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Shay Will @Shay_Will Manhattan, NY

Be nice, work hard, see the world. Try to write about movies, but not quitting my day job. New to NY. Also: Sports, tacos, travel.

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@EmGlaze To be fair, he has a point? HahaVenice. didn’t anyone tell me about #UNDONE? It’s so familiar, so weird, mind-bending, challenging and beautiful. @htranbui You got this!!Despite the rain, you could say that Italy is going well. morning Brussels (Airport)! @MikeDski Happy birthday MD! @htranbui Binge Mode and Doughboys! I assume you’re.l a Blank Check listener already
@scottckendall He’s a top 3 actor working today. Him and Pattinson and probably Joaquin.Off to Italy 🍕🍕🍕 @scottckendall @alislyce Come hang with me??? @MaiaShibutani @ShibSibs Meiji!
I am leaving town the night that @wavesmovie opens in NY... 😑Oscar-winning actress Mary Steenburgen went under the knife for routine arm surgery — when she woke up, her brain w…
Retweeted by Shay Will @KapitolPhoto Can you download? That’s the key @nabbott Problem is you need everyone to delete it haha @nabbott happy birthday!!! can’t go to the movies for a week due to travel, what should I download to watch (Netflix / Amazon)?
Can't stop thinking about MARRIAGE STORY:
@alislyce Yes! I’m in the financial district. Come hang! @SheaSerrano Have you seen One Cut of the Dead? On @Shudder... it's very good, very inventive. Very fun.I finally saw TERMINATOR DARK FATE and I was pleasantly surprised! and Furious: - diverse from the start for 20 years - shot on film - nitrous - coronas - is cinema, beloved by…
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@EmGlaze I liked tapering because it means less running hahaha. But yeah, I know it sucks. I like the 5 day carbo l… accurate self portrait @EmGlaze Taper is best part! Good luck with it though!
TERMINATOR DARK FATE is a lot of fun! I’m a little late to the party on this one. Mackenzie Davis rips! Arnold’s co… @petersyravong Coward. Go 4x4ATTENTION: YOUNGHOE KOO HAS MADE ALL HIS FIELD GOALS TODAY AND THE FALCONS ARE BEATING THE SAINTS!!! 🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷
Retweeted by Shay Will @BenitoTheSmooth shit
Retweeted by Shay WillFeels like it has BNE... Big @nabbott EnergyI saw the David Lynch art exhibit at the Sperone Westwater... it was interesting. is "the most fun you'll have in theaters this fall". Now Playing in Theaters Everywhere. Get Tickets:…
Retweeted by Shay Willwilding on a Saturday night let’s goooo
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#MarriageStory deeply affecting and beautifully acted (and made). Go see it in theaters now. Also, the 2nd movie wh… @geoffhewat @MarriageStory Yo, it’ll ruin you and then build you back up @starstrickenSF ❤️Here’s the problem with @MarriageStory... it’s really, really good. Emotionally devastating and honest. A real journey. #MarriageStory
First week living in New York, first screening at @IFCCenter! #MarriageStory @jodyavirgan Bright @nabbott @Seamless Can’t waitI’ve lived in New York for 5 days and I already love @Seamless
Knock like you own the place. #Parasite star Park So Dam teaches us the Jessica Jingle, now available to download a…
Retweeted by Shay Will @Knibbs Snake tweets are the content I'm here for.
@skiingrogge It’s true! Mona Lisa hall packed. I wandered the other two wings basically alone for hours.Watch DOLEMITE IS MY NAME. It's on @netflix so you don't have an excuse not to: (2019)
Retweeted by Shay WillSlow News Day: Lamar Jackson, Trubisky, Watson, London Chargers, lots of QB talk. Then @malloryrubin joins me to ta…
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Microsoft's division in Japan tested a 4-day workweek — with no loss in pay for employees. The company says that:…
Retweeted by Shay Willcan't miss shots if you don't take any
Retweeted by Shay Will @ozskier I already have pizza hats haha @BenSchragg Still has a lot of game left, too @scottckendall’t believe they’re showing the black cat that ran into the field. Just encouraging cats everywhere to run onto f…
Retweeted by Shay Will @HankLambo @scottckendall Hahaha. So Mets is 3rd in this scenario?So, I guess Yankees.
@GRFIELDING I’m not close to either ballpark hahaSo now that I live in NY...
I watched THE KING at 6:30 am the other day. It wasn't bad! Chalamet is our new god now! ya later West Coast. East Coast HQ now. IS MY NAME (2019) IS MY NAME is really, really good. Does it remind anyone else of Bowfinger? @skiingrogge @HankLambo has a great turn
@sierra_time STEEP AND DEEPGood morning denver.
Yes. So much. just watched THE KING this morning. Robert Pattinson has some kind of energy!See ya, Cali!
Goodbye to this @sierra_time Love thatToday’s visit from the brilliant @thumbelulu! 🎥✨
Retweeted by Shay WillReally excited to move to NYC! Tomorrow! @A24 Pug!Do you have any dishes that play with time? The concept of time?
Retweeted by Shay Will @jowrotethis I’m moving to nyc tomorrow so I’d say no. Good weather tho!In case you missed it, 🎃WE’RE HAVING A SUPER YAKI HALLOWEEN SALE🎃 20% off your entire order for 24 HOURS ONLY ⏳…
Retweeted by Shay WillLetterboxd Best of the Decade: Horror. Robert Eggers‘ @LighthouseMovie made a late sprint past Get Out to take th…
Retweeted by Shay Will @largessj honor of Director Bong Joon Ho liking FIRST COW, here's what i thought after I watched the amazing film:
That feeling when Director Bong Joon-Ho mentions FIRST COW (Kelly Reichardt) on the @TheBigPic as one of the last g… @EmGlaze So the big takeaway is that you made it back to the east safe and sound (I assume). No need to look at the scoreboard. @GRFIELDING Yeah. It’s the Rockies. Do you want my extra pair of gloves? @EmGlaze Still a lot of hockey left! But fly safely! @EmGlaze I will not rub it in if the game really goes south. Travel safely!!
@EmGlaze whoaI just discovered a café Bombon. I haven’t lived until now. @Knibbs That's great that you love it! (Mostly) Excited to move to the city. And thank you for the piece, it's real… @minakimes a person about to relocate to NYC, I feel seen. Excellent and personal piece by @Knibbs! have to move in 3 days, so naturally I've been procrastinating at the movie theater. JOJO RABBIT was funny! have begun and so predictions season is upon us. @akdobbins was plagued by doubt and despair as we made…
Retweeted by Shay Will @skiingrogge Existential crisis creeped up late night haha @ozskier Why is everyone talking about the weather haha. I’m not the least bit worried about that. I guess this is more existential @jennyjenjen I’m actually not too worried about the weather but you’re right, that doesn’t help.Am I making the right decision moving to NYC?
JOJO RABBIT: Nazis are bad. Dancing is good! See @jojorabbitmovie now, and read my @letterboxd review if you want!