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keithski @sheepduck Norcal, USA

SF Giants. Melee. Tech enthusiast. Cars/Motorcycles. MMOs. Trance. 🖖

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@cdew_wow That couch has probably seen it's fair share of food spills hasn't it lol @ZainNaghmi Good stuff man. <3 @SalVulcano Don't make me choose... They're a bundle package :( @MichelleS_68 :( @PlayStation #unsubscribe @MichelleS_68 @Byron :( @iBDWSSBM Thanks for sharing man. From an outsiders perspective, I can tell you're putting in a ton of effort into… @MedzSSBM I'm in a similar kind of funk and don't really know how to get out of it. Hoping for you to find something that helps out though 😊 @Smashhlyn hopefully it was just a fluke :( @Smashhlyn :( @savisstrange You seem like a pretty cool person to me :)
@SebStarcevic @milaficent What a powerful scene. @potionselluh Seems I'm kinda in a similar boat as you. Thinking good thoughts and best of luck on the job :) @taylorswiftinsd You could also put brian sabean's name there and it would fit so well lmaoThis. Now this is something to be excited about. @GennaBain I knew about both of them when they happened. I am not a regular viewer of either of them and as such do… @TheNandoNic I can only imagine the clarity of thought that kind of vacation would afford me haha. Hope you're doin… @TheNandoNic Must have been bliss
@PavlovicNBCS Maybe they can sprinkle some garlic fries around the bleachers for authenticity. @Notheworst @tacobell I love those chalupa boxes so damn much @johnny_S2J Grats broski! @SophNar0747 What a great way to age @PlayStation :o @MedzSSBM I'm sorry to hear that man...I'll have your family in my thoughts tonight <3 @hankschulman Oh man, hoping for a safe and speedy recovery to @_HunterBishop_
@VernorsHerzog @AlSweigart Fox news didn't even teach Karen proper trigger discipline. At least eazy-e and ice cube… @baseballemoji I don't blame ya @MissAlice_94 Night crewwwww @iamjerklord 😄 @BelletheJanitor 😍 @Kojima_Hideo :o @chelseariffic Random I know, but makes me think of giga pudding @Webb_SZN2 @SlaterGreater :o @ladyvvolfe That is absolutely adorable @megabug28__ Sometimes :( @AdamBayBoyy @AOC 😛🤤 @AdamBayBoyy @AOC I would be all about it if she does @AdamBayBoyy @AOC :o @MirelesSandie :( @jokersgurl03 @ColleenB123 :o @suonoita @br0gak Wow that looks good
@saralovesgiants Looks like a decent time I have nothing bad to say lol @SkyTrace29 :o @saralovesgiants Wowzers haha @BlissWallpaper @Foone Curious how well it works. Is it's decent, wouldn't be too upset with it there @AlainnFocail Looking good! @ZnabbyKhan I pretty much am haha good call :) @Cupcakegirl013 :o @ZnabbyKhan Can't blame ya :pHave a decent night, Twitter :) @MirelesSandie :o
@LinusTech Yeah let's just ignore the fact that we have like 5k worth of gpu horsepower though :p @extrabaggs @TheAthleticMLB @RobBiertempfel The "stand-in Frisco" giants. @cmkuiper @BrooksKnudsen Can we program the ones in left field bleachers to taunt the visiting left fielder? @mck926mck @ZHBuchanan We literally just spent 50 million dollars on the new facility months ago. I think the play…'s my president. @extrabaggs Never before have I wished I had a theathletic sub so much. Farhan has always been a classy guy and I'm… @rishissb Hopefully not for too much longer! @StraightPipers this seems like one of the most over engineered and pointless things i've seen in quite a while. @ROFL661 Lolz
@megabug28__ Feelings are no fun @GlitterWarlocke Thank you! Yummm margs @GlitterWarlocke If it happens, can you send one my way? :) @extrabaggs Wow. Is this world literally just getting exponentially worse at a rapid rate in front of my eyes or ha…
@LanceBass Forging an official ADA form/regulation should be a crime in and of itself. @taylorswiftinsd I lived most of my life on a coastal town too i know the feeling :) @taylorswiftinsd Beach please @n0ned @Fizzi36 USB ports that are wired straight into your motherboard go through your cpu/mobos chipset which run… @JimBowdenGM Nice
@TrifSmash Nice @DeepLeffen This is a pretty darn good tweet
@BNightengale :o @RichWCampbell Kek dubz @ssbDuck Nice @Annette18084478 @CaliCoCo3 They do have a choice. They can choose to not wear a mask and go somewhere that doesn't require one. @thrashermag Barefoot treflip ftw @SnazzyQ You just jinxed it @DeepLeffen Lmao this almost seems too real
@Dubon_over_Lux If he can keep putting up those WAR numbers for the majority of his contract, it's an okay value, g…
@angieeesunshine :/ @AshleyFrankly I hate the "we will not live in fear!" Argument. It's like, why are you afraid of anything? Taking s…
@justtKass_ @Method_Cdew He's one handsome mofo isn't he?
@JeffPassan If this gets declined, are we really going to keep delaying the season over negotiations of like 5 games? @ZainNaghmi If you liked hollow knight, Salt and Sanctuary would be fun for you I bet @CyberpunkGame It's alright take your time guys :) @CyDrod Eh, he was born in Seattle so I can forgive this. @BenKaspick For me it's not about lack of offense, ibl saw this thread on reddit a while ago that sums up my though…
@OracleSeagull Translation: "I don't want to be inconvenienced by wearing a mask even if it means potentially saving people's lives" @SlaterGreater Eh objectively I can see the benefits outweighing the cons for the sake of the players and maybe the… @infieldflygrl -_- @BaseballJeff1 I hope I can learn to have the same optimism as you haha @SlaterGreater I'll never be a fan but I guess if we have to find silver linings, that's one. I'm still not convinc… @Haudricourt @SlaterGreater :/ @MarcRyanOnAir So much incorrectness all bundled tightly into one tweet. Impressive. @SlaterGreater I liked this tweet, then read it, and then had to unlike it :( @MLBONFOX @LouSeal01 @DannyVegas522 @TheDeputy615154 @Ken_Rosenthal They shouldn't have agreed to something that they didn't intend to h… @DannyVegas522 @TheDeputy615154 @Ken_Rosenthal They're being scumbags trying to go back on a prior agreement and th… @DannyVegas522 @TheDeputy615154 @Ken_Rosenthal The deal has been prorated salaries since March when spring training…