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Retweeted by Sheri DenisonThere are things that I “want”, but a “NEED” has been brought to my attention at our school. Students need clean un…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @The_Pigeon @SandyBoynton I’ve enjoyed reading books to my children written by both of you. Not only do the kids enjoy them; I do too!I showed Apollo 13 to my chemistry class and they LOVED it! @tomhanks has been a part of so many amazing movies!
@mrskehr I love teaching my students but I hate all the paperwork as a special educator. It’s very time consuming.… @english_maven @AshCashmore Yes! This is my older daughter. 🥰Other people experiencing success and good news does NOT mean you are failing at life!! Everything has its time...
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @judylynnferrel1 @LouDPhillips Go for it! You can do this! @rjwhite88 Aww. My heart hurts for you. @teachinginrm30 I would’ve failed miserably with this. I can handle snot, puke, and potty accidents but not large insects.
@ANikki33 @AshCashmore @johnlegend He looks super cool and I would think kids would be drawn to his confidence. @brewerhm @mr_Alsheimer @mr_plummer @Mrs_Stritt @ItsMrsDuffy @Slater_Curtis_ @brijslater @_AndyJacks @MrsPowell @GaryRGrayJr be able to do many things at once @DrBradJohnson Active shooter drills... @ihadztotweet Keep or just a trimThis is so good! #AMillionLittleThings
@inner_moonlight @inner_moonlight Maybe to see if you’re the real deal❤️❤️❤️ good luck everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️18+, void where prohibited, NO PURCH NECESSARY, ends 72 hours, sweepstakes rules: pulte. org/r
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonI’m going to give $3,000 to someone random who retweets this (must be following me so I can dm you if you win)
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonPlease
I’m trying to stay positive. I’m having a very hard time being a teacher mom right now. I have Hashimoto’s and my b…
@offgridteacher Teaching is my second career. It’s way crazier and nonstop than my previous office job. Less co-wor… Twitter fam! I sponsor a coding club at my school & we are doing a fundraiser to help pay for our field trip & s…
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonIt’s been 93 days since Adam Schiff learned the identity of the “whistleblower” He colluded with him to write his…
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonWow!’s 9 degrees this morning! I feel bad for our kids waiting at the bus stop. 🥶 @ModestTeacher The day before a scheduled day off I tell them “You’ve all worked so hard today, I’m giving you the… @KevinRickard4 @ModestTeacher Somebody has to be reasonable! 😊 @Dsrussosusan @SunglassPri @ModestTeacher This literally made me laugh out loud. Thank You!
This would make our Christmas !
Long day tomorrow. I’ll work 7-7 (conferences after school) and then down the hill to my daughter’s school for that conference.
@AshCashmore I don’t like coffee but I drink way too much diet Mountain Dew @support_a_teach Time change + weather change = a very tired teacher mom
Someone very lucky.
@Ayodele_Har78 Is it a prerequisite that BMEs must be handsome? 😊 @laurenmeister10 Your students could be testing you. Have rules and consequences and follow through. The first time… @QueerEye I wish I could be best friends with the Fab Five. I would always be confident and joyful.
@iamaddie But you make it look so cool! @astudentsvoice You are absolutely beautiful and people need to hear your story. Everyone in the audience wants you…, if you work harder to respond more quickly or thoughtfully to the concerns of someone “above” you in your di…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @support_a_teach Mary Poppins in the ParkStill wishing! @mr_Alsheimer Halloween+chemistry=learning fun! Now what do we do next week?... @GHMansfield I don’t understand why people do this. I’m a Christian and I would never tell my mom to stop taking he… @prestonedu1 I’ve been listening to bedtime stories with the Calm app. It’s really helped me get to sleep faster. I… @prestonedu1 I guess cIt’s so hard for me to hear about people who are sad and lonely because people won’t accept them. Let’s get out of… @prestonedu1 I need to make several appointments. Thank you for the friendly reminder and great job taking care of yourself. @NicholasFerroni Yes! It’s not just trying to teach academics. How do you build relationships with large classes? H… @antoni @nytimes Congratulations! @antoni How do you stay fit, Antoni?
On his “break time” the kids read to him in the hallway to practice becoming better readers...Antonia elementary sc…
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonI have no special talents. I am only passionately curious. #CodeBreaker
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @Erik_Youngman WOW @NyleDiMarco When you first started modeling, did you ever worry that people were saying negative things you couldn… @TeacherFit19 Thank you! This sounds do-able. Sometimes I have an all or nothing attitude. Every bit does count. 🧘🏻‍♂️🤸‍♀️ @TurtlePoker ☮️ @SLMC77 @support_a_teach @ucaalumni @ConwaySchools Beautiful @TraciBrowder You two are adorable and look so genuinely happy. 😊 @TeacherFit19 I’m a special educator with a 5 and 7 year old. I write most of my IEPs at home. Time and energy are…!
I'll give $1,000 CASH to someone random who retweets this because last recipient was sooo happy to get cash 💵 (must…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison🤓🤟 @Erik_Youngman Take deep breaths, go for a walk @pulte Disney Descendants @inner_moonlight We had a pep rally at the end of the day. Crazy @According2MattL Cash
@Brink_Thinker Fast! @CheriJacobus @beripsnicotti @FrankLuntz @Acosta Wow, Cheri. You are rude.When your student can speak to their parents in their native language during parent teacher conferences. #magic tha…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @heckyessica I didn’t watch to the end. Ridiculous. Put something out that helps people, not hurt them.🎃Treat please! No tricks!🤞
@Gopgirl719 Maybe have a do over. 🤔 @Princess_dxo I’m impressed!I'll give $100 to someone random who retweets this, and yes, this will be PAID 💰 (you have to be following me so I…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison @inner_moonlight I think what they meant to say was “I’m really impressed with your classroom management and the re… @AshCashmore Basic reading and math skills, know their rights, time and money management
@CeCeLibrarian @JarrettLerner Your beautiful smile made me smile! @msyoung114 We do a lot of fall activities like science experiments with pumpkins and candy. @pulte 1 I would be SHOCKED 😮 @prestonedu1 I tell my high schoolers this every year! @DaveVescio My Smurfette Big WheelThis would be life changing! @AshCashmore It depends on which administrator it is.
As a principal, one of my goals was for our staff to understand that I believed their families were the most import…
Retweeted by Sheri DenisonWhat is your favorite science experiment that involves pumpkins that is safe and easy? #edchat
@prestonedu1 I’m curious. Is it much harder for you to get around in the winter? Please let me know if this is not… @prestonedu1 Close the door. 🤓 @NicholasFerroni Find resources for students @mochamomma He liked Kevin @iamDrWill It has been hard for me to come to school and be my best self after arguing with my spouse because of fi… @nate_bowling @inner_moonlight Organize the kids’ bookshelves by heightPick me! Pick me!
@ladygaga @ihadztotweet I don’t think you can judge if you haven’t been there. Everyone has their own issues. I can… @yvettecoughlin1 There was a teacher that used something like this to tell him when admin was coming. That turned me off of them.Teachers: RT if you’ve ever stayed hours late at work ⏰, worked on schoolwork over the weekend and bought school su…
Retweeted by Sheri Denison🤟🤓🧩