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@syIv1a @ysk1ng im always tryna grind @ysk1ng @syIv1a D: i just wanted to play some ranked @ysk1ng @syIv1a ranked? @scottiyioioioio damn u really just be knowing that shit huh @ariessqc gn quinn @scottiyioioioio scotty i need math help @SeptFPS I MADE IT LETS GOOOOOOOOO @Dykaz_ mfer really flexed with a dm screenshot @ysk1ng lot of people on this app are just awful human beings
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Retweeted by Ian @Kipszn LMAOOOOOOOO @HarmonyyVAL @M0NNDAY i carry ur ass on razei play worse on smurfs than on my main @Kipszn my bad @xvrVAL I need love. @Iiawrld REAL SHIT I DROPPED AOT CAUSE I COULDNT STAND HIM @Dark3stVal @AeroValorant :D @Dark3stVal @AeroValorant yes. @Dark3stVal @AeroValorant nah he’s right tho ur handsome @Dark3stVal they’re just not appreciative enough of u, go next @Dark3stVal u have nice eyes @SeptFPS stop ur making me blush @SeptFPS i only drop these numbers for u <3
@khanartistval SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.@AeroValorant looks like he got packet loss irl @xvrVAL me @ysk1ng DAYTON MEDIA DAYTON MEDIA DAYTON MEDIA @anginuhs damn that astra diff🗣️🗣️🗣️
@moonpaintweets @Agr0Priv @AeroValorant @ysk1ng so true @AeroValorant @ysk1ng if she kills trips tag her with cam @AeroValorant @ysk1ng even if u cant ult u got trips setup @ysk1ng nah they spitting tho @ysk1ng gm dayton @peterr_val @kaazzVAL damn look at that skillZOMBSSSSSSSSSSim boutta go bald just to play like link @moonpaintweets tenz whiffoh no.... tenz... @Nurfed np my jaw literally dropped when I saw that @Nurfed @ysk1ng gn @xvrVAL GL @Kipszn adapt. @CarbynVAL i dont blame them. @moondownbad yes. @idkdaniell gl out in the trenches brotha @1kotaaa yea u too man @1kotaaa yeah just school and other shit on my mindive never been this stressed in my life holy @AeroValorant yea idk about this one @celcrium voice @xvrVAL 🗣🗣🗣 @moondownbad D:
@MoonKiller_VAL hi @Dark3stVal @MoonKiller_VAL @Agr0fps his ego massive now ong @moondownbad its not too late to delete. @ysk1ng @yslophelia @celcrium real. @ysk1ng I’m sorryoh okay
Retweeted by Ian @anginuhs ah. @puffbarluva @Freydude1999 thats u right? @HarmonyyVAL HAHAHAHAHHAA deserved @Agr0fps FUCK @SeptFPS SHEEEEEEEE @CarbynVAL non believer @ysk1ng mmm coffee hf @ysk1ng also gm @ysk1ng YO? ITS LIKE 9AM FOR U WHAT HAPPENED @SeptFPS lemme fight em with u @SeptFPS good, u? @SeptFPS gm sept @Klamran @Agr0fps sheeeeeeeeeee @Klamran @Agr0fps wtf @TicSteel @Agr0fps ong he be jett diffing and shitit does sound kinda dumb doesn’t it WHAT WAS THAT?? @MoonKiller_VAL no lol I would never @MoonKiller_VAL noti @Unholykid3 @jakeeVAL @ysk1ng @yslophelia nothing ur just dedi @ysk1ng @yslophelia mmm he was quick on this reply @SeptFPS @ysk1ng o7 @Ninjasik @SeptFPS @ysk1ng ah. @SeptFPS @ysk1ng ill lyk in 5 @ysk1ng nm think im boutta play some ranked and toss some poor souls rr @ysk1ng hi @ysk1ng @AeroValorant vouch
@SeptFPS @1kotaaa real. @celcrium idk but I’m seeing a lack of smokes @ysk1ng @AeroValorant asissd @ysk1ng @AeroValorant radioETA // VALORANT MONTAGE (♥️'s and ♻️'s appreciated <33)
Retweeted by Ian @Kipszn what is analog horrori had no chance
Retweeted by IanLFT for VALORANT -i play Sova and Skye Flex -looking for a team of 4, but not excluding building a roster w/ ppl -…
Retweeted by Ianrawkus is so handsomejesus christ what am i watching