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I legit don't get the new generation. What are these tweets? "you never gonna be me." "I don't compete" etc. Y'all… peace and friendship, comes resolution. Sorry.
Retweeted by Shirak PapikWhile you're at it, stop getting nose jobs. Your Armenian nose is beautiful ❤️ we evolved this way because of the c…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @hyemikek this is for people who go to Turkey. If you wanna do it. go it in Armenia then Iran. If not, even better.400$ surgery + 1200$ for a month stay + 900$ flight = 2500$ for you to go to Iran have surgery and come back. the c… 'em in Armenia or Iran. For the cost of a nose job in the USA, you can fly to Iran, stay there for a month, have… all I ask of you is to tag Armenian business owners below this tweet.
Retweeted by Shirak PapikHow Pennywise would lure me into his drain
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @hayjanharisa I am against banning honestly. It is gonna lead to a black market. but banning smoking in public spac… @karmrdin someone has triedArmenia be like: I want my own color on the map.What is the legal age to buy alcohol? Armenia: No you look up maps and just stare at them?
@quaintrelle_ what do you think it means? not being sarcastic, wondering what it means to youY-DNA haplogroup distribution of Armenian men. source: found on the internet @ANCaustralia Congrats 🇦🇲🥳@tamarakotoyanBREAKING! Tamara Kotoyan Confirmed As Recipient Of ANC-AU Internship Program Hagop Kortian Scholarship MORE AT…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @RaychelTania that's the Iranian in you )What I am saying is there is an Armenian organization for anyone, there are partisan and non-partisan organizations… is funny when some liberal armos complain they don't feel at home in armo organizations. you know they have neve…* @ara_hagopian in a free society, assimilation is a choice.Armenians stayed Armenian in the middle east when they were second class citizens and were being subject to massacr… @ara_hagopian doesn't have to necessarily happen. People are too quick to give up. @SonaYan8 rephrase your question, or in fact, ask one.Armenians literally resist any form of uniformity / shared values, & then be like why are we not united. Cause you… @Lev_Zeppelin for real. hate these fake Americans lmaoGotta hand it to French-Armo Twitter, they just say whatever is on their mind without hiding behind a fake profile…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @chicborai which one exactly. Venmo me 10 bucks/tea @aaboyajyan the average armo doesn't look like this @aaboyajyan when and where do you live? it happens very often. if I weren't asked countless times if I was Muslim o… it is fucked up that people get benefits based on race, gender, and ethnic background, but if a blonde Hispanic… ethnic groups fake victimhood to get extra benefits. Then these wannabe white Armos dismiss the actual cases… Do you know or have any friends who are currently teaching Armenian (any dialect) on social media? 2) Do you tea…
Retweeted by Shirak PapikFound this song called nor Jugha on youtube. @RaffiMatossian @tema_ka_apeh love you brother @Liliazog @tema_ka_apeh @Sureniants @ileenkayy Let's not generalize :)) @Linolyaa @tema_ka_apeh rp has a bf @Liliazog @tema_ka_apeh @Sureniants @ileenkayy stop encouraging her. all UCLA folks are the same.All some people do is complain about harmless jokes. Can you not post something informative about Armenia, make peo… pronouns are Axper/Yeghpair
Retweeted by Shirak PapikPeople were sh*t scared of me when the whole ISIS attacks were going on a few years ago. Why? cause I have a dark b… Armenian grandma cut a plate of fruit for my dog lol
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @nitababyx3 you call her the internet we call her Ileen. @Sureniants @ileenkayy if I tweeted what kind of a Twitter user doesn't know what subtweeting is. I'd be subtweeting you. @tema_ka_apeh you want drsi zibil but your mom says “tun@ arten uthelu ban ka”
Retweeted by Shirak PapikThey said “we’re taking a picture” and he hid the bread in his hand
Retweeted by Shirak PapikGot Hooker on this one! #UFC257
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @Sheeerak no i just subtweet you saying lotta talking for tweets not loading
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @tema_ka_apeh everyone every day :\ . you have done it no?All Turks have a grandparent who's +110 years old and saw what happened in 1915.I have no idea who Arman Tsarukyan is, but HBD bro.There is always someone who will dm you a screenshot of your deleted tweet.
