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A COSMOLOGY OF MONSTERS out now from @vintageanchor. Repped by @kentdwolf. He/him.

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@DR34MR It’s in the extended version but not the theatrical.Maybe I’m in a forgiving mood, but I’m enjoying my rewatch of these Hobbit movies. Martin Freeman is a perfect Bilb… @oinkness @brainpicker I found this in a dollar store once when I was a kid and tried to trick my parents into buyi…, out there giving hope to short dudes everywhere. @JeremiahCook1 I’ve never seen the animated version of it or Return of the King. I should remedy that.The “lost in Mirkwood” sequence from the extended edition of Desolation of Smaug does a great job communicating wha… @jprfilm That’s so kind of you to say. Thanks so much reading!The hobbit movies are full of scenes of Bilbo lying awake while the dwarves saw logs around him. I get it—I have tr… fast forward through the goblin king’s musical number in “An Unexpected Journey.” Feels like something from a Jim Hensen production.Didn’t get the writing finished until 10 PM today, but it takes as long as it takes, right? @ctrlaltcassie Congrats!!!
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-ShaunLove the scene in the extended version of “An Unexpected Journey” where Bilbo explores Rivendell on his own and meets Elrond.Eric Carle in 1969:
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My $18 pilot fountain pen has made a believer of me. This thing glides across the page. Makes the physical act of w… @LBarryBooks It is!Cold and rainy in Birmingham today. Happy to be working from home, listening to the patter outside and drinking my hot coffee. @PRMcDonough That's a dope chair. Lucky kid! @theandydavidson Congrats! I'm jealous as Hell. Can't wait to read it.I know I'm adult because I get really excited about paying off debt.
@mytholder @damosays That’s interesting! Thanks for sharing!Gandalf throwing a temper tantrum and leaving after an argument with Thorin. This is a very different Gandalf than… it just Bilbo being a Took? Or does Gandalf follow intuition, a true mystic? Does he just have a feeling about Bilbo?Is there an in-universe answer to why Gandalf chose Bilbo for the quest? I know hobbits are supposed to be hard to… the new UHD middle earth box sets tonight with THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY. Interesting how unsure o… @JeremiahCook1 I thought I was going to commit murder when a woman talked all through Kill Bill Vol. 2 back in 2004…, fuck most of these movies for sidelining, killing, or ignoring Cyclops, the gloomy rock at the heart of this… X-Men have always been a big messy family, and the movies that get that dynamic right are the ones that "feel"… of the most widely panned X-Men movies--"Dark Phoenix" and "New Mutants"--are among my favorites in the series.… is eagerly pitching agents today, so now feels like a good time for a gentle reminder that the road to suc…
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-Shaun @JeremiahCook1 Yeah, me too. BUT--Part of the reason I stay away is that people at theaters are the worst. Maybe it… Patreons, here is the link to tonight's video podcast: TONIGHT at 9pm ET (or watch any…
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-Shaun @JeremiahCook1 Yeah, me too. I wonder if it'll become like vinyl records, where hip/rich areas will still have thea… @JeremiahCook1 Yeah I do all my streaming through my Roku EXCEPT HBO, which goes through my playstation. It's ridic… @Nashvillesky I love it too! Excited it’s finally coming to blu ray next year. I’ve been rocking a DVD since 2006. @AHILBERT3000 Do both. Write "The end ... ??" Then two blank pages. Then a grisly murder scene to set up the series.Years before the cartoon dog in the housefire, we had Orlando Bloom wandering through the opening reel of "Elizabet… this again last week and couldn't stop laughing. this book! Buy it!!!
Holiday horror gift list from @TitanBooks. My books included, also many more scary ones.
