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#ZebraForce AUDIO B2B COUNTDOWN W/ @zebraforcegang

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licking ur fingers after hot cheetos >>
Retweeted by chanelMy name is Eddie and I’m addict to saying “bitch” like Playboi Carti. I need help
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If these f00s ain’t hitting you up at your worse don’t even give them the time at your best @v1ck_mendoza Really a SEARS lol of noodles hit 10 times more when your bank account is empty 🍜
Retweeted by chanelJust won another Yeezy raffle. Thank you Kanye 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Retweeted by chanel @jxnnelle_ Me 🗣🗣🗣I wanna be 21 againRight here 🥴 @666RAMOX Some might not even know what fire and desire isImagine having sex in a candle lit room as the rain pours down outside and fire and desire plays in the background ooooof
Retweeted by chanelSomeone send a visa giftcard to Ritters skc in Santa Ana CA Under the name Chanel ... okay thank you @elbravojc I’m not 🥺Secret Santa ?? 🤔🤔I got hemp oil so far and I haven’t checked the other package .Who the fuck keeps sending me shit from amazon lol I got two packages and it’s my name but I didn’t order anything 😡WTF!!!!!!! And this is okay ? @KTLA @KTLAMorningNews @CNN @NBCNews @CBSLA @CBSNews let’s see what’s the excuse for… @SchadeismyDad did the most Headass thing for my birthday and I couldn’t be happier 💕
Retweeted by chanelWho wants new MONXX merch
Retweeted by chanelfound a target gift card at work,, i was gonna throw it away but i got curious to how much was on it... retweet for…
Retweeted by chanelFirst of all these some ball sacks get a pash and they’re hooked on it . It’s me I’m bitches 😝
Retweeted by chanelKinda rude that my titty isn’t in my man’s mouth rn
Retweeted by chanelOmg this bitch needs to go to hell’m starting to think no one knows what riddim means lmao
Retweeted by chanelThis is how Fernie looks irl. Don’t be fooled.
Retweeted by chanel @DreaLaSoul @ypitaxo You go sweetie 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️At this point, I’m willing to completely give up raving for a bit just to fully focus and invest on my career. I need GROWTH.
Retweeted by chanelHoly fucking shit, the luck!!!
Retweeted by chanelwho’s gonna hype me up at audio & countdown ? 🥺💛 #escape
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Bouta get all my boys rocket pockets because they be kidnapping out here
Retweeted by chanelIs it possible to beatbox riddim ? 👀
Retweeted by chanelY’all do me a favor....catch those good vibes I’m sending out at the end ! 🗣 It’s my birthday and my wish is for a…
Retweeted by chanel @xo_alie 🙋🏻‍♀️who is going to hold my hand into a 2 day bender attend @svddendeathdub B2B CRUSH ? if y’all tryna be my valentine and rave bae you know what to get me 🥰🥰🥰 sex is cool but have you ever spent all day thinking you have to work just to find out you don’t?
Retweeted by chanelI suck at hugs , 2 seconds in and i want to cry and vent
Retweeted by chanelSomeone came up on my glasses at the laundry mat lmfaooo I hate it here !!
Retweeted by chanelBOSS BABE MAKING MOVES’s always “ hey wyd” Never “ sending you the money right now “ 😪Now you can finally be in your bag. @Moschino
Retweeted by chanel @yervbvbe Oh shit that’s cold 😂😂😂Here’s a tiktok to make your finals week better.
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Retweeted by chanel @SwedishEgil#thelovefestival #noctrunalwonderlandbeginning of the end of the decade decade can comment on your social media’s too , just not crazy b*tches ☺️Low on cash? Tired of your girl? Don’t want to deal with the Shame of being broke? Can’t afford that Chanel bag? Tu… the year rightso rappers can skip every cuss word in their own songs for a performance but white people cant skip nigga when sing…
Retweeted by chanelSanta if you’re real please let me be in the same room with @sanbenito @JBALVIN and @maluma ASAP. I’ll bring the tequila
Retweeted by chanelI’m not feeling very plur at the moment...
Retweeted by chanelOkay guys here it is. My mix entry to @discoveryprjct ❤️🔪 I’ll release the unreleased track I sent insomniac once…
Retweeted by chanelAlmost breaking 200 plays guys !! Thank you so much for checking out this SLAICORE MIX
Retweeted by chanel“ I’m by the water refill station , no not that one the other one by the green lights “ “ what do you mean , ther… after brushing my tongue
Retweeted by chanel @KylieJenner Didn’t you sell off your company alreadynew work friend!!!!!!! Maybe!
Retweeted by chanelWhen @xmonicalee gets yelled at by the rave fam @ZebraForceGang for wondering off “real riddim” artist 😂
Retweeted by chanel @ZebraForceGang NOPE. mase cried for porter.
Retweeted by chanelToxic @xmonicalee porter is cool zeds dead baby
Retweeted by chanelLittle preview of me and @djalross
Retweeted by chanel @xmonicalee @ZebraForceGang Yes an exact replica !!3 girls. One cabin. 7 bottles. One handle of vodka. 40 corn dogs. Let’s go.
Retweeted by chanel @xmonicalee @ZebraForceGang @yuleemarip Dolce and habana light bluefirst time i got ghosted i didn’t know it was happening so i was worried about the guy and my dumb brain was convin…
Retweeted by chanelIm just trying to be niceIf the shoe fits well 🗣🗣🗣when u sleep during the chats
Retweeted by chanelThe signs you do NOT want to piss off: - Leo - TAURUS - Gemini - A R I E S - Sagittarius - Capricorn They're all…
Retweeted by chanel😴😴😴🙄🙄🙄Jiggly Fucken puff @Major_Headass @xmonicalee say goodnight to @xmonicalee She deserves it.
Retweeted by chanel @Major_Headass @xmonicalee @xmonicalee @Major_Headass @xmonicalee @Major_Headass @ZebraForceGang @lilspoonmami Go to Vegas for that ... this city isn’t worth the view ... unlessssss you go to LA lots of themi wanna kiss you for NYE... as friends haha... unless 😳
Retweeted by chanelImagine being @SchadeismyDad and getting thrown in twitter jail.
Retweeted by chanel @lilspoonmami What for 🤔my pad, bbygirl
Retweeted by chanelFuck that f00 @SchadeismyDad , hopes he stays in twitter jail even longer
Retweeted by chanel @ZebraForceGang @SchadeismyDad *presses FZebraforce's favorite member @SchadeismyDad is currently on a 7 day ban. Press F to pay respects
Retweeted by chanelUgh I love reggaeton 🥰 @ZebraForceGang get off this account before you get us banned 😂
Retweeted by chanelWe are a privately-owned pharmaceutical company who specialize in psychedelics. Please, place your order and enjoy the ride.
Retweeted by chanelthe whole fam hustlin 😤
Retweeted by chanel💀💀💀💀 rave squad