Random thought of the day: Bernie Sanders also means hold my comb in Armenian.
Retweeted by Shirak PapikCommander of the Russian Pacific fleet is a yerevanci admiral called Sergei Avakyants. to my google and Wikipedia research, the house belonged to Martiros Davidkhanian, commander of the Persia… is a cafe*. my bad.A traditional Armenian house in Isfahan, Iran that now functions as a teahouse (hookah spot). @mirzag98 بجاش یه رود خوشمل داریم که حس خوب میده از حس تاریخی تا حس طبیعی!! #اصفهان
Retweeted by Shirak Papik#نیویورک_تایمز، #اصفهان را به عنوان یکی از ۵۲ مقصد گردشگری دوست‌داشتنی جهان در ۲۰۲۱ معرفی کرده است. «نیمه‌ی جهان»…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @GorsMom you didn't lose anything tbh. @GorsMom that's actually sad. sorry to hear it.
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @brianamariam Cimmerian Bosporus was a Hellenic kingdom that became a part of Rome in about 60 BC, so it should be… @brianamariam what bothers me is that the Cimmerian Bosporus is not on the maps.بیاین یکم از قشنگی های اصفهان لذت ببرید....
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @jgasp818 building a park where a graveyard used to be?Kinda sad. Jewish graves in the middle of a park in Iran. Graves are intact, but still kinda sad. Turks or Azerbaijanis shown similar respect to Armenians or others? You see, Armenians can live peacefully wit… took place during the Artsakh war a few months ago, so I chose not to tweet about it because of the war.Herach Hakopian was a missing Armenian martyr of Iran Iraq war. He was buried as an unknown soldier, and his identi… priests and Iranian soldiers in one shot, during the funeral of an ethnic Armenian martyr of Iraq Iraq war. @tema_ka_apeh yo @rounamra aper @ArtsakhForever 🏴‍☠️
@ZaraGiaa @NairyAnna We do this in Iran, maybe something we learned from Iranians, cause Iranians have something si…⭕️ #Cyprus: A mass grave of Greek Cypriots who have been missing since the Turkish invasion of 1974, was discovere…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @KostanyanJack 100% it is. thank you for sharing. hope others will read and be motivated to join.I am not a member of Dashnakcutyun and won't pretend to represent them, and what I am suggesting is to stop crying… @RPdarling3 I do sometimes tweet to see what folks think(not consolidated opinions), but this one is what I actually believe is best for us. @Lev_Zeppelin if you mean, building armo communities elsewhere I agree with you, as long as they do create another… @KostanyanJack we should join armo organizations. 100% @RPdarling3 what do you mean?especially when you have children. Culture only exists in a group. You will have a hard time teaching kids how to b… #1 of living in diaspora is sticking to other Armenians. You can go live and work in other places, but you alw…
Retweeted by Shirak PapikAs the only woman in a team of 63 engineers I can guarantee, you can be one of the best engineers your company has…
Retweeted by Shirak Papikwhat I am saying is enough whining, let's all of us get back to work.but they also repopulated the uninhabited areas to the west of Isfahan, creating a new tax base for themselves. Fin… understand why Armenians were settled where they were forced to settle in Iran. Safavids were very smart with th…’s an Armenian-language documentary on the Armenians of New Julfa (Nor Jugha) in Isfahan, founded after the 160…
Retweeted by Shirak Papik @TWLadyGrey honestly, I have not done my homework yet on the new cabinet, so not qualified to answer the question.… should make your blood boil. I dislike Pashinyan, yet he is Armenia's PM. We should take the necessary steps t… a family member dies, Armenians wear black for 40 days, then the friends and family gift the mourners a colorf… peaceful in defeat is like calling the money you gave the armed robber charity.Now some of our brethren act like whipped dogs. asking for peace with turks and azeris😂I didn't like Armenians posting pictures of soldiers after the war. Azerbaijan was releasing the videos of our inju… am a Nationalist
Retweeted by Shirak PapikAnyways, Jughayetsi/Julfatsi dialect appreciation post:
Retweeted by Shirak Papik