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-ShaunNothing condoms arrested fuck you Spotify is one of my favorite reads this year! Buy it for yourself or someone you love. Shoot, buy it for someone you… I Wrote and Never Posted: A MemoirCheck out this holiday gift guide from Titan books, full of excellent ideas for all the ghouls and monsters on your…
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-ShaunIf you're looking for fully funded MFA programs for next fall, please consider @asuEnglish! Our students are amazin…
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-Shaun @FreddyInSpace I am here for all of this. Just read the novella for the first time last week! @mashawrites @colearydavidson @JeremiahCook1 @CatMScully I'm not finished yet but I'm absolutely loving it so far.… @Owen_Egerton My favorite type of Spielberg character! Looks good on you. @theandydavidson So well-deserved!!! Congrats! @paprikasteak Thank you so so much for all of this! I'm so happy the book spoke to you. That means a lot.BREAKING: Monolith Inexplicably Returns... With Stories
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-Shaun @ellesep They do it just to hurt us.Officially back on my bullshit after a lazy holiday weekend. Hit 55k in the new draft this morning. Hope each and e… @PRMcDonough @AuthorGrolfe @sam_kolesnik @Gabino_Iglesias @blacklionking73 @HightowerLaurel @HaileyPiperSays
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-Shaun @trulyjennifer @NatGamesFM I did it in December back in 2005! @SEMurdoch That’s an excellent question, Sebastian! The truth is that the early launderers made a pact with the old… @colearydavidson @JeremiahCook1 @CatMScully @mashawrites It’s been a few years since I last did the books. This is… @jckphnx Boxers or boxer briefs. @Oh_Sneako Nah. But I keep meaning to get some at the store! See what that business is about.
It’s snowing in Birmingham tonight while I listen to music and wash my clothes and daydream about the thing I want… @Rudy53088 I have jammies but I overheat easily so I usually end up in boxers and a t-shirt.It’s laundry night so AMA (about laundry). @thatguykentblue Thanks for grabbing a copy, Kent! And thanks for spreading the good word about the book! @TheNuminous1 It's literally 50% of my student loan debt. Getting my undergrad debt canceled at this point would be… my Kindle there's an "expand your horizons" ad that recommends books, and lately it keeps recommending a book ab… @colearydavidson @JeremiahCook1 Right now I'm bouncing between NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman, JENNIFER STRANGE by… @JeremiahCook1 Even though I hate having to lug it all from my apartment to the laundromat and back, there’s someth… chore roulette to see if I go to the store or the laundromat tonight. Sure as hell not doing both! @alexiskienlen Thank you so much!!! That really brightens up my Monday. @NatGamesFM I think the founder said he picked it because it’s one of the “stay inside” months. But January or Febr… IS SO COOL @LBKroger Yeah and I completely spazzed. I meant to do it over the long weekend but then you know how it goes...Oh shit you guys I forgot to do nanowrimo can I copy someone's notesI write comics & video games: 👻 Ghost Recon: Breakpoint 💥 Green Lantern ✨Darkstar & Winter Guard 🦇 Deadlands 🗡 Onl…
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I just used the phrase “window shopping for curtains” in an email to my parents. I didn’t do it as a joke. I think… @thatguykentblue @GailSimone @rachfacelogic Thanks Kent! Rachel’s book is SO GOOD!This seems unnecessarily ominous. Tim Roth’s apartment in Reservoir Dogs, and his little speech to himself in the mirror where he tells himself… loved this design! Hope we’ll see Felicia in future games in the series. @damosays Also, why am I not being raptured in this story? Is it because I didn’t like the Mandalorian enough? @damosays I’m in this picture and I don’t like it @fidelasincastro Maybe it’s just my TV, but the whole episode looked Game of Thrones S8-level murky to me. Ahsoka looked really muted too. @jckphnx I didn’t used to be a casual! I basically lived in the EU through the 90s and early 00s. I bought the Ahso… @jckphnx If that’s a real plot point then I stand by my aesthetic statement but respect the storytelling principle behind it! @jckphnx Is that a real thing? I haven’t watched the last season of Clone Wars or any of Rebels. @jckphnx Where is the lieGonna be honest—white isn’t a very interesting color for a lightsaber.
Holy shit, Michael Biehn! #TheMandalorian
Thanksgiving Day 2: took a day off from writing to be lazy and useless. Picked up some sushi and fried rice for lun… moment when some angry and very petty staffers troll you in real life.
Retweeted by Sweet Emo-ShaunSomebody come move my hand across the page for me. I have a Thanksgiving hangover and I didn't even eat a Thanksgiv… @constantvoice @LisboetaIngles @Ross1982 @ParsonsFiction @kabauthor @BlakeDevours @WellReadBeard @timwaggoner like this Sarah Connor T2 voiceover style McDonald’s has adopted.
Thanksgiving spread here in Ham End. This one’s been in the oven all year, and still needs a bit more TLC before it… know it’s only Thursday but it FEELS like there should be a new episode of the Mandalorian today. forgot the final act of Spider-Man PS4/5 is about a plague and an attempted fascist coup. Ah the joys of escapist entertainment.