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@EliHershkovich Definitely still trying to figure out their identity on offense, but wow, their defense flies. They… @KFlaherty247 😂 impressed @jonfmorse @KFlaherty247 (free throws) @KFlaherty247 Best part is he had TWENTY-ONE POINTS on his first six shots... BRUH THE POINTS PER ATTEMPT @KFlaherty247 *cough*“I’ll probably be old and gray and telling some kid somewhere about the time J.J. Culver scored 100 points in a gam… @theJJPerez @CoachTraylor @dctf @UTSAFTBL Always good to see you, man! Hope to be back down that way soon enoughShout out @ShehanJeyarajah for making the drive to San Antonio today for the @CoachTraylor presser. Way to battle o…
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Jeff Traylor said he already has assistants here today and is just waiting for the okay from the athletic director… Traylor name-dropped Colby Carthel in his intro presser. That's a man who knows Texas.Jeff Traylor on his offense: "When you least expect it, expect it. I’m not going to go by the book. I'm not going t… Traylor said there were chips and salsa in his hotel room when he arrived in San Antonio last night and he jus… @IshmaelRJohnson I'll make sure and ask!Jeff Traylor also said he watched "The Alamo" to prepare for his interview at UTSA to "make sure I have my facts ri… coach Jeff Traylor said Matt Rhule talked with him for three hours to prepare for the interview, even though i… look at the newest coach at UTSA: Jeff Traylor #BirdsUp around town is there’s a new FBS coach in this state... Lunney, Jr., will be the offensive coordinator at UTSA, sources tell @FootballScoop
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @byDavidGardner Listen David, you already searched and found these tokens online, you know what you want. Besides,… home Go Bobcats!
Retweeted by Shehan JeyarajahWill Jeff Traylor succeed at UTSA? I identified five critical questions that will ultimately decide it ($) #BirdsUp
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @jkobbster @NoDunksInc I *finally* met Trey and Matty O at the meetup with Shea Serrano and saw Skeets once at a Ha… @TheRatTM 🗣️LOVER BETTER @kyle30320961 @fwallacec3 I think Jackson is very good and can play QB at this level, like I said in my last tweet.Old Town Road should unironically be No. 1 in a landslide. Cruel Summer isn't even a top four song on Taylor Swif… Jeff Traylor succeed at UTSA? I identified five critical questions that will ultimately decide it ($) #BirdsUp @Tepper I see no other argumentsProbably @ShehanJeyarajah.
Retweeted by Shehan JeyarajahLet’s get it coach!!🔷🔶
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @SpiritusNox15 @BrianOverBraun Selfishly, I love the way Clemson runs its program — open, fun, allowing players to… @lauramahler Also, he deserves literally every individual vote, no one is CLOSE @BrianOverBraun Honestly, I’m fine with Clemson. Ohio State is more the boring superpower to me this year. But coac… @statsowar They do if you establish the runIf you aren’t rooting for LSU to win everything, you are the FEDS* *or a fan of another team whatever my estimation, Reggie Roberson is now the best returning skill player in the state of Texas in 2020 #PonyUp
@tom_tom573 Rhule’s? Dang hahaBREAKING: SMU receiver Reggie Roberson (@TheKingReggie) has made a decision about his NFL future #PonyUp has signed Jeff Traylor to a five-year contract. His first-year salary of $800,000 is well below the $1.13 mil… respected has Matt Rhule become in the state of Texas? UTSA solicited quotes from two outside sources while int… UTSA officially announces Jeff Traylor #BirdsUp he doesn't enter the NFL Draft, Utah State QB Jordan Love is contemplating a grad transfer, per source. Texas Te…
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @spencer_711 It'll affect the refs that were involved, they'll be penalized. Otherwise, it's not a reasonable expec… @spencer_711 Replaying basically an entire quarter is absolutely outrageous, in what universe would they have considered that...? @propjoesays Listen, you know my wife and I's names, you know we had our work WAY more cut out @propjoesays #StringTiesTheKnotWait a minute... Eli Drinkwitz's name is short for ELIAH? I thought I just kept seeing the same typo..👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀🏈👀 A #DCTF Insider-Only Event! Come meet the crew of Dave Campbell's Texas Football and enjoy FREE…
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah. @UTSAFTBL to hire former Texas high school football head coach to lead program, per multiple reports.…
Retweeted by Shehan JeyarajahReports: UTSA has its head coach #BirdsUp Traylor is the leading candidate to be the next head coach at UTSA, sources tell @FootballScoop
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah“You hope you look back in 20 years and we’ve won a lot of football games look back on this group and say… @TaylorTravis15 This is the perfect football gameEverything you need to know about the four bowls involving Texas college teams. #SicEm #PonyUp #HookEm #GigEm
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @itmemitch @yellmk Inspiring honestly @itmemitch @yellmk The replies to this are hilariousPick Your Player: “I don’t know what to do with my hands” vs. “Boss photobombed me at our company Christmas party” @dctf holiday party last night. Squad.
