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i’m sexy i’m broke and i have questions

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@alphasoccermom i dunno i’m brown that was the only correlation @a1th3pa1 mayhaps! @alphasoccermom this is abt meI really have breadfish on my mind
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Retweeted by phrogeand. be needing to go to bed on time
Retweeted by phrogeare we flirting or is this just friendship but with a lil spice?
Retweeted by phrogefun fact!! 13 and 14 year olds do Not exist!!
Retweeted by phrogewhat if we made a slip n slide out of black plastic trash bags avocado oil and A1 sauce and we were both girls @alphasoccermom shut upstupid horse is better than elvis’ discography methinks
Retweeted by phrogeur body ever tremble so hard u feel like a chihuahuadamb the way my chest b hurting ahahaaaaa @alphasoccermom @a1th3pa1 al would think he is i’m catering to her sensesWHAT?
Retweeted by phroge @a1th3pa1 make one of jesse from pitch perfect please.Liberals b like just vote out the voter suppression
Retweeted by phroge @a1th3pa1 shut UUHHHHP @beatsdrei who told u this was appropriate dude @pitselehhh wtf carothe way i want to have a Discussion on the music in prince of egypt i want to DISSECT iti bet insanely attractive people think the world is filled with super nice people
Retweeted by phroge @eeikuobaj @ouijney @chorwinji the way this is a cult @a1th3pa1 yumb @TheNotoriousHRT @a1th3pa1 yeah @a1th3pa1 @alphasoccermom HEHEEE @a1th3pa1 let’s go when we go to o****ni just wanna go explore a forest
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@TheNotoriousHRT @alphasoccermom HEHXHDJCNGBGNGNNNNNN GN @a1th3pa1 @alphasoccermom i’m ready. @alphasoccermom EWWW WTFFFit’s the way none of my friends answer my facetime calls
Retweeted by phrogeAnger for Cancer is a self preserving mechanism, they often repress it until they cannot anymore. Anger can feel li…
Retweeted by phrogehe blocked me 😕
Retweeted by phroge @swearingwords @alphasoccermom ok @alphasoccermom @swearingwords no @swearingwords @alphasoccermom it’s bad culturehappy tuesday
Retweeted by phroge @swearingwords WHAT ?!,,!,!,! WHAT DID I DO NOWW @swearingwords @alphasoccermom i hate white people @soupforever yeah @alphasoccermom chili and macMay Haps. @beefmp3 lmao @beefmp3 so u rn @soupforever pink n grayKaren looks like this
Retweeted by phrogeme when my outfit isn’t perfect context
Retweeted by phrogeal the pal has died
Retweeted by phrogeOH TO BE IN A FIELD
Retweeted by phrogeI feel like im gonna walk into the house one day and my cat is going to be wearing my clothes
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Retweeted by phroge @beefmp3 @a1th3pa1 i don’t know if i’ve ever said that to her @beefmp3 ok fine @beefmp3 u think ur so @a1th3pa1 i’d mail them to u tooman
Retweeted by phrogeart pieces at marshalls be like
Retweeted by phroge @beefmp3 shut up you are not allowedsomeone make me chocolate chip cookies goddamn it
Retweeted by phroge @a1th3pa1 i literally will Right Now.deliver !!!!!!
Retweeted by phroge @beefmp3 :| @beefmp3 I SAID U CIULD WATCH IT I WAS JUST BEING EMOTIONAK TOU CAN do WHATEVER U WANT @TheNotoriousHRT IM WHATnow i know u got the wrong person u must know another leah gecs is for early gen z / late millennials, you have to had been a zooted off pixie sticks running around to cr…
Retweeted by phroge @cash_is_fake you specifically should beone thing I have seen that’s worked wonders: buy reusable water bottles don’t just throw them a lil joint out of th…
Retweeted by phrogeevery week I make care packages for the homeless in my area. nun specific if I see somebody in need I just hop out…
Retweeted by phroge @AmHermesGod don’t be a bitch baby @dayoffinkyotoo no i didn’t my cousin did tho :|Birds
Retweeted by phrogeRealizing things
Retweeted by phrogeoh wait you aren’t supposed to eat the chopsticks ?
Retweeted by phroge @TheNotoriousHRT HOW @TheNotoriousHRT WTF MISHA @dayoffinkyotoo WHAT! wtf wtf wtf don’t do me like this i am not I AM NOT @hijaba_ @beefmp3 i am the frog. @dayoffinkyotoo yellow and pink i’ve elaborated on my answerI AM NOT SCARY??? WHOOO IS SPREADING THESE LIES @hijaba_ @beefmp3 WTFFF @beefmp3 @hijaba_ anyways. @dayoffinkyotoo yeah.., Yeah thank u @alphasoccermom yeah @dayoffinkyotoo DONT MAKE ME LAUGH @dayoffinkyotoo what can i say @risharkie EEdrafts?? @dayoffinkyotoo the way i’m going to fistfight uaye moe wtfwho wants to binge watch lovely complex with me and also compare each other to the main characters who are in love @dayoffinkyotoo HOW U GONNA STEAL IT AND NOT ANSWER MINE. anyways ur yellow of egypt but boyz II men