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@RossVanDerH i’m still good friends w a lot of the ppl i was friends with in high school. i’m usually pretty good a… @jared_kelly742 yeah! i feel so bad because i stayed with her and her family and i really wanted to pay her back th… @TommyRainmaker totally possible @TommyRainmaker i wish she would reply to my email :((( ugh it’s driving me crazy i just want to know if she’s okay…’s really frustrating because i don’t even know her last name and i don’t think her number is even the same 😭i can’t stop thinking about one of my internet friends i knew from tumblr years ago. i stayed w her when i was in g… @adamgreattweet adam is number 1 thoWho are some accounts on here who are the real deal? Shout out the genuinely good and funny folks
Retweeted by sherry🥺 @ltpenguin_ love you jake 😭❤️
@adamgreattweet wait you look very futuristic i love it @Khane048 @chinesegon yes @chinesegon but why @Julian_or_JOB neveridk much about philosophy but if plato said falling in love is a serious disease then clearly he was onto somethingif we’ve made eye contact after laughing at something, that’s a body
@redcurlymama honestly wouldn’t recommend. i don’t get a period but i also apparently am at a higher risk of cancer 🥴 @NotKatieCase ah yeah definitely ! we don’t exist just to have children! @MuthoniK20 ikr 😭😭😭😭 @LexoLuthoro hope you become a happy lizard soon! @NotKatieCase hell yeah it did. it was like “i gotchu don’t worry” hahaha @LexoLuthoro my body really listened to my head 👍 @MuthoniK20 he put me on birth control bc apparently my hormones are wack 😩manifesting works. i never wanted kids and my gynaecologist just told me that i don’t ovulate 👍 @1ofthe7dwarves LMAO he would’ve been so confused bc my chinese name doesn’t sound anything like thati’m so deprived of human contact i thought my uber driver was hot when he asked me how to properly pronounce my name 😩less than a month 'til my brand new *virtual* comedy show How to Win @ Life drops. you can book your tickets here:
Retweeted by sherry🥺i’ll stop tweeting about how i hate men when men stop being the devil on earth @Yahiasplitpath that’s a moooddddd @EmSchwegy thank you 🥺do i have high standards or do i just not want to settle for the first man who shows interest in me @g0dsbutthole i love you so much @shelbytheclown wow i’m in love w u 😭 @ltpenguin_ @lincnotfound @lilpeen420 @memetazaa @FireBeets @sgtballsvevo @TamingMyImpala @chrisfolse @frankieplsrelax @larodgers_ same 💖 @frankieplsrelax @larodgers_ frankie i’m in love w you wtf absolute hottie
@BARDYBARDYBARDY i’m like 5’1!!toxic people love to look at their own reflection but won’t do any self reflection @MuthoniK20 TALENTTT!!! @PCSmith72 i wish @BARDYBARDYBARDY she’s also short but i just realized how short i am
@1ofthe7dwarves HAHAHAHAHHA @1ofthe7dwarves NOO LMAOOO WHAT @maxoupial *your* cum tweets?! @1ofthe7dwarves not busy like that unfortunately 🥲sorry if i’m not around much i’m busy 🥴 @ElaniKitten i’m 25 this year and i clicked the wrong answer 🥴 i meant no but hit already had at least onei dont care if you have a job, relationship, family, kids, your first priority should always be liking all my tweets
Retweeted by sherry🥺 @MuthoniK20 you didn’t know?!? @jennapurrlee go jenna go @LadyDanio she’s 160cm 😩 @EthanOpia_ this gives off legit dad vibes @BARDYBARDYBARDY they’re over/around 6ft tall 🥴i’m watching a kdrama and the lead actress is so short on screen next to the male leads i looked up her height and…
i don’t need drugs i’m already addicted to kdramas 😭 @justky1018 don’t apologize 💖 @Burlesque_Ives luckythank god ben affleck and ana de armas split up. imagine being that young and hot and talented and dating *him* @showmetheyamz you’re so pretty 😭💖self care is crying while listening to drivers license on repeat @femaleredhead queen shit @SukiTemporarily LMAOOO you’re the best there ever was and ever will be 💖 @SukiTemporarily please you know you’re my number 1 @SukiTemporarily if i could afford a boat i would be across the ocean rn 😭 @SukiTemporarily omg stop making me feel guilty @SukiTemporarily *sigh* half way across the world tho 🥺 @frankieplsrelax run away to canada already @frankieplsrelax LMAOOOO i love you but you have matt 😩how the fuck are so many couples finding love on twitter... i’m tired @frankieplsrelax it’s not too late for you to pick up something
@frankieplsrelax wow theyre like princess dresses!! @Freak0nIine wow freak look at you!!!! @adamgreattweet heyyyyyy @1ofthe7dwarves it was a ride all the way through @Mom_Overboard it was so good!!! @Koda__Kola it’s streaming now @someonelikesmeg never EVER @Jest_Iris i’m still shaking 😭watched promising young woman and my belief to never trust any man has never been more affirmed
@funnyhannibal hahahaha @funnyhannibal yea i know but magic cards are worth a lot @reneecorine LMAOOO yeah 🥴 it’s not a sexy hobby but hey if it buys you property ..... @abernothing @SukiTemporarily 🤢brb going to start looking for a husband at a magic card tournament @SukiTemporarily why @advicefromphil cool wall @ltpenguin_ i got pooh too!! @ltpenguin_ 🥺🥺🥺 jake @Koda__Kola @overcoverloon1 ohh TIL @tjgose @overcoverloon1 ooohhhhhh @overcoverloon1 what the heck are n*opronouns? @girlwit0filter omg you look so wholesome at 17 @ltpenguin_ hiiiii @desukidesu 💖💖 @GotJbenny LMAO well they’re pretty big but that’s ok @DanielMarkh noice @GotJbenny 👀 @desukidesu you have blessed my feedlooking for a man whose thighs are actually bigger than mine thanks @charbroil_chew now omg