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hi! i'm shimi and i draw sometimes β€’ she/he β€’ links in carrd, art in moments

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i've been mulling over this for a while now lol. it just feels like a waste since i have these nice new stickers bu… when ur laptop stickers start peeling off/fading @parzleyse evaaans 😭 youre always so kind thank you!! and yeah they're just little dudes who like each other:3I’m gonna dress my cat in a tuque! I’m gonna dress my dog in a tuque! 🎢 #FinishInfinityTrain #renewinfinitytrain…
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Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @thewindandraiin ahh thank you so much!! i'm really glad you think so! ;_;
@supercutveggie LOL right my brother and i quote it all the time. i love zingkwee @TSoupful thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ’— @courtcarnaby i'm flattered 😳 i'd love to see it if you do! @ayanarts they've been sitting in the corner of doodle pages for weeks... they're tiny i love it @oh_cosmia ty eden!! min is for once not in his default outfit βœŠπŸ˜”zingkwee from leewaythinking abt that one clip of the guy pronouncing xingqiu like zingkweeyou can tell i drew these at different times lolcouple more rymins
happy nonbinary day 😁
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @parzleyse OHHH THIS IS SO GOOD nb legend ryan we love to see it!!ok slots are full, comms are closed! ty everyone for sharing, gonna start working on these soon^^
@parzleyse ya i really love how u convey emotions through ur drawings it's the best!! and oof the akagi siblings ha… @parzleyse yeah the s1 gang!! :D and so true for mine too... the contrast btwn min and lake is so funny but it's tr… @parzleyse omg evans this is unlocking feelings in me. what's the context behind the 2nd one... also the perspectiv…
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @oh_cosmia b3%?? going off ur art & writing tbh πŸ€” @parzleyse ohh so cute... a/i2= maybe @parzleyse sobs ty evans i love musketeers bcs of him! and yea honestly those are his 2 main traits lol(oc) cringe musketeer because i will be playing him again soon chibi comms open in ~4 hours if anyone's interested! gonna have 10 slots this time \o/ @oh_cosmia so late to this but hope u get well soon!!:(
@mizuul SJSKSMF ty mizu they're my art fuel rn! and UHHH i'll open chibi comms this week but idt i'm satisfied with…
@KIRUCHl HEHEHE... i love pining @oonaisbored tfw u love ur best friend!!! @automeruz honestly same. min himself is just so cute rly @oh_cosmia YEAH... the gay ppl looking at each other in bed and being smitten trope i love it @oh_cosmia he truly is the only one that matters... @parzleyse i'd still like to see it if u ever do thoπŸ₯Ί... cute is so good!! a heart starting to fill
black blood, black rose
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @parzleyse ty evans!! i'll always be a sucker for rpg aus tbh so when i saw eden's art i couldn't Not draw a little thing for it... @Prism_system the tenderness of it all. you get itno train au post-uni application rymin getting back together any% speedrun: kaz and min roommates. i will not elaborate @oh_cosmia ahhh eden i'm so glad you liked it!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ίand LMAOOO YEAH... he looooves the attention @oh_cosmia omfg.. one of the reasons i have never made narumitsu art during my aa phase was because i could not sta…"evil" min gi au where he goes to an ivy league business school and meets kaz. this makes no sense but it's the onl… of these two guys have rights. hint: it's not the one on the left fact. whenever i forget how to draw min's hair i think about the basics of how to draw kazdesigns come from this post. ty eden for fuelling me yet again this one out... rpg rymin worms in my brain
ok lrt look at my epic divorce guy now @hotarujaejae i am SO late to this BUT OF COURSE HOTARU!!! i will forever love your art thank you for doing them justice πŸ₯°πŸ₯°a recent commission that i had lots of fun painting!✨
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @oh_cosmia (sorry this reply is so late ;_;) but i should be saying that to you and your rpg rymins. they've been p… here to say i'm gonna open chibi comms again in a few days... 10 slots maybe
@oh_cosmia WAHH TY EDEN... owl looks so cool i'm glad i did them justice!! πŸ₯ΊπŸ’—i wake up and see rpg rymin. my sleeper cells activate(rymin) βš”οΈπŸ›‘ ryan with a spear and min with sword/shield. what crimes will they commit
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @oh_cosmia EDEN... THIS ART HAS ME IN ITS CLUTCHES... i am thinking so hard abt this rn. especially the last panel @parzleyse EVANS I ALWAYS APPRECIATE UR COMMENTS!!πŸ˜­πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ˜­likewise with you and your lines tbh your style is so *chefs… @popomocco YAAA i'll eventually draw everyone else i think but πŸ₯Ί thank youu i'm glad you liked it!!apologies in advance if i butchered them aha... T_Tsome scribbles of @oh_cosmia and @popomocco's ocs (respectively!) :9β˜€οΈ200+ Followers Art Raffleβ˜€οΈ Thanks for all the support recently, I wanna hand it back by giving people a chance t…
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@popomocco i didn't make the connection! :0 still. cracks my fingers for wanwan @J_a_c_e_here sorry for the late reply but sure! ty for asking
fic authors who can also draw how does it feel to be a god @oh_cosmia also this chapter especially has me in a chokehold... PLUS THE ART IS SO GOOOOOODD @oh_cosmia NO EXACTLY... every update i'm like heehoo rymin and pals funny but in the back of my head i'm anticipat… @oh_cosmia SAME literally why i am awake at 1am rn. i saw paper trails update and forfeited sleep @oh_cosmia also i'd like to add that their resting face being :3 is just impeccable design. i love characters like this @spidertams looking respectfully at the 2nd one wrow i love their designs?!!? @enjolieblue screaming... they look so handsome wtf @popomocco is this human wanwan... picks him up @oh_cosmia OHHH WOAH I LOVE THIS REF they look so cool!!! i'd love to draw them O_O... @ikeela__ omg milo how i've missed him...he is my angle... @BeleagueredCoco ahh thank you thank you, i've never skated in my life so i'm glad i could still capture it somehow… @mlm_lucio LOL i imagine ryan'll pester him about this for weeks on endthey won't be polished or anything just a fair warningcould any mutuals lend me their ocs to scribble in my free time :~]man i need a new pinnedat night...
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @littlenimart the composition and colors here are so lovely!!Snake Eater!! I’m a huge fan of SGDQ and wanted to contribute something more than money this year, so I whipped up…
Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @oh_cosmia yesss... love is stored in the matching toques!! >:) @parzleyse they occupy so much of my headspace rn... 🀧(rymin) dude trust me
i am just a copy of a copy of a copy of a...
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Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closeddropping these here before i go work on comms lol
@narusasuluvr hell yes the colors here are so nice!!i saw @oh_cosmia's long hair ryan and had to immediately draw this
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Retweeted by shimi 🌈🌟 comms closed @oh_cosmia thank you!! and yeah that one's my favorite out the bunch i think @__toospicy (i didn't know abt this reference 😭) min's just being a prude abt it, i wanted them to bicker about som… @Fairy527 thanks!! tbh i'm starting to have trouble figuring out min's hair again so this is nice to know @parzleyse evans thank you πŸ₯ΊπŸ’“πŸ’“!! and yeah min's just being a prude about it. maybe He should upgrade from sunday sc… @sonicislgbt me too! i love domesticity with these two lol @oh_cosmia SOO CUTE...(rymin) long hair ryans plus a bonus min-gi helping out
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