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @alex__briseno Honestly, I think there might be a better chance Texas overlooks this game than Utah. @johnericjoe @briiiianc34 Right — but the Texas Bowl doesn’t get to pick that invite, the SEC does. And then flip s… @briiiianc34 @johnericjoe The Big 12 has a set order for their bowls based on record — the SEC assigns their teams… @johnericjoe Both sides don’t want to play each other and have protections in bowl selection to make sure they don’t.
Everything you need to know about the four bowls involving Texas college teams. #SicEm #PonyUp #HookEm #GigEm @Aggie_Mark @srr50 This is the equivalent of saying that Man U should go to the UCL after Leicester’s title season… @Aggie_Mark It’s a business... but no Knicks fans complains that they deserve a title because they make the most money @Aggie_Mark Weird how you talk about college football in terms of everything except on-field performance. @Aggie_Mark That’s fine. There is no scenario where a 10-win SMU shouldn’t get a bowl. And because it seems prett… @Aggie_Mark Saying that in response to 10-2 SMU and not 7-5 Texas A&M getting a bowl is silly. @JFergusonAU The group of five gets so screwedTexas College Bowl Games — • Sugar Bowl: Baylor vs. Georgia #SicEm • Boca Raton Bowl: SMU vs. FAU #PonyUp • Alamo…! round out the Texas schools, SMU is headed to the Boca Raton Bowl against a Lane Kiffin-less FAU.BREAKING: Texas will face off with Utah in the Alamo Bowl, while Texas A&M will play Oklahoma State in the Texas Bo…’s official: Baylor is heading to its third New Year’s Six/BCS Bowl. The No. 7 Bears will face off against No.… @Ian_A_Boyd I mean, decent units. Baylor is the only real top end defense they’ve played. K-State, ISU, Texas, TCU… @Ian_A_Boyd I’d argue that OU’s offense has been even more erratic than their defense. I don’t really see them scor… @LisaMarie This was a particularly egregious year for the ACC (through no fault of Clemson’s) but i think people co… @LisaMarie I don’t think it’s entitlement for a 13-0 team to act like they deserve to be there, or for a team that’… @Cody_Stoots (ou’s offense is secretly not that great and their defense is secretly pretty good)“Oklahoma will be a tough matchup because they can score points. Now their defense has been up and down the last fe…“I don’t think many people realize that we’re the toughest team in the country because we’ve been through more than…
Retweeted by Shehan JeyarajahBaylor was overtime away from a College Football Playoff berth. They’ll likely play Georgia, which doesn’t really w… @rcb05 To be fair, Georgia could have scored 60 instead of 3 if they were TRYING but chose to post 97 total yards instead @patriotgran Thanks Sharon! @Clint_Foster55 Being a student at Baylor whose favorite color was purple in 2014 certainly made for some commentsLots of great news for LSU tonight. High on that list: Joe Brady saying that he will “absolutely” be coming back to LSU next year.
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @ByJoeBuettner @Big12DieHards 🐐🐐🐐Credential swaps > jersey swaps The old @Big12DieHards team cleans up well.
Retweeted by Shehan Jeyarajah @RealChrisRoland Thank you! Hope to be there for Baylor’s game“I don’t think many people realize that we’re the toughest team in the country because we’ve been through more than… @TaylorPryor3 PURPLE IS JUST A COLOR @cmsilvajr Colors are just colors!Good night from Arlington.
@CraigSmoak @Bgreat_Mlee That's TJ's dad? Haha that's awesome @Aggie_Mark Yep, taht was them. @Aggie_Mark Yeah, they had a pretty difficult draw because of logistics, and they had some injury issues. @juscarts Basketball team also beat No. 12 Arizona. Not bad. @Aggie_Mark NCAA quarterfinals against Wisconsin-Whitewater. This is way earlier than they've gone out the last several years.With Texas A&M-Commerce, Mary Hardin-Baylor and Baylor all losing today, the state of Texas is officially eliminate… @CaseyLaneMeyer what did you think you would accomplish with this tweet @cadeelmore No question