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Tweets are just food for thought. Trying to maintain a sense of humor while exposing horrible abuses is hard. It's chaos; be kind.

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@wog20471 Oh yes, tons.I have a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and I still don't think I would be able to "figure out" hundreds of years of…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @Luvthe1yourwith That's exactly where my thoughts keep going as well. I've been thinking that for quite a while now… because you don't like someone doesn't mean every bad thing said about them is true, but it sure does feel goo… @LloydOsten @BartStewart1 That's awesome. Thanks for sharing.If you don't ever do the work, you can't ever expect to get the result. It's that simple. Life can be horribly un… @mjq243 Yes, so do I. It's judgemental as hell to say this but I think such people need a professional level of he…'ve been out of a destructive cult for nine years & have worked hard to avoid falling into another one. I know I'v…"Drama" is as inevitable as stinky underwear and about as unpleasant for everyone exposed to it. So much could be… sports or a health crisis can't unite us, I don't know that anything can and that makes me very sad. I'm too t…“The only difference between Jim Jones and Donald Trump is that now, we have social media.” —Rep. Jackie Speier (D…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @SethAndrewsTTA @frozen_corpse I don't have any such doubts. This was the single worst plot twist ending ever devis… @MiamiSixthMan Being woke is not the same as being compassionate. In many ways, it's the opposite.Four suicides. WTF? @spike_robinson
Tried to play Civilization VI but was completely mired down in complex rules & a ridiculously difficult learning cu… was run by Scientologists old news but I just learned about this. @sheltondesigner @wog20471
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @emp4all @Ojeda4America @RWPUSA @LeahRemini Serious? No. And there never will be so long as the toxic relationship… your consideration. I agree with what Andrew has to say here but I won't cancel you if you disagree with me. truly amazing thing about people who are in or who have just come out of destructive cults is not how "crazy" t… @blockFanatics I do this from time to time because I think some of my blocks come from my own issues and not necess… @sheltondesigner
Retweeted by Chris SheltonI just unblocked every single account on Twitter I had blocked except for the advertisers. In this clip, I talk in detail about the history of children and how they are abused and m… have learned from a viewer that I sound like a duck and he wishes I would go back to how I used to sound. I guess I'm quacking up.I just learned that there are some people who don't like their bacon crispy. In fact, there are some people who do… @imlevinit__ I believe Oprah is personally responsible for spreading more pseudoscientific garbage on a gullible de… @TheDrunkenPiper @HeatherEHeying Thank you. Every single human being is biased so the idea of objectivity is cute b… @uhaanrodric @Nervardia I don't feel you've even tried to hear a word I said. Nice talking. You have a good day. @uhaanrodric @Nervardia Jobs did not create anything himself and he certainly isn't responsible for our ability to… @TheDrunkenPiper @HeatherEHeying I've clarified myself on this many times. My criticism is with the out of context… @uhaanrodric @Nervardia You keep asserting that as though it's a self-evident truth that where we are now is a good… @uhaanrodric @Nervardia I disagree they are necessary. That is complete nonsense. @Nodorusky No, you make a good point with her and that's actually what I was hoping would happen, that I had forgotten someone. So thanks.It's not the existence of billionaires I object to so much as the fact that every one of them gets there only by ru… When someone tells you to, "do your own COVID research," run the fuck away.
Retweeted by Chris Shelton This week, it's answers about the staff attitude in Scientology, why cults might be a bit… is abuse against women, children and the vulnerable the issue churches are willing to overlook because a leader…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton
You Tube has suspended Murdoch's Sky News Australia over Covid misinformation Aussie blood on his hands too...
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @dadoot Shut up. Please. That is the dumbest thing anyone has asked me in quite a while. @dannybirchall That's part of their job. @HenryRambow This question is too hard. Why are you giving me a headache?I hate to be this callous, but perhaps the actual deaths being reported on more frequently now will start getting t…
What we’re living through feels incredibly surreal, dystopian, because what we know to be objective reality is cont…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @emp4all @CultExpert Yes, because social media and news media use repetition of message and other tools of covert p…'m puzzled Some of the transgender community seem to think that if you disagree with any of their views, you must…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @space_treasure8 @DArnoldin You're an idiot. @manchestermelly @Aruthasexy1 Exactly.Finally, the actual government of the United States gets serious about vaccination.
