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YA GOTTA MAKE IT SEXY!!!Hips and nips otherwise im not eatin!Head:@deepbeef PFP: @pixiepowderpuff dont rp my ocs,edit my pics,or repost them*COMMISSIONS CLOSED*

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@Smutastrophe2 @nina_kittie It's what she was made for so yup @Darkstar875 Your a gift to the world, keep up the great work @TJknot The 2000 type @TheMainKami Yeeea @Darkstar875 Would really help motivate various aspects of my life @Hollow_Action Need it for relaxation @WYulRbree3NY78I Cause they are cats
@nina_kittie Thank you as well🙀 😻 thank's
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @AirisuBaka My lady Jack would just grin, grab their hands and tell them "No, you only love the idea of me" Then… @KingoCrsh TramendousA juicy cutie begging to be coiled up. Chel stars in our next peril pack! 💕🐍
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @Cherry_Suckle @Kaiyotea Safe sex is very importantSo uh we got our first legit NetaxMeinu art here.Her holes are now his apparently? Shoutout to @Kaiyotea FORBEINGTH…
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞Some gawkgawk would be good right about now @MidnaAsh Yes....plesServing Chel faces ☀️✨ #Chel #RoadtoEldorado
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @Smutastrophe2 The answer is yes Late stream with lil apex | Lucifer | Chel | come hang
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @Tiny_Behemoth @yamchastooth @Kaiyotea If not being a dumbass makes him a coward to you then fine haha @yamchastooth @Kaiyotea yeah, this was their first time and Neta being a generally careful rich man doesn't just go… @argetbrisingr10 @yamchastooth @Kaiyotea oh wooord? @yamchastooth @Kaiyotea cause Neta came in the Condom @nina_kittie AYOOOOOO THANK YOU SO MUCH SHE LOOKS GREAT! 💚🍑💗 @Shin_Ehm i hope you like it, i really love her
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @yamchastooth @Kaiyotea like a SOLDIER! If only we all had women like her🐶+🐯= 💦 @Kaiyotea
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@Dandyguy951 someone already asked this in the thread @NanoDarkk Had it since 2018 I think now.I only got a Ryzen 7 1700x and apparently it's the worst one 😓 @sleepyslakoth 👀 @Hexxi Fuggen adorable @Hexxi Yeah like the first one more @Hexxi I'm not complaining,just didn't know @Ryan88268329 Paypal @Hexxi Thats a bathing suit?? Geez @Hexxi Oooh shit?! @RaySollux @Kaiyotea I was saying yes, no judging vibes here.Meinu is a greedy semen demon so yeah @Hexxi Added u to the list @Hexxi Gotchugotchu @sleepyslakoth This was from a couple months ago but I still volunteer @Hexxi Already got one coming @Braxeoswow She so foin @RockerBobo6 Oh I do,already got one @Hexxi Oh wooord? @RaySollux @Kaiyotea @vixenshelby @Kaiyotea They be fuggen @brssknckletime Very. I'm down horrendous @Soul00Styx The the happy trail @LyukaArt 185 for a colored sketch... For future reference @roddrick10987 185 @Buttberrypie Sure I like her too.Never drawn her before thoBtw you could see all of this and alot more of them if you pledge over at my! You get exclu… ever wanna pay me to draw Chel from Road to El Dorado can get a commission immediately. I'll do it even whe… @PrincessHelayna My answer is yes
@SunYeosin Not like I get giddy when you whisper sweet nothings to me and make me feel the special and shiiii @chan_ducky Yeah it's a vibe haha @NanoDarkk Bro fr it was melting my cpu like wtf @SunYeosin Keep calling your love and you gonna make me ack up Nomi! Don't be playin with my emotions my love! 💕🏕️
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @SunYeosin Yo why you so fine tho? @PeachJars Ay I support freeing the tiddy @DemiDsa @Kaiyotea They work pretty well ngl @Kaiyotea Wouldn't be possible without u tho @JulioTheFoolio Ah nice he was Hawks and Ogun @sackhed @Kaiyotea No u @AKAj4K @ManaaTown @Kaiyotea They were all drawn at different times this year so no idea @MegaByteBoobs @Kaiyotea Which one is u? @AfroMetalMizu @Kaiyotea She a seman demon @Kaiyotea U that bess @Faraheen32 @Kaiyotea Gotta call months in advance to reserve a table @DavosElaine @Kaiyotea Thank you 😊 @JulioTheFoolio Zeno huh @CreameTiger Hey thanks! @ManaaTown @Kaiyotea🐶+🐯= 💦 @Kaiyotea Easter
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @glasses_gf Thank you for the cake my real GF
@RLrunescapeGF Delicious
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞The hottest spot on the beach 🥵 #FFXIVART #zenohika
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞Houndoom
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @BronxDen Oh this was what you were talking about ,the blackmailer sounds like a bitch ass bitch @Shin_Ehm Here, have a timelapse 💚
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞a commission for Dash ( @extremenyoom )
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@StickyBunsArt YOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOK AT THIS LEWD BISH GOOO! Thank you very much sticky 💚Been eyeing @Shin_Ehm 's Jack for a while 👀
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 drawing things and stuff
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞 @ZitaDoesVA @InnocentBunnyVA OH MY GAWD YOU ACTUALLY DID IT says to stay for Easter 🐰 🎨 Artist: @Shin_Ehm 🗣 Mirko: @ZitaDoesVA 💻 Editing: @InnocentBunnyVA Thanks f…
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So it's that time of the month once again...and I'm late again. Yall got 24hrs to join the discord don't be a cornb… @KarlUniversity Love that you love the art ♥️🐉🍆
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@RLrunescapeGF Yes gimme
2021 The kids love the devil
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My commissions are back up! Check the replies for the rules.
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞I have ONE commission slot open!!!
Retweeted by 🔞Chel's Cueitl🔞Hello everyone. My activity is going to be a bit slow. My Grandmother's Dad, aka my Great Grandpa, has passed away…
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"Hm, this isn't my cat suit? My butt feels good..."
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@LeraPI_LP @Solinii1 So guuuuud