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Good morning world! I just dropped an interview with the iconic @SheaCoulee on my IGTv! We discuss the 2020 electio…
Retweeted by Shea CouleéMy sis @FerraraDominic is a life saver. That’s it. That’s the tweet.OMG! #JoeBiden speaks like a human being! And he’s actually answering the questions! It’s so exciting! How we h…
Retweeted by Shea CouleéWell, folks, @KamalaHarris and I watched some of President Trump’s remarks from the campaign trail — and it went ju…
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @thequeenpri I’m sorry babe 😢 @NickLaughs You’re left handed now!
@Tender_oni Dis me’m also not the only Queen on the track. But I’ll wait for it to drop for y’all to see who else... @nathankenneth96 The chorus is being lip synced which is typical. Beyoncé normally does the same to maintain breath… I mention that I also did a feature on @jujuboston ‘s album too?I did a feature on @OddlyYvie ‘s album, and I can confirm that it is a serve. name on Everybody’s lips is gonna be... DOJA All the girls dropping albums this month @Tonksxo @JulioOrtega0325 @thesatyrboyXXX @Discordaddams1 @boobarrymore @itsbambibanks I asked WHY people were figh… LIVES STILL MATTER BLACK TRANS LIVES STILL MATTER Say it back & RT it!
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @salaamjackie Happy Birthday! @Discordaddams1 @boobarrymore I’ve been WAITING to see you back on Twitter after you thought you could spread lies… @TrinityTheTuck Mine grows so fast too! I need to try that!... Would now be an appropriate time to announce that I TOO have a special Halloween release on October 30th? @Rapha_Mend, I just woke up. But why are the girls fighting over Halloween?“Use your power, use your voice.” Congratulations @lizzo #BBMAs More:
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Retweeted by Shea CouleéAmy Coney Barrett has refused to answer basic questions throughout these proceedings. But make no mistake: Her no…
Retweeted by Shea CouleéNot @sprint just arbitrarily raising my phone bill with no notice? I understand they merged with @TMobile , but per… a little four-year-anniversary reminder that YOU SHOULD NOT NEGLECT TO VOTE
Retweeted by Shea CouleéHope Pence stretched before doing the mental gymnastics he needed to think he won #VPDebate... anyway you can actua…
I literally begged my school to let me go home because I wasn’t comfortable with the virus but they made me stay in…
Retweeted by Shea CouleéEvil. 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
Retweeted by Shea CouleéConfirm Amy Coney Barrett now!!!!
Retweeted by Shea CouleéMy sister @Peppermint247 just released the video to her single “Best Sex” and WOO! Is it STEAMY! Go and check it ou…
I’m glad Dr. Fauci came out and condemned that MAGA propaganda video that manipulated his words. It shows that he’s the voice to trust.
Retweeted by Shea CouleéHello media, the @nytimes broke a story that Donald Trump likely laundered tens of millions of dollars in 2016 so c…
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @TrinityTheTuck Lol. Where’s the family resemblance?Joe Biden won't say whether he will support expanding the Supreme Court and it would be great to know his position…
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@711ljs86 If I have treated you poorly in the past, it’s probably because you’re and insufferable asshole and deser… have to start my #NationalComingOutDay by wishing a happy 2nd Birthday to my favorite little furry Gay Icon Baby… is camp
Retweeted by Shea CouleéHow did I ever forget about this icon? 😂😭 @CapsSerna @laloescovar MeY’all, isn’t my little sister so cute?!?!? @dollfacenaomi @ladygaga And forever... Amen 🙏🏾 @dollfacenaomi @ladygaga Honestly, play it at my funeral... @cjrtheperson @mustachefag PERIODTFor the record. I was listening to @ladygaga ‘s “Paparazzi” on repeat when I decided my drag name would be Shea Cou… @mustachefag @cjrtheperson I was LITERALLY JUST THINKING ABOUT THATWhen @cjrtheperson starts releasing home goods, it’s OVER for you hoes. I mean, can y’all even HANDLE a full lifestyle brand?
