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sheba ⭐ @shebainpdx Oregon City, OR

Mom, educator, Timbers Army/107IST President, arrogant, self-important ass/RCTID royalty/Miss Congeniality/total Twitter psycho, Real Oviedo accionista. she/her

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Somebody just sent me this pic from last night and I'm swooning all over again #RCTID @ktalluto1 @DiegoDv8 I know, right??? @kpduck @Sun_Daze_11 @malidragon Can she adopt me? Those are spectacular.
Retweeted by sheba ⭐PLEASE RT: Today is the last day to pick your plan under open enrollment at Don’t let the…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐ @ChadintheGrove @efilnikufsin My kids named him Jesus, which is perfect for when you need to yell at him. "JESUS, get off the table!" Etc. @ChadintheGrove @efilnikufsin He almost got named Disco Kitty when he showed up on my porch. The white spots are pr… @Steve__Clare A little? Lol. I have the sound off.Why are we showing off basketball tricks on soccer weekend @nmgarner Well, I DID have my coin on my person. And I DID also successfully challenge @efilnikufsin after that. So I'm going with yes.Is it March 1st yet? #RCTID @kpduck @DiegoDv8 Thank you! This was the only raffle item I actually wanted. Getting them from the maestro himself… @benjiblanco77 @DiegoDv8 Bless you! In my heart I was totally fangirling thoughCopa América rematch, Chile v Argentina happening right now GUYS Okay I can die happy now, GRACIAS @DiegoDv8 He said he scored against Seattle and Dallas in the playoffs… @pretypenguin Mira tus MDs @pretypenguin A ver si puedo guys, remain calm but Diego effing Valeri in da house. #RCTID @efilnikufsin Weird how an actual military guy doesn't seem to know how this challenge coin thing worksStill batting a thousand with this thing, just saying #RCTID of raffle gifts at the @timbersarmy holiday party at @spiritof77bar #rctid Get thyself down hur. Plenty of t…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐Holiday party with @TimbersArmy in full effect. Come on down! #RCTID (at @Spiritof77Bar in Portland, OR) is pretty fantastic. A deer scores a soccer goal and then celebrates.
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@sonarriley YASSSSSSSS #OhWait @benjaminpersitz I believe they are called Advent calendars, Ben @LikkitP Booooooo @skywaker9 DammitIs it March 1st yet? #RCTID @SmashleyFC What @patr0ck In SO many ways. @chaibaba @nomadpdx Oh man I am SO looking forward to evals. Cannot wait to see what our standards are. Hope there… @chaibaba @nomadpdx Um YES @chaibaba @nomadpdx We will need to have sun roofs on the train, hope that is cool with u @nomadpdx @chaibaba Ooooo can I be the principal of Max train school?MiniMe: my friend wants to know what sort of wine to bring for dinner Me: tell her to bring whatever sort of wine… @MiVidaSeattle That right there is desayuno para acompañar el fútbol por la mañana @efilnikufsin @Capt_Napalm and mushrooms? Mais oui 😍 get this effing hat off of my head took four handlers and 87 takes, but we finally got the Christmas photo else get surprise homemade gorditas de bistec dropped off at the office? 😍 @efilnikufsin
@IAmDurr You're 52???Burrito Friday? Burrito Friday. (@ Luis's Taqueria in Woodburn, OR) @efilnikufsin Der ver zwei peanuts, valking down der Straße, und von vas assaulted...peanut. Ohohohoho!One thing that short vote to impeach the president makes visible: the degree to which impeachment pits a diverse Am…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐ @Scott_Fuson @ZarekValentin I REALLY wanted the mug with this face on it mom set up my brothers elf on the shelf like they were playing in snow and the last three pictures is what we wo…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐ @damon_stewart @damon_stewart Cheers, D ☕🎆☕ @LikkitP RatsIs it March 1st yet? #RCTIDOkay, NOW the Christmas season can start. Cc @cyoung888 @MrjSykes Yay MLS! @MrjSykes Just tryinna picture that graphic (from the league office I might add) with like I dunno say MP instead o… mean seriously wtf is this "If you go to this match you might see David Beckham walk onto the pitch in a suit!!!… don't care who they sign, literally every player on Miami CF next year is gonna get the Robbie Keane treatment, I… @rosecitymatt If you mean MP, he said good things know what? That is genuinely worth getting back on Twitter for, MP.I really hope one of the bonus raffle items is the head bandage from when he split his head open during that goal c…
@damon_stewart Hang in there, yoMe today beautiful Twitter friend. Stress sucks, especially during the holidays when emotions & finances are doubly stre…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐ @ArmandoNDK I get the point. I just don't see it happening. @ArmandoNDK You seriously think Mitch would let that happen? I don't. @ArmandoNDK I don't think you'd get two, let alone four. @ArmandoNDK What leads you to believe Rs would be on board with censure? My rep, Kurt Shrader, a moderate Dem in a… it March 1st yet? #RCTID @SiempreSeattle @ZarekValentin Will do. ↙️↙️↙️ @pyratejack I assume the video is on ur TikTok or whatever @pyratejack YASSSSS @drummerlib @ZarekValentin @NashCapo I'll hit him up in the morning, everything will be just fine @drummerlib @ZarekValentin @NashCapo Yessssss! @kipkesgard @lvlightsfc Pretty sure the llamas don't read the Times, so I think we good on that score @itsgrahamslife @ZarekValentin I know, I'm still low key pissed we didn't protect him in the expansion draft. But s… @Sun_Daze_11 ❤️💕Come say goodbye to @ZarekValentin before he becomes #ForeverOrange and is legally required to be dead to us #RCTID @HillyP 😬 @CIBPDX @lunar2n @107ist ❤️ @Walksca @107ist Thank you!Miss u #RCTID (at @ProvidencePark_ in Portland, OR) @lunar2n @107ist If it is a money thing, there are people waiting in the wings to help if you'll let me ask.My money is on @lvlightsfc @Half_Ref BOOOOOORemember: Even from Montana, you can support the work of @PDXRivetersSG and @timbersarmy by joining @107ist. Sec…
Retweeted by sheba ⭐This is not all that bad tbh @siriharding @107ist Thank you--no both counts! @LaneScheideman @shawnlevy Early HBO always stood for "Hey, Beastmaster's On!" as far as I'm concerned. @ArmandoNDK Just clips, never the whole thing, no. This should be a fantastic night to hang out off-season with my… this movie looks terrible and I cannot wait to watch it with #YouPeople #RCTID #BAONPDX're open! Come on by and pick up that pre-order of scarves, renew your membership, or just say hi. :) #RCTID two! ☕☕☕ (@ Starbucks in Woodburn, OR) we have @107ist at the Winterhawks this Sunday as well! Check your weekly newsletter tonight for links an…
@__colematt @tressiemcphd This request looks pretty specific, but I certainly have resources who would have good re… @shebainpdx
Retweeted by sheba ⭐This was pretty much the perfect morning for surprise champurrado y tamal de rajas to show up in my office. 💕 @NewbombKrull @107ist Thanks! @rustle4769 @107ist Thank you!