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cryptX @shhCryptX Miami, FL

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@auro_tv @Company8VAL @wokezval OMG HE’S CRACK!ou ou ou ou
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I love this patch so much but they up’d the prices on my boy sovas util… @OkeanosQT LMAO @OkeanosQT these are the mf’s that put “PEAK TOP 5 NA” in their bio but then get dropped to diamond the week afterIf you post a Radiant screenshot within the next 2-3 days your mom shoulda swallowed you
Retweeted by cryptX @ciaolyx @NotReduxx @theKingFPS_ I went from top 98 to 3,000 by the end of the act, ask riot @GeezaOfficial Turq @ciaolyx solo queue only.NEW ACT TIME, HOPPING ON SOON @allookawastaken @DerekJoon careful before he blocks youPlease @riotgames or any other game company, PLEASE hardware ban blatant sexist/homophobic/transphobic players so b…
Retweeted by cryptXnext act i will: -not get upset at teammates -win games -communicate effectively -win some matches -support my tea…
Retweeted by cryptX @ZlepOfficial trying my best to, college is making it tough for meLooks like the path on trying to go pro might be coming to an end soon. @Scrounge_ many @ ‘s @jspVAL @HitBox_Hiros @PlayVALORANT personally, I’m trying not to change it but there are just some days where it f…’s actually crazy the amount of clout chasers there are in this scene @Unholykid3 @M1chaelWasTaken @FrostyValorant he’ll learn, adjust, and improve, it takes time, my mental used to be… @Unholykid3 @M1chaelWasTaken @FrostyValorant I would say it’s the definition of all aim no brain but he does have a… @Unholykid3 @M1chaelWasTaken @FrostyValorant this the one @jspVAL @HitBox_Hiros @PlayVALORANT sleep at 6 am and wake up at 12 pm, shoot 20 bots, change my sens, play 5 DM’s,… @theKingFPS_ man its like we're related or something
FINALLY STREAMING EARLY @NotReduxx I know how you feel lol. Take it as a compliment, you performed so well that you crushed someone's ego a…
@emluo @notMattVA grats ! @kayvalorant mf seeing into the future @DerrekOW @Scrounge_ @Critical_Val @valyngod @harmfoo @theKingFPS_ surely… @Bjorlulu same man. same.
@iLy_Blush you got this blush !!! @luvhals POP OFFthe shortened version of the update if anyone is out of the loop
Retweeted by cryptXI kay/o knifed a jett updrafting with knives and watched him plop to the floor with his classic out and haven't smi…
Retweeted by cryptX @regan_travis @9nerve Vandal would’ve killed em quicker 😤 @MichaelScarn60 you’re not that guy palI forgot to mention it’s a 4k clipyou're not that guy pal @kayvalorant @PlayVALORANT wtf is wrong with people @zekkenVAL 0_0
@paranoidval MF YOU KNOW IM COLD 🥶I’m 100% maining this new agent, has everything I want in an agents util set and forces the enemy to rely on aim rather then utilKAY/0 players can finally say “Jett revive me”The new main menu looks amazing holy…Nerf/buffs that are actually game changing, riot is finally starting to wake up @AstrioFPS duo @AstrioFPS lets fix our ranks @regan_travis @A77_tv @9nerve @ibelunar @v1c_cs what a freak, sorry to hear about this @Governor_Val spread the good teammate rng to me @sevvn same goes for the op @zekkenVAL mf’s should play 2k if they’re wearing it @dxvydzx pretty old clip, pretty sure yoru wasn’t even released yet @Jonaaa6_VAL please listen to jona. I just want to finish my triangle! but you ankle biting goblins ruin it !O:
The lesson learned from the whole situation, aspiring pro players!
Retweeted by cryptXRANKED | !commands | #1 SMOKE SPAMMER NA | STREAM SOONaverage valorant twitter user: - no bitches - hardstuck - short - doesn't shower - anime pfp (not matching lol) - L…
Retweeted by cryptX @wildfirecsg much deserved @regan_travis @TrickAIM worth the watchtoday i interviewed @TrickAIM watch here --> BLOW THIS UP - I AM WORKING ON INTERVIEWING RANKED DEMON CROSBYCS NEXT
Retweeted by cryptX @paranoidval enjoy it while you can man, college is semi great but you’ll def have more time for other things once you’re in @paranoidval what’s that @paranoidval paranoid please come back I miss you @TonyEcN trust me I feel your pain @ciaolyx hmm @ciaolyx mf impression farming @Glorinsz I used to really enjoy it but it’s been in the slums ever since the end of the act has been comingThis interview is making me laugh my ass off
@ciaolyx I meant to say noti but this works @ciaolyx moto @ELIGEFANBOY @DerekJoon what @iamhcu @kayvalorant @ciaolyx very good times @ciaolyx @kayvalorant @iamhcu @ciaolyx @kayvalorant @iamhcu show career @ciaolyx @kayvalorant @iamhcu is locked in, work time. @sznyawn @YoiAim 😳 @sznyawn @YoiAim never asked yet but lemme in ?Valorant drama is funny sometimes @zekkenVAL I like it ! @theKingFPS_ @NobleGG VOUCH !Released from @NobleGG. I appreciate this opportunity and I wish them the best going forward, but I am now a F/A an…
Retweeted by cryptX @iLy_Blush @iLy_Blush you can’t disagree against science! @kayvalorant @ciaolyx @iamhcu want to duo again @iLy_Blush I say only factual statements @iLy_Blush OREO 100 @ZenosVAL WYAOreo mcflurry gives you super powers @CasperrFPS @sznyawn @ShakkCS @DerekJoon unlucky that’s kinda weird @sznyawn @ShakkCS @DerekJoon this man has me blocked for what @sznyawn @ebbawebba 🥺🥺“LF EGIRL”.. man if you don’t getcho @ebbawebba @sznyawn
@sznyawn HBD BROTHA FROM ANOTHER MOTHA @sw1ndal I hope for this everydayLF2 players to complete a project roster with myself, @sw1ndal and possibly @SkimVal (unsure of atm) wanting to mak…
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@_Bewd good luck buff sage main