TFW you just finished cleaning the bathroom, and realize that you still need to cut your hair. 😒 @TheOnlyDetox See, a beautiful house NEVER goes out of style!!!! @smallsgoode I was in Barcelona and absolutely LOVED it! It was my first time experiencing siesta culture, and I wa… to @harrisonjaime not just because he’s a great candidate but because @LindseyGrahamSC is a human skid mark.
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @smallsgoode I had it 10 years ago when I went to Spain for the first time during college and LOVED it! I really want to come back!Why are we about to have the same day? @TheOnlyDetox Your shopping problem is showing... @zamoxchange Malbec is my favorite red wine, so I look forward to trying the food. @9808User No. But I can get great recommendations on here @dollfacenaomi I feel like y’all really do lack good Mexican good which is such a staple in America. And Chicago es… @AJASDOLL @goIdenqueens Y’all put beans on your fries, I don’t wanna hear no smack about chilaquiles. @DixieD_CHI Someone recommended that yesterday and I looked at the menu, and was turned off that they served it wit… @dollfacenaomi If you ever come to Chicago, we gotta get you to try it! @AJASDOLL Aha. I figured. Well, chilaquiles is basically like breakfast nachos. It’s tortilla chips topped with egg… @AJASDOLL May I ask where you are from? @samanthalzu I actually just wanted the single verde 🤪 JK @AJASDOLL could still really go for some chilaquiles verde this morning... is a prison. Y’all look so DUMB
@Ellis_Atlantis Omg 😱 @evanrosskatz But why does sis low-key have a point? 🤔 @OkSoMik No the Kitten Heel Krew?!? 😭😂 @thetonysotoshow @blezzedasag We haven’t done it publicly in YEARS @thetonysotoshow @blezzedasag And Kaycee Ortiz @thetonysotoshow @YoureSoTalented @danpolyak @itsbambibanks I said CHICAGO. Not the backwoods Central Illinois jani… @realDonaldTrump The amazing “cure” Trump keeps talking about is Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail that was…
Retweeted by Shea CouleéAlso, if you go back and listen to episodes of @thetonysotoshow from 2014-2016. You can listen to us REALLY argue @thetonysotoshow @YoureSoTalented @danpolyak @itsbambibanks I guess what I’m saying is save the generalizations, be… @thetonysotoshow You mean... you?! 😂 @thetonysotoshow Now she’s in my texts y’all. Also, Tony and I love to play fight. So don’t read too much into this… @thetonysotoshow @YoureSoTalented @danpolyak @itsbambibanks But have y’all? I see tons of photos and videos of peop… @thetonysotoshow Baby, there’s no rage. And for the record, I haven’t ordered Avocado toast in LA in over a year. Try again. 😘 @thetonysotoshow I have a personal trainer who meets me at home. Try again. @thetonysotoshow Stop acting like y’all got it together in LA, because we all know THAT’S not true. It’s a fucking… @Kens_insight I just looked at their menu, and they serve them with breakfast potatoes and toast?? That’s a little… @Saladita12 I don’t like it. I’m jealous of it... 🤤😭 @vanessa_marine could really go for some chilaquiles verde this morning... @themisstoto“What would it take you to vote for Trump?” 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂 Black folx are UNMATCHED! (via @TheCut)
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @_baileeeee’m sorry, is this supposed to be funny? Cuz no ones laughing.
@jujuboston And wet 😏 @jujuboston Like me. Dark and smooth...Wow. I’m moved by your never ending support. Your American fans THANK YOU 🙏🏾 living in a pandemic mean we won’t get a Jimmy Kimmel “sorry kids I ate all of your Halloween candy” compilation video this year?
Retweeted by Shea Couleé @bendelacreme your performance in last night’s debate was legendary. out to all the people in my neighborhood who don’t judge me for what I wear to pick up my morning coffee.Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes. When I first heard about it, I literally said, “You mean $750,000?”
Retweeted by Shea CouleéPitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.
Retweeted by Shea CouleéKamala’s press is so fresh I can smell the flat irons from here.
Retweeted by Shea CouleéNote that the fly respected the time limits more than Pence did.
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