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@cliffybecooking @justkorrr You... seem... upset. @cliffybecooking @justkorrr @thejdevereaux 😂😂😂 @thejdevereaux It’s so great!!!
@justkorrr Mine still on. 🙃 @BrianMcLight I just want to know where I can buy one! 🤩 @missfree What you reading over there? 🤓 @chicoskid This sounds painful. @illustjuan It’s the effortless skip followed by choreography .. like, I have questions. Elite feet. @ravensymoneI’ve made to season 3 and Vanessa is still here.. #GossipGirl @ThiccMensa Sure, Jan...“He been poor and ain’t going back.” I felt that! @crissles @AllThatandMoore And just stand there for 5 minutes!!! 😂🙌🏽 @worKAHLILharder Blackout! 😲🙌🏽Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument. @_suckafreeSAM ☺️✨... #ZDay speaking, why did we have to solve for x? What made x so important? What have we done with x? @iDavey And it still stands tall! @mountain_mic @1Tarig Oh! Gotcha.. whew. Thanks for that. @iDavey miss the remix era. @PROfesSIR_X It’s the skin! @1Tarig I never knew it took place in Texas... I also never knew much about the show... 😅 @HarlemJ11 Ch!.. whew, glad I color outside the lines lol! I’m having my two. We too old to “fit in.” You’re right… @HarlemJ11 Is it not cool or something to have kids? @Simply_Pro_ 😍 @IamGMJohnson 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @Mr_Everythng @DecodnLyfe 🥰🥰 @DecodnLyfe 4 years ago today! ✨💙 know a song is good when it slaps in ⁦@KIDZBOP⁩ ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 ⁦@BrunoMars⁩ @InThierry I—- @InThierry Is this in Beverly Hills for the upper echelon? Who is paying triple digits to be temporarily scalped? @chloexhalle 😍😍😍“Leaders don’t force their mindset on anyone. Their daily actions empower people to change their own behaviors. |… @BMichaelOther Friend! All the music lol.
@irvankaa 😬BRITTANY SNOW!?!? #GossipGirl 😍😍😍Do you say antithesis or antithesis? @TrevonWes @TrevonWes @TrevonWes @TrevonWes @irvankaa You’re welcome I. @irvankaa 😫😫 .. okay, so we won’t invite her JUST yet. @irvankaa 😲😲 @irvankaa Por qué? @stickysweett Lol how so? It’s too short for me. I just listen to the song. @stickysweett This is the one!✨... #ZDay @The_ProfessorCJ Who sent you??Want to learn how to make lamb. @_NigerianBeauty Okay!... 😫 @_NigerianBeauty Lemme set my alarm. @lifesAlyric Gimme a Fuji and I’m good!You really have to count the blessings because counting the setbacks will drive you crazy. Do Great Things! 💪🏾😎 Ha… @1988XanderB Did! @DecodnLyfe I just — it’s so effortless.All this underage drinking! Lol #GossipGirl @jamesearl23 Boom. A solid 5-6 season run is - solid! @ijayt205 I’m mad I watched this. 😂😂😂 @BMichaelOther 😲 @BMichaelOther 😳😳😳ANEESA!!! #TheChallenge 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 @BMichaelOther I thought it was just me lol, but I notice it’s threads that are non-Apple... 😆 @illustjuan Lol yay (for you). I have a pool going, so my cheers are “eccentric” @illustjuan She is working her power! @soapboxKIDD
@__justkeith De nada! Enjoy!Happy Birthday @__justkeith !!! 🥳🥳🥳 @jamesearl23 You—- @jamesearl23 FAN. SEE. @jamesearl23 😍😍 where is this??Search “water” in your camera roll and post your favorite @thejdevereaux @mountain_mic Whew!... the breathing! That makes sense. @thejdevereaux Can we pause at boating school? @booo_rad Well!It’s coming... ✨ #ZDay @mountain_mic @mountain_mic 😂😂 I’ve always been told that!.. now, feeling it in your knees I get. Them joints be talking with the weather.There’s NOTHING wrong with smelling rain. for the record - EYE cannot smell rain. 😅 @BrianMcLight Listen - acknowledge the delay FOLLOWED by delivering the result. Otherwise, why are you talking to me? @KennyAbner You’re welcome buddy!Happy Birthday @KennyAbner !! 🥳🥳Remind yourself that you are powerful. Wisdom for Your Wednesday! 🐢 #THEsWORDCereal killers put milk in first. @jamisonoht ‼️‼️ @BeeAugmented Surely do! Lol @TamarBraxtonHer thing about Twitter, somebody’s gonna say it. 😆 @jamisonoht And have the gall to tell us that we can’t turn that off... 😡They drive SO FAST on that topsy-turvy highway! and this teacher... 😒 #GossipGirl my love if you want to... #HAHN @JovonnieC Go!You’ve just had a BOMB meal. What’s your “something sweet?” @JovonnieC It’s the skin para mi!They’ve spent SIX minutes talking about “the maid Hannah Young” ... YES! #HAHNProud to call Mississippi my home.
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