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is it still a family show?

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me looking at all of the fish and bugs i’ve caught on animal crossing so the red notification dot will go away is fr just astrology for straight men. they get so moody cause the NASDAQ is in retrograde
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓 @dearmothica omg it’s a sea moose @dearmothica plan the tasks around your blanket burrito. make them blanket burrito accessible.
avoidable products you might not know are causing CLIMATE CHANGE A THREAD:
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP): Allow F-1 and M-1 students to remain in the US with online-only classe… @yungblud ABSOLUTELY ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY YES. LET’S GO! 🍓🖤petition to rename the Longacre after Nick Cordero! please sign! don’t even know the tiktok drama i. depth. all i know is charli is a queen who must be protected at all costs. an… @charlidamelio ma’am you dropped this 👑 @charlidamelio THAT’S QUEEN SHIT LUV @charlidamelio DO IT *sent in invisible ink* @charlidamelio ma’am you dropped this 👑 @enchantedavery hUH? @xlilhuddy just shut the fuck upy’all wouldn’t believe the look on their face when they find out their school has nationally ranked bfa programs fjdjfjdj cLASSIC COMEDY.lmao at locals who think juilliard is the ONLY arts school @shesfallen 4looking for 2 pit tickets for philly :) #HarryStylesLoveOnTour #hslot #philly #harrystyles #hstickethelpCute propaganda. In reality Bezos's mommy and daddy gave him $245,573 to stop Amazon from failing in 1995, but you'…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓 @jellygonzo THE SUBWAY WALK. FUCK. YES. THAT TAKES THE CROWN.Here is the thing about Nick Cordero's death that I hope becomes a talking point: There isn't a single one of us th…
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The Ashley O episode of Black Mirror was literally based of Britney Spears and y’all still have the audacity to con…
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@dearmothica @juliamichaels @elohimmusic @TwoFeetMusic @juliamichaels oMFG YES. THE AESTHETICS. THE VIBES. THE MUSI… here catching jellyfish with my bare hands. my powers can’t be matched. THE 4TH!!!!!!! FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESNT KNOW, TRUMP IS PLANNING TO HAVE A RALLY AND LET OFF FIREWORKS AT MT RUS…
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HARRY GUCCI T-SHIRT GIVEAWAY✨ Winner gets original Gucci t-shirt! (Size Large) To enter: -retweet/like -follow…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓kinda fucked up y’all are celebrating the 4th of july today when #AllCountriesMatter :/In 1776 following a reading of the freshly written Declaration of Independence, a group of New Yorkers descended on…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓why did he go private fjdjcjsj“i think we ALL saw hamilton with the obc” #HamiltonFilm anyone checked on the kids who made seeing hamilton with the obc their entirety personality? are they okay? @Awillette99 @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel i’ll be awaiting your arrival @thecanyonsmoon @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel 10/10 recommend the “guns & ships” drink lmaoooo it’s immaculate *chef’s kiss*anastasia....and to this day i’m PISSED my name ended up being an incorrectly spelled car instead. to the richard rodgers (at home) theatre! @HamiltonMusical @Lin_Manuel #hamifilm 🎭⭐️
@kyliemm00 i’m so sorry :(there will be no charli d’amelio slander on my timeline. my timeline is a charli d’amelio positive space 💫"Black girls are 20% of girls who are enrolled in preschool, but 54% of those who are suspended. Why would you need…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓if anyone is selling hslot pit for philly or uncasville pls hmuhe said “you wanna see some real speeeed” at 7 @ItsWoodward i already have an angelica costume jdjsjcjsi love my new nickname 😌💫 you didn’t know already, 4th of July is CANCELED. idk about you, but there is absolutely nothing to be celeb…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓i ate in the library for the entirety of my sophomore year...then admin banned eating in the library. so i ate in t… @dearmothica absolutely not. we will not tolerate this vices disrespect in this house.just so y’all know, hslot denver pit was only $180 AFTER fees. don’t let people up-charge you. fuck that shit.RT again for financial abundance ✨ #iClaimIt
