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Equal Opportunity Fictional Assassin.

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300k likes for this garbage platitude and climbing. I cant view it as anything other than insanity anymore. @50shadesofsolg If Atlanta gets to hot plenty of room down here in Texas. We got lotsa ammo too. @JoanneMason11 Perfection. Don’t you dare apologize. 😂Baller. fail to see the problem here. @realdoonser @ProtectorOfMeme @yungsnaku We’re not the least bit egotistical about it either. @OpheliaMaddsen @Sociopathlete @MrsSherlockT You redheads stick together like glue don’t you? 😱😱😱 @OpheliaMaddsen @Sociopathlete @MrsSherlockT Girl, I won’t be the first husband she’s killed. Jokes like this might get you murdered. 😂 @OpheliaMaddsen @Sociopathlete So you’re saying she’s the catch of all catches and I’m missing out by staying with… that none of us ever thought would need to be said. 🤷‍♂️ @noneofy18309084 @Quincinerate @OpheliaMaddsen @Sociopathlete All of this would be a lot more interesting if she wa… @XChowder007X Preacher telling the truth and it hurts. @OpheliaMaddsen @Sociopathlete Don’t you start. 😂 @Spun_Bearing @jtLOL @dantoujours That is just PERFECT. 🤦‍♂️😂 @OpheliaMaddsen Oh shit, you found that tweet? Military twitter gave her a bit of a flogging over this. Amusing to watch.Republicans had a House majority when this happened Took more than just Obama to do this Remember that when you d…
Retweeted by SherlockT @XChowder007X Well damn. Ok then. 🤢🤮 @XChowder007X It’s from a Swiss Tunnel opening. Not sure any real connection to Cern but the entire thing gives me the heebie jeebies. @NorCalRiverRat @JollyHighwayman @n4hpg @lolitsjeffery @25th_Prestige @DempMcgee @tonycanales @offthe_res Holy Fuck… @Qanon76 Tasty looking burger there. @IngriPauline Portal opens. Cthulu sticks one tentacle through and kills everyone with a single swipe. Everyone exc… @JollyHighwayman @DeanBradleySFF Shame on you. The Priests of Mars give no quarter to pagans who fail to worship th… for it... Wait for it... 😂😂😂 @Roninmonk1 I have NO idea but the entire thing gives me the creeps. @notaproviderMD That’s incredibly sad. Sowell has a brilliant mind, even if you disagree with him. To reduce him to… @Sociopathlete Both.Uh, it’s called surf AND turf. Make mine medium and serve the lobster with extra butter. Is NoT a ReLiGiOn No it’s a goddamn cult. Y’all assholes are trying to turn Lovecraft into a prophet. @OpheliaMaddsen @AndrewLoeschner I think I was 13 when I first read that. It’s changes your perspective on everythi… @TheBrometheus This is when the shooting starts.As our two labs close in on 17 years of age this tweet is a perfect example of how a sizable portion of my time is… @allicovington @misfitpursuit Really strange shit has been going on in Texas Lately. Vibes are all kinds of off. LOTS of gunshots…“My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!” “In a row?” @TheDemocrats have fucked this up royally. I just drove across the state and I saw enough Biden signs to maybe coun… @allicovington So, espresso in a shot glass? @AbeLopezAuthor I have your six sir, may we never need it. 🙏 @eternalinmind God is my reverence. 🙏 @AbeLopezAuthor Im starting to think we’re not getting out of this one bro. Hold your line. @eternalinmind We’re all uncomfortable and frustrated until someone really pops off and then it’s war. I’d like to… @Gotrek68 Wilson Combat laser cut FTW. @offthe_res Cheese and fucking RICE @HeadMasterDFA I have no doubts that you shall. @sgsmith_ Lamb. Because... well Lamb. @planefag @DempMcgee Make AR’s great again. Especially pistols. Again. For the 50th time.Coffee and not being a bitch is a recipe for success. @sgsmith_ School me then. What is a uniquely Kiwi cuisine? @sgsmith_ Cajun. 😁 @bugga1o @DempMcgee Busy being second fiddle to Batman. @offthe_res I really liked the original cover though. I’m gonna buy my buddies copy with the Amazon mess up in it.… @GenXinTX I’ve got him but I swear to his Father he might not want me. Pecan pie or no. 😂😂Conspiracy theories reaching OVERDRIVE. @DempMcgee Love from my family to you and yours. Keep fighting the good fight bro. Thanks for all you do. @smc347 @DempMcgee Gold star tweet. ⭐️ @LarryOConnor @RonColeman I miss Andrew, he was a unique voice. @DempMcgee Team Shotgun bros are getting on my nerves. I mean, how many time we have to explain this shit? Shotguns… @HotepWithit @home_grown_sanc Clearly not going how they intended. 😂 @JayFiveK LMAO @BlacklionCTA @DempMcgee @HotepWithit Seriously. You can’t expense report cocaine but you damn sure can expense report laptops that make per… one yet. @GenXinTX Well, I knew we’d finally disagree on something. I’d toss the pecan right put the window, @JeffGodwin I really don’t have a valid smartass comment for a dude that was whacking it to the thought of ousting Trump. 😂 @GenXinTX I have to do this to one of my toes regularly. I had both big toes professionally done. Pain in the ass. @DempMcgee Last time I split my hand open I didn’t even feel it. I was so pissed at myself for the dumbass way I ma…
@dbongino Exactly. @DeanBradleySFF They are riled AF 😂 @doombreed52 @offthe_res This shit is wild AF already 😂 @CJ_usawtfm @no_sifty @DeanBradleySFF @25th_Prestige @CarrieeeeC I just love it when you show us all your sensitive… @no_sifty @CJ_usawtfm @DeanBradleySFF @25th_Prestige @CarrieeeeC So VERY white and so very knightly. @BTCgiftshop Sound advice. @jvs88s Oh my God 😂😂 @proteinwisdom I see what you did there. @damienmontana1 Thanks brother, it’s much appreciated! 👊The gift that keeps on giving. “Two people who were on the call told Motherboard separately that the call was an e… @luinalaska Excellent. 🙏Wow. @luinalaska you guys are safe right? @HmestedPadre @IngriPauline This is your best work yet. 😂😂 @smullins1a Thank you! @home_grown_sanc This is something completely different that I’d almost written off. As much as I hate being away f… request: I just got off the phone with one of my best friends and a business opportunity might be opening up… @HeadMasterDFA @HmestedPadre What’d I miss? @Fictitiousember @LucyTheRedeemed You misspelled “Texans”. 😁 @nbsdave1 @DempMcgee a walk in the pouring rain and found the cat. She’s wet, sneezy, and is showing her appreciation. Not exactly… @HmestedPadre It’s amazing 😂 @HmestedPadre @TheBrometheus That’s HILARIOUS @MrsSherlockT Yup lol @allicovington @OpheliaMaddsen @TWayneHicks My wife loves this song incidentally mover incoming @GenXinTX My buddies keep sending me porn. I can’t help it.’m howling at this. 😂😂😂 #whoeverthisguyis2024 @drawandstrike with all the gunshots last night I feel really good today. Back in the grind. 7 days off from Houston and vis… My conversations with my friends are probably EXACTLY how you would imagine them. B: This is what constitutes p… actually turned the speakers on for this one. 😂😂😂 @sgsmith_ @TWayneHicks 😂😂😂 @WilliamHaveron Gorgeous photo!