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{they/them} Book industry professional and host of @GetLiterated, coming in 2021

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@gildedspine I would have gotten kicked out of that room by now.SCREAMS @ken_you_not I wanted to try sexy mime
(my interview went SUPER well omg)me: *trying to fall asleep* my lizard brain: 🎵man car door hook hand🎵 cc @RoAnnaSylver
Some imprint authors & books to support in light of this terrible news:
Retweeted by shauna morgue-an @briseisbooks GOODBYE @Writer_Carrie Macmillan imprint is shutting down as of 12/1 @MaxineGKaplan @DailyJulianne VERY MUCH SO @DailyJulianne MacMillan Imprint is shutting down as of 12/1. @adiba_j @ab_varaham I am obsessedddddd 😍😍😍 congratulations! @Pop_Reader -you have a concept -you have an established audience -you have design and marketing skills -you have w… @Pop_Reader I would LOVE a podcast from you!! There are a LOT of resources online to help guide you through the pro… @KailiaSage Soon! Get Literated @getliteratedpod launches in 2021Knowing juuuust enough about a lot of things has definitely come in handy.The impostor syndrome is strong today. Launching a podcast takes so many skills and I’m just stumbling through them like a drunk giraffe. @SamMaggs @hulu I was about to cancel my hulu subscription but I need this 👀👀 @brightlyanna @stephlystein @ElanaRoth WOWWhat’s happening in Africa right now;
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anIf I hadn’t self-diagnosed myself with ADHD, I never would have sought out a formal diagnosis. For adults especiall…⚠️BREAKING—Huge CDC study says #COVID19 not only caused 285,000 excess deaths— but CDC also found, surprisingly, th…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anYou don’t need to be Nigerian to speak out🗣 what’s currently happening is devastating! My thoughts and prayers go o…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-an @gaydogdad that top/dress is 😍❤️👌 @gaydogdad i love y’all so much @gaydogdad Ellen what the fuckThe unified voices of Nigerians have been treated as a threat to democracy instead of an expression of it. We unres…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anWe are working with @EndSarsResponse to support the injured peaceful protesters 💔 #EndSARS
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@SayruhGee 😮😮😮cissies stay posting "pls correct me if i misgender you!!" no. correct yourself. not all trans ppl are comfortable…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anI have a huge to do list but instead I’m making an absurd amount of these paper boxes. @ZeynJoukhadar So, so sorry for your loss. 🖤 @olivebrinker cerave has a moisturizer for “bumpy” skin and now my face is nice and clear and i don’t have any dry spots. @MarkDoesStuff this is my roommate’s exact brand 😍
@RebeccaPodos Absolutelyyyyy*sings* I finally got an interviewwwww @SoupGargoyle I just feel like it would be easier to make cinnamon apples.This is a very niche thing but I wish bloggers would utilize SEO so that I can find their amazing and relevant content much easier.I have so many questions. -why is it encased in this shiny brown shell? -why would anyone want a slice of pie that… books with relatively low stakes. A fantasy about a magical tea shop owner seeking a special herb, a queer YA…*THE END*~ if you enjoyed this thread, here's how to find a perfect agent: and here's la…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anbuddy. friend. my gorgeous sunflower. baby angel. you ARE an author. not an aspiring author. you don't need any ar…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anis it time for another thread on writing & stuff? right, go get your coffee! ☕️ this one's about why you should n…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-angirl would rather fake date a sock enthusiast than attend a family meeting
Retweeted by shauna morgue-an @latorres It works really well for me. I fall asleep within 20-30 minutes of taking it and I don't wake up groggy.… @runwithskizzers Before I started taking an actual sleep aid (trazodone), I would drink Sleepytime tea and listen to rain sounds.
@chel_c_cam Imitrex didn’t do much for me but my roommate uses it @ellle_em i appreciate it 🖤 @bethrevis 😂😂😂😂 @ellle_em psst next time you qt a thread like this could you put a TW in the first tweet? 🖤🖤Keep using them. Maybe not for social activities so much but definitely for errands, shopping, and doctors visits. Garrett (@dancingofpens) wrote her novel 'Full Disclosure' to make sure we remember that queer people of col…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anI got 6/8. This was so fascinating and I feel better equipped to spot troll accounts. the help of CLT firm @interactiveknow, @ClemsonUniv professors @DarrenLinvill and @plwarre created an online q…
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a man: *talks AT someone with no response* man: what a great debateansjsjsjajddjskkakdjsjak y’all WHAT DEBATE? I haven’t responded last the first two tweets. free me from this man arguing that blackface is ok in the UK.“it always felt like no one was being hurt” that’s a pretty bold claim to make as a nonblack person. devil didn’t ask. Blackface is deeply rooted in racism and you can’t “punch up” a racist caricature. @SharonLeavy1 Sooo how did he make it on #GBBO 🤔🤔 @vampiresquidds Apparently he said he “wouldn’t do it again” but that’s not really an apology @faridahlikestea I had no idea. That’s disgusting.the misogynoir this photo exudes is so sinister.Well this is upsetting. #GBBO @catarangs @GetLiterated yessss that’s such a good ideawe matched @catarangs lmao michelle 😂😂Has anyone written a book that’s like Clue/Knives Out, but with ghosts?all right i’ll say it... i don’t know a single person who has finished the entirety of house of leaves and we shou… @recitrachel wait you can do the accent!?shoutout to the guy who didn’t think job hunting while trans could be hard for me because i don’t “look” trans.the media when they’re trying to “both sides” facism and white supremacy
@JL_Dugan @gwenckatz 🖤🖤🖤 @gwenckatz @JL_Dugan Definitely!A group of people use fake names at a dinner party. @gwenckatz Reading Verona Comics by @JL_Dugan helped me realize my relationship at the time was codependent and unhealthy.Some wholesome content for your tl
Retweeted by shauna morgue-an @MrNelson007 oh nooooooOh my god I found a typo in my cover letter. Kill me now. @sid_grubb Maybe not?? I’m in a few. @Gabino_Iglesias thank you for thisThis works, so here it is again: 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anme: *hits send on an application* also me: *immediately refreshes inbox* @yesitshanna This hits every single note for me! I can’t wait
In case you havent seen enough lesbianism today, may i interest you in this gayass excerpt of an upcoming historica…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anI voted and they gave me a pen instead of a sticker! list is so good @hafsahfaizal SO DESERVING!!! Congratulations Hafsahprime day is over but i wanted to share this gem @KSekouM its what you deserve!!! @chel_c_cam I did the pro trial and it’s game changing. totally worth the $ if you have i did not want to spend my time applying for a new healthcare plan for the last two months of 2020, but here we are.being an adult is exhausting.
AND IT'S HERE!! You can now read an excerpt of #aCurseOfRoses over at @tordotcom! Get a front seat to Yzabel's gay…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anBeen sitting on news for a while. Now it's out. I'm writing the book I've always wanted to write. This is my love l…
Retweeted by shauna morgue-anthe bisexual flag but color picked from this ultraviolet infrared venus photo!
Retweeted by shauna morgue-an @KosokoJackson gorgeous!!! @misskubelik So she’s homophobic AND ableist @NitaTyndall NITAAAAAAAAAAAA
@faridahlikestea I love Sura so much! @MissDahlELama ahhhh I checked and I'm auto-approved 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