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Shell @shell_here Limbo - formerly the UK - 48%

Likes comedy, music, books, animals, 🌍⧖ and graphs. 🌱 Lives under a rock but emerges regularly for mischief... p/t web fairy🧚‍♀️

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This is helping enormously.
Retweeted by Shell @sruder Wow, great pics.😁 Jack’s are little powerhouses and very athletic. Buds is getting some hight and distance there! “Superdog” jumps. @alicfuller Heh! 😄 He is. He enters into the spirit of the fun but has no intention of going into the water.
@h2osarah I know! It’s all brilliant athleticism as well as pure joy. The excited yelps whenever a human was diving with him too.I didn’t know how much I needed this 3 minute montage of a collie dog joyously leaping into water until I saw it. 🐶… @PlantBasedNews This is a stupid headline, contradicted in your own article. If you peddle such woo with headlines… @tkingdot How can this government EVER expect to issue guidance or rules governing the tacking off any emergency an… @MooseAllain Love the way you think. You just broke the tension in my screaming (at the fkn govt) mind with that. Thank you 🙏 @hahildebrand Thank you for tweeting these thoughts so I don’t have to. Truly. @TimsRedPants Right, just Googled ‘can you get trapped in kelp?’ and there are several real horror stories and ‘tip… @TimsRedPants That was the ‘feeling’. I’m usually very rational about risk assessment but it was a really pervasive… photo. Love kelp forests pictorially & for their importance, yet irl, in Scotland I found them disquieting af… sass!
Swift coming straight at me.... 😲😁 #TwitterNatureCommunity 🐦
Retweeted by Shell @Lizzlie @morethanafeline Look at these beautiful eyes!! @hugorifkind A better, clearer visual would be ‘one standard coffin length’. ⚰️It is, and we were in need of a different, more innovative approach to education long before the pandemic. @SaraDonetto It feels like that but /your/ heart isn’t shrinking. Sinking maybe at the actions of those with dark h… @mrjamesob Not shocked at all, which is in of itself shocking. @darkdwarf 😊 That certainly is an outstanding moment in time.
@MistressMalice2 Ha! Marvellous serendipity.😁 @MistressMalice2 Impressed you met anyone IRL atm for long enough to discover they’d heard of Tim. @ClaireMacP @lauren_anthony3 Well 21:21:21 2021 is already in my diary (365 times), but not /quite/ as exciting. @lauren_anthony3 Quick! Only 224 more chances.😃 @sruder Damn! 😊 Only 224 more chances eh.
@Chris19Lloyd Felt like it only lasted a second...Evidently just me 😂Anyone else looking forward (18 minutes or so) until it’s 20:20:20 2020?Starts 8pm BST. 🦧 @GuddJan @alicfuller You won’t regret it. 😄 @GuddJan @jasper_tree I like shield bugs, especially the bright green or bluey oil on water ones.David Bowie's advice to creatives in 1997 is even more relevant during these times
Retweeted by Shell @alicfuller That’s a shame and I think you should: They also do ‘Toffee Apple’ and ‘Strawberries and Cream’. I know! 😋That buzzing-noise means something. You don’t get a buzzing-noise without its meaning something. If there’s a buzzi…
Retweeted by Shell @alicfuller It’s my favourite cider! Pink and tastes just as you’d hope. They have it in Aldi and Asda - online. @GooseCG @kateweb @h2osarah @amateursuman Or maybe it was @amateuradam... Sorry not sure now. 😬 @GooseCG @kateweb @h2osarah A while back @amateursuman tweeted a link to donate to a specific and urgent PPE order.…’t spill a drop of this though eh.😃🌳Lying on garden seat under these trees, playing ‘leaf or scary bug?’. This has 2 levels: 1. Something lands on me…, in the ‘olden days’*, I’d immediately think this was a joke... *BS (Before Stupid)
@hahildebrand @GuddJan @jasper_tree Perfectly fine *twitch* 😬... 😉
@hahildebrand Can’t sleep now... 👀😬 @hahildebrand Anyway, good to get that off my chest 😳... Going for a lie down now. Let us NEVER speak of this again. @hahildebrand Ha! I can see why you’d think that. Her accent probably made it more memorable but that wasn’t the pr… @hahildebrand It’s all Mrs Reece’s fault. She was my Domestic Science teacher when I was about 11. She had a strong… @hahildebrand Well I was just in a moment of recovery but you’ve pressured me into this: @hahildebrand AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGgggg! Yes! *shudder* @hahildebrand No, who knew there were so many U words! It’s pretty directly related to cutlery. @hahildebrand Nope, if you’re not deliberately torturing me, would you like more clues? @hahildebrand Whaaat? 😂 @hahildebrand I’m assuming now that you know exactly which word I mean and are just proposing comically non-upsetti… @hahildebrand Nope, related to cutlery. @hahildebrand Nope, I just do a bit of inner ululating at the use of this word. @hahildebrand Haha! Nope. @hahildebrand *that’s @hahildebrand It IS fun to say but I think it just sets off a chain reaction of connected ideas that it’s a bit ove… @tkingdot @hahildebrand We expanded it to “tick you’ve got the lurgy” sometimes which seems rather sinister now!… @hahildebrand I find this bizarrely disquieting for some reason. I truly cannot work out why but your statement slightly freaks me out. @tkingdot Paywall blocks me from the article, but do you mean ‘tick’? We played ‘tick’ here and would sometimes say… @alicfuller Ha! They are. @Aardvark1970 Not wrong at all. They can’t ALL enjoy the same things right? 🤪 @Aardvark1970 Yes, for the Melb’ show today so I watched it at lunchtime. I’ve seen it before but years ago. I love his storytelling.