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓Dear @NYGovCuomo & @NYCMayor. The NYC theatre community is 100% without work till Jan 2021 at the earliest. Actors,…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓 @iamblackbear i feel like you should
@ashemusic SAY NO MORE @niaIIsnewangel WHAT @dearmothica YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @BuzzFeed everything she deservesplease reply with a color. i won’t check this post until morning/afternoon/whenever i wake up hsjdjd minutes. That’s how long I was able to bear the Louisiana heat in my car, turned off, with the windows rolled up…
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Retweeted by shelbi 🍓how is everyone already getting their tpwk merch jdjfjskfj @rogueIwts witchcraft ffs how
we’re really not getting out of this, huh? @rogueIwts “due to unforeseen circumstances (which i have had planned since 2020) i will be unable to attend on these exact days” @rogueIwts ME THOUGH FJTFJBCAlec Smith died at 26 because he was rationing insulin that was too expensive. Now Big Pharma is suing to block a…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓I ACTUALLY SPIT OUT MY WATER LAUGHING AT THISJFJSJFJ that i’m officially done with school (until august ofc) i’d love to start some summer pen pals. i’m talking goo… reminder than you are loved, you are cherished, and you are a blessing. i hope you understand how important… don’t have a big platform, if you can spread awareness to my story..pls do so by retweeting and working to educat…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓as it SHOULD be’m doing a FOLLOW SPREE! RETWEET THIS and I might just follow you. #AGT
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zoom university class of 2022 user niall horan, if you see this, please drop the red rocks concert footage. i know you have it. i’m beggi… when fish tail braids, mustaches, and bacon had the fashion industry rattled? yeah. what the fuck was that?celebrities can still be shitty people. just because they have a platform doesn’t mean they’re good. what’s not clicking???“everyone thinks [i’m] a fucking jerk” ndjfjsjfjfj @HansInglish nope that’s not it haha. i’m just genuinely attracted to primarily people of the same height. i have n… @homeofsexxxual lowkey when i texted you “yo is your power out?” and you didn’t respond right away i thought you died fjsjfjfokay psychology majors: what’s it say about me if “my type” in a romantic partner is someone the same/close to the… power just went out and i shit you not my very first thought was “holy shit there’s a murderer in my house” wHY… @dearmothica lmaoooo i hope he wakes up everyday with vices stuck in his headme playing animal crossing when my pocket charger exploded @dearmothica this is so adorable 🥺pls hmu with your favorite music focused documentaries, books, or films! (or just music recommendations!!) @dearmothica oh my gosh yes fjjfjs i went as a vampire 4 halloweens in a row when i was younger bc of themilysm 🥺🥺🥺 the videos look like this definitely RT, no more videos or photos of protestors’ faces they are being targeted…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓my essay grades for my summer course are an entire character development story ✨🧚‍♀️🥺 USING BREONNA TAYLOR AS SOME TRENDY CAPTION FOR YOUR PHOTOS!
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓liam in payne (the l is silent) iykyk 😔✨🧚‍♀️ are always the best men are always the same
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓 @bitchinlouis me too! @bitchinlouis thank you. i’m just hearing about him for the first time and am absolutely appalled! he should not be… can someone please let me know which artists currently employee jordan green? this is unacceptable.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @grandson 🔥*rica tries to teach in schools that as a country they can do no wrong and they’re always in the right 😐 and then…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓I’m a visual learner, so I had educated myself on the Palestinian crisis via YouTube videos.I’ll try to find them a…
Retweeted by shelbi 🍓my college has me update my password so mf much that i’ve literally ran out of passwords options. i’ve expired ALL my go-to passwords.y’all know how much money i’m about to save this fall? @cliche_fae these are two completely different people. i refuse to believe that’s okay no mY EYEBROWS. WHY WERE THEY SO DARK? WHO LET ME DO THIS? and my hAIR?! i rEALLY walked aroun mf like that…