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @DaveStephens11 @HeatherEHeying Read the graphic without context and that's not what it says. That's what I was criticizing.Sensibly Speaking Podcast #305: Scientology Personnel Craziness is important. Psychedelic research is yielding breakthrough treatments for psychological disorders and end-of-…
Retweeted by Chris SheltonJust found a bunch of cult jokes. I joined a new coronavirus cult: the branch covidians
Retweeted by Chris Shelton This week we broke down the basics of the QAnon conspiracy and some of the players and fol… are at levels of stupidity i did not think was possible
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@cathshaffer And I thank you for your work. What I meant by "real" is "everyone knows and recognizes this is a le… @mikemchargue @karag @A2Jess cannot be overemphasized.
Retweeted by Chris SheltonListening to and learning from survivors of #humantrafficking like Frank, helps play a crucial role in the fight ag…
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @DeeVanDe @UCLA We're starting our own Xmas village this year!WTF. Look, I want to be crystal clear about this. I regard psychologists or any professionals who engage in overt…'re going live tonight to discuss the Cult of QAnon. Yes, it's finally happening that we're going to talk turkey… wording of this could be misread as a hit or that I'm not aware there is such a profession. This was a dash-off… @GregFromCos I am going to admit, and be ashamed to do so, that I did not know you could get a degree in it. I was… @drdrsagar Thank you! Please do know I respect the hell out of the profession, which is why I wrote my tweet. It wa… @MtCharlsMtnLion @BretWeinstein @HeatherEHeying I get that. I still want science communicators who are really excel… @drdrsagar My tweet wasn't an insult and I really don't get all this attitude being thrown my way about it. If it's… In Scientology, they claim they have a kind of audio filtering technology called Clearsoun… @AdamRichards Yep. @MtCharlsMtnLion Yes, there's a serious attempt by scientists right now to invalidate and get rid of "fact checking… would definitely be me. I've literally had discussions with my wife about the size of the warehouse I would b… @ErinLouis666 Damn girl. @Drstevenhobbs I only care about the money. 😉 @Drstevenhobbs I feel you. Don't you think it's time we got paid? @BertieForp @alexandrosM LOL. You're right.Groan now, thank me later. @bagsybunny @alexandrosM Your last tweet, idiot. Bye now. You're muted.We need "science communicator" to become a real profession and we need it now.I really love this guy. If I ever had to go to work for someone again (and I doubt that will EVER happen), he's nea… @auri_cor @EllisK319 @HeatherEHeying I have no idea what you meant to say with that. I guess it was an insult, beca… @auri_cor @EllisK319 @HeatherEHeying I said it to get attention. I follow her and the context wasn't clear. But mor… and science burn all in one. Nice. @auri_cor @EllisK319 @HeatherEHeying Step back and read the quoted image without any context at all. That's my prob… @WalshFreedom For anyone disturbed at me saying that, I am NOT a Republican. I'm excited to see more than two parti… if all it had taken to win World War II was to wear a mask and get a shot.
Retweeted by Chris Shelton @BertieForp @alexandrosM I'm a hard person to like to some people, especially the ones who judge my entire characte… @auri_cor @EllisK319 @HeatherEHeying What are you talking about? I don't get it. @WalshFreedom That is very good news. Can't wait to see what comes of this.Interesting article today on @TonyOrtega94 blog about stuff I actually helped setup for Scientology back in the day… came to my channel and actually thanked me for helping him learn Scientology so he could use it in his life… @Arnold_Kuijk Working on it. 😋 @h43z @alexandrosM Fuck off. @EllisK319 @HeatherEHeying A little hard to tell what she's saying but that graphic is crystal clear and it's just…"Never give up, never surrender" is pretty much who I am, so as dejected or down as I might get sometimes, I will n… @SteveTiger999 Exactly. @Janja_Lalich Me too. It's hard. Honestly, do you ever watch what's going on and feel a bit like Cassandra, knowi… is no phrasing that will work on everyone. No matter how hard you try (and I've spent hours laboring over my… @HeatherEHeying You have no idea how destructive what you're doing is. You are attacking critical thinking while la… @SethAndrewsTTA If I had some place to put that, I'd have already made the call.If time ever proved anyone right about anything, it was this.