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@MSMWatchdog2013 @reneelouisekam @ian_booth @australian @newscorpaus @RemyVarga @EwinHannan Unbelievable! That rag… @duncanbourne @darylgibson @abc730 Yes, you make a great point. In relation to this case, though, nothing changes t… @Peter_Fox59 @TheRealPBarry Neither the Police Commissioner nor the Police Minister in NSW have shown any competence. Ever. @9NewsSyd @Judetomyfriends @MarkWBurrows Why on earth would Queensland need to pay NSW for performing a function th… @ColesLance @9NewsAUS Racist turd. @joewilliams_tew Joe! That is so bloody awesome! I needed something to celebrate today and that will do nicely! Wel… @UBoobook @ScottMorrisonMP 😂 @glamelegance @suthernx @RudyGiuliani Well that looks like the way he described it.😂😂😂 I am sure that is how we all tuck our shirts in. @Patrick51112869 @ScottMorrisonMP I think I stole it!When I see the corruption of @ScottMorrisonMP “ appalled and shocked am I” that I demand a #FederalICAC,…, if a corrupt #LNPCrimeFamily stacks the boards of government enterprises with their cronies, demonstrate… @ScottMorrisonMP is very sensitive about being called smug. There is, of course, a solution ready to hand.… @femmocollective Is this tit for tax?#IStandWithLaura who only mentioned the slightest of this “man”’s vile personal defects. His heartless, criminally… PM @ScottMorrisonMP is only capable this sort of faux outrage about corruption on the rare occasion he and his… @civilengineer @alphabeattweet @abc730 Yes but a significantly different scenario. @AnnieGardener3 @abc730 It is outlawed. What is required is a shift in internal culture. That takes sustained and personal commitment. @DavidSavage63 @abc730 Thanks Dave.
@Madi__au @PaulFletcherMP Oh, maybe I misheard. 😉Did the Senate “Infrastructure and Corruption Committee” really uncover the truth this evening that @PaulFletcherMP @murpharoo @superathlete9 But wasn’t he pissed off! Snapped his notes as he left the dispatch box. Most animated I have seen the dollard! @SkyNewsAust No way Murdoch could pay me enough to be this finger puppet! Horses for courses, I suppose but surely… @Borneagain @davrosz @james_powditch Me too! @ChrisGurney3 @The_Phill_Up @25MMCC @abc730 I wish it really was that high a percentage but I get your point. Polic… @Tulula79728850 Mate, I am safe. I am just an old hasbeen. 😉 @SkyNewsAust @DanielAndrewsMP @SkyNewsRicho What a fucking waste of space is Richo? Probably not in much of a position to pontificate. @Tulula79728850 Yes, definitely.Hope this settles your anxiety @oz_f @sallymcmanus @tincan01 Thank you! @colonelhogans @Judetomyfriends That must be the most juvenile @ScottMorrisonMP like thing I have ever heard! That’… @MaralynParker @kezhall That’s a three hour time lapse! @reneelouisekam @ian_booth They did what? @lynlinking @ian_booth @WgarNews The most egregious contacts won’t be on the database but ICAC will have them from… @The_Phill_Up @25MMCC @abc730 They did. Restricted duties. He has to be afforded natural justice and procedural fai… @LNPvoterfail @RustyBentley5 @JulianAndrew63 @abc730 Yes - an overview of psychological development and and overvie… @JTornesi @AllderLadd @abc730 Agreed! @alphabeattweet Yes, a misguided dangerous biproduct of the need to rely on each other in crisis. Misguided because… @MFWitches @1958_BestYear We got you! Rest! ❤️ @alphabeattweet @abc730 Well this was that on warp speed! @vogrady2132 @triefus @abc730 Thank you, I am so glad! @vogrady2132 Sorry Vince, you are just so damn handsome, I forget you were a cop😂😂Culture doesn’t change without people standing up. Supporting eachother and refusing to be defined by the lowest (v…, I am not whinging but this has been retweeted 88 times and not one cop or ex cop has said anything. Yet I know… @triefus @vogrady2132 @abc730 I know, it is soul destroying. @Patrick51112869 @abc730 We have heard a lot in recent years about generational trauma. The history of colonisation… @RustyBentley5 @JulianAndrew63 @abc730 Be nurtured in the individual member because nearly every action and exercis… @RustyBentley5 @JulianAndrew63 @abc730 YES! Now, I have to preface this with the fact that my initial training was… @RustyBentley5 @JulianAndrew63 @abc730 Not in my opinion. AFP went down that route for a while with mixed results.