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keithski @sheepduck Modesto, CA

SF Giants. Melee. Tech enthusiast. Cars/Motorcycles. MMOs. Trance.

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@JoannaConn3lly I will just use my imagination then 🤣 @JoannaConn3lly Haha... Damnit! @iamjerklord That's... Awesome @JoannaConn3lly Haha now I have to know @vdinh360 IFB!!! @BenKaspick Thank you @Cupcakegirl013 :( @ZainNaghmi @C9Mang0 Don't you have a date night soon haha @LinusTech F @thatguytylor I can't believe this has to be a real question :/
@tafokints Ted @TheGiantsFan707 @thatguytylor You realize that at one point in history numbers didn't exist right? At some point i… @thatguytylor @TheGiantsFan707 If we want to get real... All numbers are made up. And batting average is made up. A… @PitcherList 0.00 ERA babyImportant:
Retweeted by keithski @thitchner @Triples_Alley Yep. Those people are the ones that let emotions dictate their every action... And will b… @johnny_S2J If you like hollow Knight give salt and sanctuary a try. @getawaycurry @Rangers Wow, they do @rhyshoskins @Ken_Rosenthal :o @JeffPassan :o @GrayHairNoCar Not here! (Yet)! @DubonBetter I reaaaaaaly hope we don't sign ryu @hankschulman What are your thoughts on castellanos hating the large yard at Comerica and possibly not wanting to come to Oracle? @lindseyadler Wow okay then @GrantBrisbee Hmm. Didn't know we were in on him. @JeffPassan Wow @pantone165 🤣 @james_strieb Wow @hankschulman Wow. That's a flashback @taylorswiftinsd Of course I went and googled stuff when I read this -_- @GrayHairNoCar 😏 @SF2CntralValley @hankschulman @extrabaggs @KO_Crowley I feel like remaining detached allows you to be more objecti… @xSaltsicle I must've missed that! @SFGiants Hmm. Okay @grace_s06 @DubonBetter Ugh tell me about it :( @DubonBetter Ah I guess I feel thankful that I don't frequent Instagram much anymore then @DubonBetter Am I jaded for thinking it's just specifically Giants fans on Twitter?
@GaseyMcCehee @NobodyOnBase @NBCSGiants That is a cool visual. But I think the new dimensions at Oracle aren't know… @NobodyOnBase @NBCSGiants I wonder how the park dimensions compare to Detroit post-bullpen move. @NBCSGiants Wouldn't be too upset with this. Would be a good fit if his injury doesn't become a problem @BlueJays_Giants Yep same. I love the guy and will support him the rest of his career no matter what team he's on..… @alexatplay @mattyho94116 @extrabaggs Ownership yes I agree. But Farhan hasn't given any reason for us to believe t… @BlueJays_Giants I feel bad for the people that have any actual hope with him signing with us. He's probably favori… @alexatplay @mattyho94116 @extrabaggs Neither have you or I. That doesn't make you incompetent. Unless you actually… @SFGIANTSFAN1960 @PavlovicNBCS @SFGiants @KPILLAR4 @sfg Peace out. Hope your hurt feelers eventually recover. @i_stephie Happy birthday! @GamersNexus @bitwitkyle I second wanting to see a video about this. @Cessieca Well.... He did end his career with a fight.... @LinusTech Wow................ @alexatplay @mattyho94116 @extrabaggs He's given no indication that winning games isn't his #1 priority. @AMWHMe @hankschulman Haven't tried specifically with the chronicle but try opening the link in an incognito tab...… @TwitterGaming Tough choice but probably FFX for me. @buckysportsguy @extrabaggs To be fair he was comeback player of the year... He was a bit of an outlier @nastyakalimain I'm 6'4" most girls are short girls to me. Height doesn't matter. @james_strieb @nicklmg @AaronJFritsch @colton_potter @LinusTech @Yvonne_H_ @Brandon_Y_Lee @TheRikeys @dennyishung @Nocoolnamexd @erictheswed3 @Chris21774128 @Ziqoftw Yes I do. But I'm sure you still get my point. 