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Shego, but make it depressed. tired. Not white.

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idk who needs to hear this but stop paying attention to infographics by random IG therapists, it makes things worsebeing on twitter is just an endless amount of "what the fucks" @alexandriia_ray Awwwhh :’)) @alexandriia_ray 👀 @tropicanapussy Ahem @AyyyyyJay It was sillyfound my old songs on garageband from when I was 12 and yeeeesh why was I so dark @jfksafk I’m an inspiration, a muse, etc @jfksafk Still, I inspired it 😌 @jfksafk Tweet stealer @FatsoFish43 Oh no dw I just have a migraine it’s normalsometimes I wish to take a power drill, turn it on, and just bore a hole into my head @JotaroPujo I will have ✨ascended✨ @JotaroPujo I can’t wait to be squeezed to death @sukplays I will give you the biggest hug frit’s ON SIGHT with me and my mutuals and by that I mean I’m giving y’all a hug the second I meet any of youme, anytime I’m fumbling with technology: *nervous laughter* ohmygod im SUCH a boomerGuys will b like “Ur so mysterious ” because they just like. don’t know u
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@nateandmufasa oh hey🌚 @chinesegon yes yes I understand but why the sudden commotion abt it nowwhy the fuck are people so excited about potatoeswaking up in the middle of my nap for no reason angers me like bitch u had more time whyHappy Pongal!
Retweeted by sera🌸The moment life fucks you , it comes back with songs having lyrics why you're fucked
Retweeted by sera🌸"so what do you do after work?"
Retweeted by sera🌸I don’t see any ghosts
Retweeted by sera🌸 @SweetBabyJame’d date a guy shorter than me, that way if he ever cheats I can just punt himI am a pain in the butt because I pegwHAT DO U MEAN ESCAPISM ISNT HEALTHY @desukidesu milkshake picsTried to take soapy tiddy pics but got stuck in the washing machine @lynndewitttoya That is exactly me @desukidesu I am so sorry for the pain I cause ily doe @desukidesu SwagWhat if my mom is right and I actually am possessed by a demon 😳 @tennisonok Bc you are hot duhhh @charbroil_chew Wouldn’t be complete without it @charbroil_chew It would look marvelous on you @charbroil_chew Let’s do it together @charbroil_chew same!! But I also had a rhotacism which still sometimes pops up here and there but alasThe sexual tension between me and dying my entire hair pink @chinesegon hottest people went to speech therapy as a kid @legendofkota Ofc! It’s definitely hard but indeed so important @chinesegon No I just tweet them @English_Channel I appreciate the sentiment @English_Channel my life is a movie 🤣 @JacobtheGirafte shut up sweatyActually I take it back I want someone to be obsessed with me @skate4official_ @AyyyyyJay come visit 🌞 @jfksafk Ahem @AyyyyyJay Better believe it buckoI have to admit, I am actually a catfish @legendofkota I think you are doing great as long as you try!
Impeach? I thought he was an orange?? Make up y’all’s mindsMental illness reveal at 10k🥰 @AyyyyyJay Leme dm itI am alone ☹️Where r all my Aquarius moons I am curious @AyyyyyJay I’ll think about it @AyyyyyJay I am a Pisces rising,,,, but I’m predominantly a LibraSea sharties @AyyyyyJay As an Aquarium, you need Pisces in your life to fill it up glub glubMy favorite water sign is aquariumsthis is Arwinnian! @AyyyyyJay Solid 5 maybe @AyyyyyJay InceptionI’ll be tweeting abt a hypothetical man and dudes be like “is this about me” well NOW it is @SukiTemporarily I’m pain😀 @SukiTemporarily :( ohI’m not difficult, you just haven’t leveled up enough in this simulation to battle meam i overthinking or did i get gaslighted or did i get gaslighted into overthinking - a short novel by me
Retweeted by sera🌸 @chinesegon Hardest pop quiz I’ve ever takenwhich one do immigrant parents not believe in more? 1) mental illness 2) you
Retweeted by sera🌸me @ literally every job & school I applied to that haven’t responded @seaweedsuckr I am big brained @AyyyyyJay @NintendoAmerica @NintendoAmerica PLEASE @lilredridingwud brb teleporting rnthere should be various options for type of beans, milk, flavoring, amount of foam, toppings, to yield endless combinations @justky1018 WORK OUT TODAY GOGOGO @lilredridingwud i am free fridayBring back The Roost in Animal Crossing but also let players curate their own coffee recipes & let it be judged by Brewster @lynndewitttoya of course my little sweet pea @desukidesu SUKI @AyyyyyJay deal @AyyyyyJay glad you agree @desukidesu you shall receive once the transaction is complete @AyyyyyJay $40 @AyyyyyJay $10 @justky1018 yesss get the money @AyyyyyJay i get offersill do the buss it challenge if yall pay me $5 eachThe elusive pte[redact]yl
Retweeted by sera🌸reminder to myselfstop dismantling your boundaries just because you don’t want to seem mean or bitchy, they’re there so you don’t ove… genuinely do not care anymore but in a good waymy fleets last longer than my tweetsopen for a surprise
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