… @nellybear2167 @abc730 @FarrellPF I can understand that. I had a visceral reaction to the needless violence and dis… @oz_f Does the detail make you any safer. Would you prefer DHHS contact traced, treated, cured, before they issued… @baycityrolla @abc730 @FarrellPF You are a fkg fool. @abc730 @FarrellPF Serving and ex-police must take the initiative here. There was no justification for that vile as… and ex-police like myself, need to stand up and be counted. What I just saw on @ABC730 was a vicious, crimin… is straight up racist dog-whistling. Totally inappropriate treatment of an identified problem. Demonstrates th… @oz_f Pretty amazing, eh? The system works! In the quickest possible time, those who received this message have bee… @rene_blin He’s the water boy not a pot! Not much @ScottMorrisonMP can do right. He formed a make believe “cabinet”… @DaveSharma you bleat and cry about ICAC being a profound change to politics at a federal level. Only for the crook… @DaveSharma You were given a perfect opportunity to denounce racism by @PatsKarvelas and chose not to for small min… @Kon__K @FatherBob That is great news Bob. Plops are better sans polyps! @GetUp @RobMax4 He should be out of a job on that logic! @bstleonards @davidbewart @DanielAndrewsMP They are disgusting. @QuentinDempster @cporterwa @mjelmas @TheMandarinAU @cporterwa wants to offer a non event, Claytons process that is…
@DrKW12 @3wombats @Gay_Alcorn @bprophetable @LaTrioli Or on the massive failure in Aged Care? @ScottMorrisonMP’s ne…$50,000 for a lawyer/wordsmith with connections to not do an investigation and to come to a meaningless form of wor… @DebKilroy @AlanBixter Best of luck Deb. A heart like yours? I reckon you’ll be right🙏🏿🙏🏼 @jommy_tee @ORIONBLUE5 I should have guessed! You and @RonniSalt are so often way ahead of the news-cycle!This is just “Yes, Minister” meets “Underbelly”#FederalICACNOW @murphess1 @KKeneally @19maddie08 @HonTonyAbbott We pay for it all! Unlimited travel and perks while gallivants aro…“This is a statement from the Mudburra Jingili people... We don’t want fracking to continue on our land. It puts ou…
Retweeted by 💧Shaun Warnock @alanaustin001 @vmp9 @independentaus They only need observe his performance in the Senate and Committees to know he should never be trusted. @eatatjoe2 @TheWillowGhost The chances of @ScottMorrisonMP not abusing his powers as Immigration Minister are zero.… @JoshButler When shady characters conspire together for a share of a cash bonus it rarely becomes correspondence in… @shaunwarnock_sw @ScottMorrisonMP This might have been raised at Friday’s National Cabinet ... if they’d had one. S…
Retweeted by 💧Shaun Warnock @tarang_chawla @Leinster_Lad @VictorianCHO You are wicked, Tarang! But from the responses, I reckon you hit the mark(s). @Pleasure_Lab I sure do! I was shocked as well! 😂 @JamieTravers @ScottMorrisonMP @SBSNews FFS! He had nothing to do with #sportsrorts either....until we found out it… @LesStonehouse Labor needs to break new ground and play to their strength. They have incredible depth of talent. Th… @sophieelsworth NSW has had enormous luck. You know that Sophie but it does not suit your agenda. @theotherkiwi @RonniSalt @DanielAndrewsMP I didn’t notice that. They certainly sound like questions from someone wh… @staffo_sez @ScottMorrisonMP @tanya_plibersek “Not a leader, just a Liberal” is such a concise term. Little wonder… @janeb69 @RonniSalt @DanielAndrewsMP Like a star! With resolve, honesty and occasional wit! @RoyanWg @MdmAbsentMinded @KKeneally That does seem true but , I believe, we must continue to try to use the instit… its a free call, the @ScottMorrisonMP hobbling of his budget shouldn’t prevent the referral.Might be a bloody good idea, now the Auditor-General knows how to do it, for him to refer #SportsRorts to the AFP.… petty questioning of @DanielAndrewsMP about the minutiae of every hypothetical anecdote is fkg exhausting!
@gil_e_liane @ScottMorrisonMP She doesn’t go off half-cocked, though. Unlike our sniping #LNPCrimeFamily, she doesn… @nir_eynon @DanielAndrewsMP It is a brilliant tweet. Suggest you crawl back to wherever you came from. @DanielAndrewsMP Mate (mate if I may), you're a legend. Don't know too many public figures who suffer the lack of p…
Retweeted by 💧Shaun Warnock @LouiseBertram1 @BelindaJones68 @ScottMorrisonMP They haven’t been strung up for any of their other abuses. Chances… @BrendaR11196331 Well, I seem to be endlessly tweeting it. So, that sounds fair. I am so tired of this difference b… @stuart_musgrave Normal people go to a party and exchange phone numbers. He and Russo go to a room full of rich whi… @LukeLPearson Fk yes! Their show. @southwin28 @mary_tambling63 @vogrady2132 No. She said it was up to @ScottMorrisonMP if he wanted to announce a bub… @9NewsAUS A sensible adult would have explained to her that @ScottMorrisonMP’s grubby power manipulation caused thi… @lidia__thorpe @GregHuntMP you have no mandate for racist cruelty. It is impossible to justify this vile decision.… @MelindaMann01 @AnthonyCole68 You know how to tweet. ❤️ @GuidoTresoldi @prh46 @DanielAndrewsMP lives rent free in the minds of all deluded Australian conservatives. They h… @OpossumNicholas @AnthonyCole68 Guilty as sin itself. Acquitted by inadequacy of process NO suggestion he is innocent. @AnthonyCole68 See those robes? That is what some people thought was too heavy to pull aside to rape a child! @larissawaters @researchMegan Its like asking the Hell’s Angels to donate to police funding!