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if you came here to be jealous, congratulations. Sagittarius. Video games. Horror. Allah Stan. Lesbiana. 🏳️‍🌈 ig: sheiscalm 18+ (lvl 25)

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@LuciaLockhartt @THErealDOLLKEN ☹️ i thought they was handmade smhthe white ppl are already making slavery jokes im out @THErealDOLLKEN are there plus sizes?Deciding to nap instead.
Retweeted by Oakland Dollim dehydrated and stressed.
@jagansss @sarah_ogun @jagansss @evilrashida @jagansss @superfuchsiaCUSTOM DRAWING GIVEAWAY ✨ Picking one random person to draw in my style and send the piece to them! 💜details to…
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @mistervacation so pretty 😍i got my refund but i dont recommended shopping with them at all. @mistervacation i love seeing my enemies fall tbh @Epithymia__ @arsemab smfh and i ordered a shirt for my birthday im glad i saw the callout post in advancethe Bay Area is too small to be playing with me like this place is a scam ran by @arsemab and refuses to refund me for a fraudulent order and she out in San Francisc…
Retweeted by Oakland Dollthe way she nailed nicole’s every mannerism and cadence
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @DAJIRUHU lmfao @ariesconceptss 👁forbidden tweezers i wasn’t so scared of going back to jail... lmao id be a lot more explosive tbh.some of y’all... i would watch die & not feel a thing.if you never heard my music before ... here’s a free eargasm >>
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @olivburr omg you are the best!!!this that old slaveholder white women’s succubi magicstill stealing Black men’s life spans for vitality & career advancement i see. could understand if i saw a realistic breakdown of the cost of materials or whatever exclusive aliexpress vendor yall order fromi swear my brother be scaring me the way he dip off sometimes @oromomilf likeee @tayoIor she so spensif. i calculated how much i would need to buy ONE entire line. it’s $500 lmaoShe now has $50.00 she is only in need of $50 more if you want to help her get two nights you can thank you for the…
Retweeted by Oakland DollCan we please help lailah get a hotel for 1 or 2 nights? Hotel is $60.00 per night lailah has $25.00 to start it of…
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @Seoul_Calibur right it makes my heart race 🤩resisting the urge to impulse buy this makeup line im so obsessed with the color payoff and vibrancy omg anybody lo…’all relax on Summer Walker lmaooo just because you dislike someone doesn’t mean you can ignore she’s been saying…
Retweeted by Oakland Dollbeing a struggling artist over the years builds....insanity or character. wouldn’t have it any other way tbh🖤
Retweeted by Oakland Dollmy wig$160? for a chain & pendant i cant even shower with? what is going on. @jojobaoilhoney like this is high end beauty supply jewelry what are we paying so much for some fake crystalsDown with black excellence bring back critical engagement with black cultural production.
Retweeted by Oakland Dollwhy y’all sell fake jewelry for so much idgi.You be having a good time and here come a man UGH
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @Forgotten_sluts summer... is post clout insanelisten we was on tumblr at the same time, how i get dragged for my freckles while sza was over there, lyin & chilli… was a lil bit insane pre-clout to Matte Brand’s owner last night and she very impolitely said I don’t make clothes for fat women.…
Retweeted by Oakland DollI blocked someone for tweeting too much about a boyfriend 😭
Retweeted by Oakland DollESPECIALLY if they ugly, im reporting the page @thekrissychula like it’s ok YOU love them but that dont mean i gotta see em ctfuliterally why i block ppl on my tl, i dont want to see them cr*ckers'm understanding. But, if you're doing weird shit and idk you like that. Imma leave you alone so you can figure that out.
Retweeted by Oakland DollFull song by my band @JU1CYBLACK :-)
Retweeted by Oakland DollI’m sexy
Retweeted by Oakland Dollright!!!
this song just makes me wanna skip and be happy are not where they are because they are smarter than you, more talented than you, or more hardworking t…
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @DAJIRUHU thank you love 💕 @brookjayy @_YoungNas you ateto criticize a rich person is to be seen hating on their “blessing” given to them by god and demeaning to the fake…
Retweeted by Oakland Doll🗝Heavy Metal Lip Keychains & 💋Signature Lips Coin purse are LIVE! I hope you love them as much as I love them 🥺💋…
Retweeted by Oakland Dolllmaooooo @PalomaRead right like where did all the fabric gofr tho @FinessaFleur thank you!BOOST + DONATE // ⁦@sheisresting⁩
Retweeted by Oakland Dollalt. links: venmo: phiphu or @ sleepisforlovers & #DonateBlack todayThe Full Set • $115 Limited quantities available.
Retweeted by Oakland Dollif you not dressing the fat girls you deserve to get jacked imo. that’s a calculated choice.damn im just now finding out about matacomplex and myaemade but at the same time? myae (a Black woman) doesn’t make… is so upfront with the nepotism lmaowhy that white Brazilian funk lady got lemonades inCharmaine Sinclair (Playboy, early 90s)
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @RayanaJay thank you sis i love you and happy holidays!you really fine sis
Retweeted by Oakland DollWhat is Joe Biden’s plan to deal with the lace shortage?
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @KamilKaramali feels good to move on from ppl @TheKimbino congratulations!!! omgHappy birthday to me🙏🏿🙏🏿
Retweeted by Oakland Dollme thanksgiving or alternatively, Annual Comments On My Weight Day.My Black Friday sale on my site starts in two hours , my stomachs turning I’m so nervous 😩😭🥺 //…
Retweeted by Oakland DollI am diagnosed with cptsd and other severe mental health issues that make me struggle with employment. You can dona…
Retweeted by Oakland Doll @backwoodmami1 @bigolefleet thank you love 💕 @1pinkfridayy thank you 💗BDG4L RIP VON. PERIOD.
Retweeted by Oakland Dollthis room @sxylk is running is so cute and lighthearted @romeomustdyke thank you babe i love youif you woulda read the interviews you was hating on, you would know why. @vvatersign lmaooooo im still wondering how she got them off @JenaiSequoi @bigolefleet coming soon, im in the process of getting over myself lmao @__scotchbonnet thank you ☺️ happy holidays 💗iphone camera vs ig camera im starting to think there’s an automatic filter on that bih nazar artwork by…