20k. 10k. 5k. All huge amounts of money. @Ballerina_KC Um... Are you reading my mind. Those are basically my exact answers too. Maybe with a "/the doctor" next to seven. @ToddCooper26 @extrabaggs There's not really a better way to do it than this. There are going to be growing pains..… @extrabaggs @ToddCooper26 Love the unbiased stance. But I agree... Winning is more fun than keeping our favorite pl… @FareedNBCS @gggiants When you go from dynasty to irrelevant in that short of a time frame.... It's pretty easy to… @ToddCooper26 @extrabaggs The age is irrelevant when those players are gold glove/ROY/all Star caliber players. @mattyho94116 @extrabaggs We had/have no business even being mediocre with the current lineup. That's why we're try… @ToddCooper26 @extrabaggs A player with his ability and stats isn't worth 10 mil. That's why it's pragmatic. He's a… @mattyho94116 @extrabaggs His job is to hire people with the best chance to help the team win games. Not popularity contests. @ffs_stop_that @xSaltsicle Yeah I get it people don't like seeing good players on their teams go, like I said I lik… @xSaltsicle @ffs_stop_that Yep I really really need to avoid Twitter for a day or 2 after "controversial" announcem… @ramiagui_17 @SFGiants @DonovanSolano17 Today I learned: the mlb is actually the plot of a James bond movie. @xSaltsicle @ffs_stop_that No doubt; I liked pillar as much as everyone else. He was a good player on a not good te… @ffs_stop_that Glad to see a couple more reasonable people here this evening @bigtittygothgf Yeeee @bantheshift Agreed. The witch Hunt after misinformation and exaggerations are appalling @giants_torture Yep I need to take a break from Twitter every time one of these moves is made it hurts my head to read people's reactions @giants_torture Same. Couldn't have said it better myself @RoFlo @Brett_Phillips8 What do you think of the non tenders today? @Cessieca If you live in a pretty dry environment and they get a lot of sun... It dries them out and cracks them pretty fast @CraigMish Aww shit. @Triples_Alley I should already know when I see a notification or tweet about something like this to just avoid Twi… @PavlovicNBCS Tough decision for sure but I'm glad we have someone making them in the best interest of the team's s… @jkiniris @KO_Crowley Farhan's has already proven he knows what he's doing already imo. We just gotta trust the process. @RichTisor @hankschulman Peace @hankschulman Good. We don't need a president that will pander to fans. We need someone who will make tough choices… @Ken_Rosenthal @JonHeyman Not surprising at all actually. SF loved him but didn't make enough of an impact to justify his contract.
@PJ_Mooney @Ken_Rosenthal Iiiiiinteresting @tj_luv :o @CLG_PewPewU Holy shit you got a non stick pan you're gonna cook some good ass stuff with that bad boy! @phxbman @hankschulman 100% agree @hankschulman While I agree about people caring and deciding for themselves about certain issues... I also think mo… @JeffPassan :o @Ken_Rosenthal Can't say I'm unhappy about this one.... @JoannaConn3lly Will definitely do that... I'll let you know how it went afterward! @JoannaConn3lly I'll have to check it out @DubonBetter I could get behind that OF, especially if Duggar has a rebound year. @hankschulman Such a simple issue that's going to take so much work to get around. @markjkatz76 @miles_smiling @ray_elarmo @hankschulman True but not near the severity of the year before. To my know… @Triples_Alley @BrooksKnudsen I feel like Duggar showed enough promise in '18 before his injury and now having a fu… @taylorswiftinsd Maybe they're just making little moves and saving the Cole signing for the finale. @zerowondering Meh I'm ok @taylorswiftinsd We have yet to make a single move yet. @taylorswiftinsd I saw that.... Um at least the offseason isn't over yet