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@SkiDesh_ Baccano is included there .. @Makhaiira I'm caught up with Berserk so time to watch this old Berserk @stan_naruhina @Shanye_glizzy Yesthe char fanboy inside of me has emerged and im gonna go full fucking bonkers right now
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @WrathTale @xfuyuux Fuyuvirus @xfuyuux @Gojou_sensei @hoestar_28 😳😳 Left - what I expect on my first try Right - what will actually happen on my first try I decided what to watch next gonna start all these shows most excited for cowboy bebop and Berserk today
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @ianizboring Now I feel like watching these movies 😩
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @hoestar_28 Does that work here? aggressive one? @Sayngelic read it!KINO SWAG GOAT
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @hoestar_28 That's what I'm asking What's that πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ @ianizboring That fight OST starts playing in my mind 😩 @Shanye_glizzy Above 90 minsIconic as fuck. This anime is legendary
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @Torch_bb12 Good oomfie @Torch_bb12 Ahhh stop! 😩Both my favs @Xomeni_ @swiftshaman Yoh,Jun,Ren @Xomeni_ @Xomeni_ Goodnight πŸ₯΅NOBARA!! #JujutsuKaisen
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiuraPopular "Shuumatsu no Valkyrie" (Record of Ragnarok) by Aji Chika, Takumi Fukui & Shinya Umemura is on cover of the…
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiuracrazy how its been 3 months since stone ocean was announced but we havent gotten any new information about it πŸ₯²
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @saverinstamp MorningMagna Swing
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiuraπŸ‘°
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura😳😳😳
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @ianizboring Chotto matte! Don't include me in your 'us' 😭 @Torch_bb12 Waiting for Netflix release凝光 #原η₯ž #Genshin
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiuraFavourite non weeb protagonists
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @ianizboring One more reason can be that ppl aren't comfortable with reading multiple mangas whereas alot of ppl wa…γƒˆγƒͺγƒƒγ‚―γ‚Ώγƒ―γƒΌπŸ—Ό #hxh #hxhfanart
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @xfuyuux If you are having sleep problems/headache then watch angel's egg Watched it last night and had my most pea… @xfuyuux Why Jalebi 😭 @GrimmjowreaperX FighterZ ?im gonna cry bro
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @MisterLalu MHA plz @VeryFunnyRiley Omg! Riley replied!! @MisterLalu I'm ready for you to start a new series want to like your tweets but it's all Haikyuu damn! @ianizboring Manga readers are less compared to anime watchers @VeryFunnyRiley Hey @SkiDesh_ Imagine CSM livestream reactors after trailer comes out @unm_esh93 @ianizboring Haven't got it yet Next week probably @unm_esh93 Padosi k ghar se 'ah ah' ahnay pe kya karte ho? @JustArjun_priv Join For fun There is also a moaning space if you want? Best moaning gets 1k $ @unm_esh93 Wahζ£˜γγ‚“ 落書き。
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @___UsMan____ Score? @Kyle52909497 Will wait for the movie 😌 @dohna200 Hey! What's the patlabor watch order Don't air me @ianizboring Will read that on my new iPad πŸ˜‹ First manga on ipad @Kyle52909497 Animated series? @shardesu Let's goooo! @ianizboring That reminds me I haven't read One Piece for quite some time @dohna200 Who is Oshii? His other popular works? @dohna200 Gm @ianizboring for?Ppl are literally barking lmfao πŸ’€ @ZOROSWH0RE Time for me to shine @dohna200 Need to watch a few vids to understand better ig @chikabams Hey!!! Wlc back 😳 @chikabams Nah @Bloodscarecrow1 Yeah I need to watch some analysis video in order to understand it better @vasuarora1210 @ianizboring @vasuarora1210 @ianizboring @Bloodscarecrow1 What I'm thinking is "What was that? Was it even an experience? I liked it or maybe I didn't?" @ianizboring 1 in every 5 tweets/replies 😞 @hoestar_28 No I mean what ? @dohna200Completed Tenshi no Tamago ( #AniList @ianizboring Hate you for: Dropping Boruto Getting aired sometimes πŸ˜–Completed Tenshi no Tamago 6.5/10 has arrived. You can now group up with friends across the globe on PC, @xbox, @playstation and…
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @hoestar_28 πŸ€” @___UsMan____ University is easy than school. My experience is the same Those are facts @LiterallyDas @FuzzyRabidUsagi Barely means once every 2 days here @FuzzyRabidUsagi @LiterallyDas Looking at that view outside his house I can say YES @LiterallyDas @Yashvadhan1769 @RohitKhoth from one punch man
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @LiterallyDas Rich @Boomboom_editz @LiterallyDas Yeah I got it I'm a newbie πŸ˜– @LiterallyDas Jungle mei he rehtay ho pakka @LiterallyDas ik Even in the series they have gone extinct Also Michael Bay is not the director anymore I think so… @LiterallyDas Same thing happens here Birds and squirrels come inside @LiterallyDas @Boomboom_editz Wow How did he even see that Random lucky shot?!?!PurrrrrrrπŸˆβ€πŸˆπŸˆ #leopika #leorio #kurapika
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @Master_of_Amon The way you are holding your iPhone πŸ’€
Retweeted by Vibhav Gaonkar #ThankYouMiura @GimmeDemEyes @BigB00tyZee Better call Saul πŸ’ @Boomboom_editz How did you kill that guy behind the wall?!