Retweeted by ShellPlan the week ahead with these great comedy recommendations from @theartsdesk, including @destheray and…
Retweeted by ShellOo! Almost Kitson O’Clock. 😊 @tkingdot Absolutely that. The ridiculousness is outweighing the wrongness.*because (That oft occurring typo autocorrect /never/ frickin corrects for me!)You gotta fight For your right To parity
Retweeted by ShellAm I a bad feminist becasue I just think this is funny? Gave the sex dolls a day off... @alicfuller @timminchin @paulkelly Agreed, the rhythm has a slightly hypnotic effect on me which makes it a bit addictive. @x_therefore_y @timminchin @paulkelly I’ve found that at times - it seems to make a difference ‘where’ you click, s… Tim's performance of 'Most Wanted Man' (by @PaulKelly) on #TheStateOfMusic: Episode Three.🎶 1/2
Retweeted by ShellHa! Made me smile too. Apparently they’re @DoingTheMost187 and @AntwaanTaylor - a friend of theirs just drove up b… @Olanoo 😮I think it might be the AI takeover, yes. Gradually making us feel and appear less competent one word at a time. @Olanoo Haha! Yeah, plans sorta works. Autocorrect is deff getting weirder tho’ eh. @timminchin 😊This song requires a[n Ugg] boot! Gawd, this was a great choice to cover. I like it more and more with every listen. @watsoncomedian Wow! My hound would not like that. Sneezes (her own too) make her wildly indignant. Indoors she cha… @minchinswitchy Heh! 👋Mornin’ /Just/ in time caught autocorrect trying to sign me off in an email as ‘Smell’! That’s a new one and quite…
@robinince @helenczerski @cosmicshambles et al - Thank you for #SeaShambles. So good! 🐋🦈 🌊 ... 🙏 😁 @SaraDonetto @robinince Thank you - I watched a few clips too. One to line up for streaming. 😊 @SaraDonetto @robinince Oh! I’ve never seen that. Whales are restorative aren’t they? I’ve shared this post pri… @kateweb @h2osarah Yeah, I look in from time to time but don’t like to suddenly start talking about something rando… @robinince So glad you brought up Whale Nation on #SeaShambles! I’ve had that book for many years. Wonderful poem.… @kateweb @h2osarah Yeah, structure helps. I do try to (remember to) watch NT Live and other things as they premiere… @h2osarah @kateweb I should do - not sure why I haven’t been. I’m super organised about actual events & work schedu… @kateweb Thanks for the reminder! I keep missing stuff when it slips my mind. Actually ‘going’ somewhere is /much/… to Twitter for a bit of distraction today be like: @timminchin Lol. Reckon most of us reading this tweet are putting more focus, thought and analysis into that than h…
@TiernanDouieb Nah, probably just the pollen.👃 @TiernanDouieb Glad you failed this test and I bet you didn’t even get a consolation 🍭. @annawaits I do not understand this but I like it a LOT. 😁 @SirPacoCrisp @nywolforg Perfect. Thank you! It’s a great resource but I didn’t spot that for some reason - probabl… @nywolforg I’d like to understand this but the link doesn’t seem to go to a related article. Please can you link me… @LollyPollyish OMG! That’s amazing! 🥂🌈⛺️Though they look like they approve! 😂 (I realise this is probably a ‘just me’ lol)/Every time/ I go look for a GIF: 😆 (Never used the others here, must be more generally popular - those ones are j… @Olanoo I’m putting my money with your money. Solved! Who needs those 👆guys!🕵️‍♀️🕵🏼‍♀️ Ahh, so glad Roxy had a good day. xx @Olanoo Curious... I seem to have a similar issue. Reckon my jeans are shrinking in the wash? 🤔 This calls for a… @Olanoo 😆It’s a mystery. Where ARE the Scooby Gang when we need them?! Unless... 👇