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Sheena Jackson @Sheena_655321 Philadelphia, PA

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@juda1313 @juda1313 The 'Burbs @MrBlindPenguin Lol! @ReturnofR Pearl Jam @Dont_Ask_Me_Pls Face/Off @juda1313 @halloweenfan93 Happy to hear 🙂 @juda1313 1. A Clockwork Orange 2. Harold and Maude 3. Pink Floyd: The Wall 4. Halloween 5. Metropolis @juda1313 AlienBesides horror movies, what other genres do you enjoy? @theCKBuchanan @amythatisme @ChuckysSideGirl @HorrorCarnival @3cheeks82 @PromoteHorror @isaacrthorne Christmas or Silent Night, Deadly Night?
My ★ review of Kate Plays Christine on Letterboxd @Horror_Disciple @drsivana99 @FruityTrailMix @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @DoctorWynn @RealMMyers78 👍👍 @HorrorQueenNeve @TommyDoyle47 People are sensitive. As long as you're not putting the person down, you're doing nothing wrong.Here’s a song for you… Making Christmas by The Citizens of Halloween @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @DoctorWynn @Gremlinz202 @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @HorrorQueenNeve @TommyDoyle47 No need to apologize, it's your opinion and you're entitled to it 🙂 @HorrorQueenNeve I can't get into it, either. @TommyDoyle47 Cute, but a bit overrated @Michael_Reider Possession and Angst (Fear)How accurately can you describe your personality using only 2 movie characters. #HorrorFam @HorrorForgotten Lol @HorrorForgotten Overrated imoTop 4 favorite '80s horror movies @adrianraee Isabelle Adjani in Possession @SpookyMomTina The Exorcist @jmr___18 Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange @olivergilbert01 Ginger Snaps#TheTwilightZone The Lateness of the Hour (12/2/60): The daughter of an inventor objects to their "perfect" home… is your favorite horror movie from this list? @PizzaHunter44 @TommyDoyle47 Lol @Horror_Disciple Lol, morningHappy 39th birthday to Britney Spears. #FreeBritney @SeanEll72422875 @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @DoctorWynn @TommyDoyle47 @ChloeCalrow @Ryanpleasants2 Lol, no worries. @nerdgirl81 @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @CrazyRalph1980 @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @DoctorWynn @dannydinosaur @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @gothicvamp18881 @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @DoctorWynn @FruityTrailMix @drsivana99 @CrazyRalph1980 @OrderOfFive @SeanEll72422875 @CinemaMack @ScreamsBehind Halloween @LIVINGDEADGRRL2 @HorrorForgotten @Braden_groovy_ ExactlyMorning! @Ryanpleasants2 Scrooged @Jeanna350 Not a Bon Jovi fan, but that song kicks ass. @joshstifter My bariatric surgery @horror4kids @LEGOIdeas Love it! @Torn_Faction @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @dr_Obrero @Lorraine_Kay13 @Horror_Disciple Lol, me too! @MyersMichaela01 Thank you! @jmr___18 Thanks! @jmr___18 Thanks for the inspiration!November 30th December 1st @jmr___18 Perfect! @HorrorNostalgia I don't smoke, I don't do drugs and I rarely drink.My four favorite vampire movies @woofknight People abusing children, animals and the elderlyHow the Grinch Stole Christmas or Home Alone? @SpookyMomTina Halloween 🔪 @VoLinxx I struggle with mental health issues, so you're not alone.#NationalPieDay @Horror_Disciple Love it! @ReturnofR Anything by Pearl Jam. @RealElMaximo @MutantTheater2 Lol#AllIWantForChristmas are the souls of my enemies. And something from Coach.
@preston_mcelroy You're welcome. @preston_mcelroy Direct message @KillRecord_ @TheCinemaTicket @theCKBuchanan T2: Judgement Day @TommyDoyle47 Both are great movies, but I'm sticking with Fright Night. @TommyDoyle47 I've always felt it was a Christmas movie. @thecheshirepath @AlIen_Springall @DarkHorrorWorks @Zorro3740 @AliceAldcroft @jor72272773 @graeme_yard @ToniConnolly11 @dr_Obrero @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @ginger_lette @Livingde4d_g1rl @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @OctoberBones @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @dr_Obrero @LIVINGDEADGRRL2 @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @twoguysonfriday @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @1977chobson @dr_Obrero @ginger_lette @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @dr_Obrero @ginger_lette Half-Way Horrible (12/1/93): The owner (Clancy Brown) of a chemical company's sinister past de… @TheCinemaTicket Batman Returns @Nacindia_family Scream @cordisbored So sorry to hear that. Get well soon.What is your favorite horror movie from this list? @NightmareB0nn13 @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @dr_Obrero @ginger_lette The Jungle (12/1/61): A businessman who has recently returned from Africa is stalked by the supe… @Bladebrown11 @lofivampire @Screamqueenarmy @NightmareB0nn13 @AlexVorkov @twoguysonfriday @1977chobson @dr_Obrero birthday to the legendary and influential Richard Pryor.’s a song for you… Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by The Jackson 5