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sheologian @sheologian Raleigh, NC

she/her/hers. Enneagram 8. Lover of naps, bubble baths, and sarcasm. Mental health and LGBTQIA+ advocate. Chaotic Good. Hard shell but gooey inside.

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@JerkyTough I have 4 total. @shinygeekgirl @Tami_Thinks True! @glowing_indigo @MizShannonS @airquai23 I didn’t marry until I was 36, which helped 😂 @Tami_Thinks That’s like asking me to pick a favorite child 😂 @Thom1st AccurateHonestly I am so tired of hearing “we’re all doing our best” because well, some of us have been trying so fucking h…
Retweeted by sheologian @EAustin1969 I despise our current front load washer and look forward to it’s eventual demise @huler Yes. More clearly seen here @Rev_Stephan I have my vintage cameras on the mantle but hope to get them on wall shelves soon @huler I need more shelves but am stuck in choice paralysis @Brbhealth @danisaacs Regrettably I only knew my maternal grandparents but they were truly lovely and kind people. I miss them very much. @MHPoison1 Beautiful, bold and stylish - just like you @AnimalsWorId Yeah, this is why I didn’t breastfeed @langsauntyj @airquai23 Thank you. ❤️ @sarahklop My grandfather made it. It was passed down to me. @danisaacs Hours upon hours of time on the porch swing between my grandparents.Show me a corner of your house that explains who you are. I’ll start @priscilla_nurse @misslelaina @emrazz I see a lot of those in therapy. Breaks my heart.MOOD @langsauntyj @airquai23 I don’t assume all older parents will be good parents just like I don’t assume all younger… @MMendlowPhD Yes @danisaacs In this house we stan Tom Holland @RepPaulMitchell “I went to summer camp against my wishes once. What do I not understand about jail?” This is you.… @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity At least not consciously for that reason @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity False @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity I’m not even the littlest bit obsessive or even methodical. This is an oddity. @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity You can see it better in this one @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity No, this is my at-home bookshelf @drjessigold @tnicholsmd @numinosity I do @RyanMarino @danisaacs OMG I thought we decided you were going to be the baddie and I was going to be the fun one @MizShannonS @airquai23 Absolutely @BlueDotDoc @danisaacs I mean, I’m mediocre *now* but would have been awful in my 20s @ColinCorgi My flour sifter from the 1940s and a hand beater from the same @jack_turban My notes, if you want @TravisXCox1 @airquai23 Me too! He came on my 39th birthday. @airquai23 I’ll be 44. I regret nothing. @BlueDotDoc @danisaacs I would have been an awful mom in my 20s. @jlhbrain Happy Endings on Hulu, Aggretsuko on Netflix @danisaacs @danisaacs Is mommy his crush? @ali No @ali @Larawithabird 39 here and nothing so far @JaimeLThorne @sylpheede @EconomicPrison1 @ErinInTheMorn @ZJemptv Or, and hear me out Jaime, maybe everyone else ha… group’s religious liberty should never = sickness for, endangerment of, and callousness with other human beings.
Retweeted by sheologian @pastorlocke It’s time for your church to be heavily taxed @mimi_intheworld @lsarfati @saltywidowrn Sadly, this is true @rain4estwhitaka @IDreamOfNinja @DrDimitriosMD @drjessigold So real. @waitandh0pe @Lindsie_Rose I have that! @Lindsie_Rose Still wearing flip flops, though @pleezmrpostman @thehill It’s a favorite @sugar_whore @girldrawsghosts His poor mom’s vagina. I hope he was a C-section. @thehill @thehill @ItsJustTim2 @ali Lololol. No we don’t need you. @sean_antrim @Ilhan @Ginger19701 A good friend tells you when you are no longer thinking rationally @JD_Wallen1 @NBCNews Cope. @Ginger19701 Yeah, that’s an incurable strain of stupid right there
@nol1087 An HBO show @RevDaniel @ThetaState All I want for Christmas is to not hear that song @BetsyBroome ❤️ @southswampwitch @girldrawsghosts And don’t have a BAC of .34, making them flammable @girldrawsghosts Also, do you know the difference between Gaetz and a bag of Doritos? I would try to save the Dorit… @girldrawsghosts No, thank you @BillieinCO I’ll let you know! @clubbing_guy @IvankaTrump Thank you! @clubbing_guy @IvankaTrump 6 months or so @EllenStreiff @AZHouseGOP Try a little more fiber in your diet, Ellen @IvankaTrump @RUBY_1806 @mattgaetz Seriously, Google something sometime @spartanwanderer @JoniS8 @NC_Governor @FoodLion What demographic would that be? @writer_mikem @pinkrocktopus @candaceshaw Who asked you, tho? @shinerybox Sounds like the ideal neighbors @macelven Of course you need consent in the US too. I hate to tell you but nowhere are they giving GRS to minors. Y… @AngelaLovesNY Jesus. 3 days in Ohio and I’m ready to leave @rdelacy @idrinkanarchy Could be any number of things. Are they usually one to struggle with changes in plans or transitions? @mxreese1701 I feel this deeply. Sending love. @mimicreature I put on around 15 lbs as an adolescent when men were leering at me regularly.“Sarah, what are you going to do during your time off?” Same thing I do every year, Pinky. I’m going to eat hot win… @MHPoison1 @thedailybeast Tax the churches.17 more days until 2 weeks off. How are you doing, though? @stclairashley Yes. Next question? @MiraSinclair1 @mattgaetz Not really, no @RUBY_1806 @mattgaetz This has been disproven many times @pastorlocke @CNN The interview you agreed to? That interview? Good. @idiot_girl I put goldfish crackers @crispy_deluxx @CNN He treated him, with compassion. Read for comprehension. @Frances65403943 @RepDavidEPrice @All435Reps Switch to decaf, Frances @PdxPestle We have Earth & Pluto @GrimRea56003622 @CNN @lisaling Because when people lack access to physicians and healthcare they self-medicate. Hope this helps!Still chuckling about the woman last week who chided me, “Just wait until you’re invisible to men” like I haven’t b… @NHFTHR @shakez_back Yikes. @davequast @thedailybeast He doesn’t attend the briefings now. Lazy bridge troll. @silverskyjanet @shakez_back Same. I was 30. @shakez_back Twice.