Done and Done my friend! Now if you buys coffee through I will a dollar for every purchase! 🥰
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Our friends down under could use some help so we're springing into action tomorrow night, 1/9 at 8pm EST! The Neebs…
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Have a moment of Zen
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦As I am packing I come across sidewalk chalk... what grown ass adult doesn't have sidewalk chalk. You use it to cha…
@jetcityrascal @CelticCrusade13 So....... I have a DeWalt radio and DeWalt sander sitting in my living room right n…, grumble, fluster, fluff..... anxiety dreams keeping me awake. Thank goodness the idea of the same life is j…
This frog holding a stick
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦The Witcher ep 6. If you're a Mage, why the hell are you sword fighting?
Retweeted by ShaShaBoom☀️🏠🚛📦Here is a baby otter to make things better....
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@spudzilla1325 makes me laugh so hard, every time. @The_muzz1 This is just so devestating.There is so much sad news all over lately. I wish I could give hugs to so many. Not that my bit of life is perfect,… 🌙 💤
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