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Award-winning, 100% independent comics:, & @alloyanthology. Co-founder of @ascendcomics. Rep'd by @jenlinnan

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My mom just passed away last Thurs and it's been especially rough on my younger brothers, one of whom is autistic a… products will include various LE or convention-only items I have in stock and a very limited number of commissi… dokie, extremely late to every party due to life events but I'm doing the Holiday Capitalism Thing finally. A… yeah, some gift art for the winner of the chinchilla birthday contest I did for my bros birthday back in July :D…
@idealbraintonic it's a great leaf. Really good for office glare (with fluorescents overhead, kinda thing), less go… @idealbraintonic ikea leaf. Actually it doesn't do anything but I like it lol @girlyratfish This specific brand/ flavor is "fancy" by my standards (over $1 lol), I love it with tons of silken t… @craniatology @UrsulaV LMK if you have any questions or just want to chat!! I love talking fat plants and succulents :3
@InnerJason Thanks, and yea, timing was a little odd. We barely registered it was Thanksgiving tbh, it was such a b…
@karrey Thanks so much Karrey, it's a weird place to be for sure. I'll take your advice! And best wishes to you too… @HedgeMom Fuck ALS, seriously. My mom had the bulbar form which is extremely aggressive. The speed was so difficult… @kikuhughes Thank you Kiku, I think this is some extremely good advice <3 @jujujulieta lol, unfortunately for you we are bound forever by the sacred bond of Sept 1 and Livejournal XD @jujujulieta No you were perfect, and your understanding and empathy really puts my mind at ease. Thanks for being a friend to me. @yoshisquared Put on dry media and you'll see little red roots slowly reaching down soon. At some point you can pop… I don't want to give the impression I'm "over it," or that I'm going to be fine soon (although I am trying… hard to describe how this kind of grief works. My mom has been losing herself continuously for a year. I'm no… @jujujulieta Thanks so much Julieta. Sorry for not replying to all your messages in a timely manner btw, I do appre… was afraid all of this grief and, honestly, trauma would permanently take away my ability to enjoy doing art. I h… SOMEWHAT HUMAN TODAY what a joy and surprise. I haven't had time to draw since about mid-Feb... I have a…
Idk why I’m bothering to explain anything, there’s no choice but to keep goingMaybe I’ll try later. It feels weird to have “time” again where I’m not constantly taking care of or worrying about… know I have to try and Be A Business today, but it all seems completely absurd. I don’t want to be anything.
HueyIng Helmer, my mom, 10/15/1958-11/26/2020. I love you forever.
I got crabs at #AnimalSweaterSunday
Retweeted by Der-shing 德馨 Helmer 🌵 @LithopsStories Absolutely beautiful, great texture on those big dark leaves :] @LithopsStories Haha, that Dioscorea is massive! Love a cat-sized yamThe cat sleeping on a pillow of himself, lol @BookishPlinko “Skora!! The gentle shark!” Also “you don’t need an ambulance, you need a mortician!”
@Antiproton_com lol yeah, I'm dying to build something to accommodate a traditional round bottom wok. Too deep down…
millennials joining their gen x aunts and uncles into obscurity while the media shifts focus onto zoomers, and stil…
Retweeted by Der-shing 德馨 Helmer 🌵 @Antiproton_com How many inches diameter? @idealbraintonic eat an extra one for me @KikiDoodleTweet lmao ok extremely bad boy status then @Blackmudpuppy lmao... one of these days you'll get into xeric squamates and then the fun begins
@KikiDoodleTweet Yeah I've just kinda leaned into ferns for the stuff at ground level, and anything else gets the h… @Blackmudpuppy Epiphytic cactus are usually tropical but yeah, succs in general require conditions that tend not to… @Blackmudpuppy Rhipsalisssssssssss I whisper at top volume I'm not sure they are ok for terraria actually but I lo… @Blackmudpuppy Very nice. Yeah, any kind of trend that leads to healthier/ happier animals is a good one imo @KikiDoodleTweet It's too bad so many common houseplants are like, totally deadly, but looks like you've got a nice… @Blackmudpuppy Nice. Is there anything Pothos can't do? Also, do you put springtails/ pillbugs in your vivariums?… @KikiDoodleTweet Great pitchers there, they look happy @Blackmudpuppy i think it's only fair to give him some time before we jump to conclusions @LithopsStories @CactusSucculent Awesome, thank you. And yes we’ve just entered “water 1x a month” territory here f… @Meg_E_Lyon We do about 75% inorganic 25% organic using cheaper or locally available stuff (for us that’s sifted de… @LithopsStories @CactusSucculent Thanks for the answer! And yes, Sinningia sp, has slightly felty leaves but I didn… @americanbeetles You’ve simply dug your nerd hole deeper, I’m afraid @americanbeetles nerddd @LithopsStories @CactusSucculent If you don’t mind me asking, is there a reason to trim them? Like keeping water fr… @luvu2tuesday Lol, what a way to go. But clearly the abominable temps were to blame, not you XD @dymerski_samuel Gotta get some winter growers~ kinda nice watching our little Boojum put out leaves even tho it’s ass weatherCHECK PLEASE!: STICKS & SCONES made it to the semifinals! Please vote!
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There’s literally no succulent situation that time and re-rooting in pure mineral won’t solve. The only times I’ve… story, I found a cheap Euphorbia pachypodioides on eBay in March, from Ukraine, with free shipping and- despit… @Chirurgic Wow, I love this @AberrantWhimsy I’ve been working on one! The more ppl into plants, the better @taagolarts @kimsokol @krenshar_posts Utterly blasted by zoombini memories rn lol... oh god I hope they’re not stil… @Catrambo Looks like an Echeveria... lots of cultivars, but you may be able to ID properly once you’ve got a flower :] @AberrantWhimsy I feel seen lol @EngetsuNao Right? I got the seed a few yrs ago from a fruit my mom took from a plant in the neighborhood that had… @depleti It’s so beautiful! The oils on my hand turned the other side a more normal green, but the untouched part o… @FlippingHeck The first time I had one I def went bonkers, lol, the fruits are so good. Bay Area and NZ are at roug… @Mosskat I would send you seeds but I think that would violate some import laws lol... v__v I have too many now... @Mosskat Yeah, they didn’t take off until we moved to San Diego, I think it’s much closer to their normal range (th… first feijoa is ready today ;__; I can’t believe I grew this myself
@hannahvardit @marsoids @RIDEorDIEcomic Relatable, evergreen reply to a variety of situations @Synthose Out of Africa, last year! Got very lucky and grabbed it as soon as it was posted; I haven’t seen another… seasons of cultivation and care, the mind naturally wanders towards plant shipsCongrats to Pachypodium densiflorum and Dorstenia gigas, who husb and I just today realized are ~extremely dating~ @fwipination YeeesssTHERES AN OWL HOOTING OUTSIDE... A REAL OWL... IM LIVING @petitradou Madagascar is amazing, always love to learn and see more about it @petitradou Yessssssss omg yes
Retweeted by Der-shing 德馨 Helmer 🌵 @jeffsmithsbone’s 1994 run in Disney Adventures... Specifically, the cliffhanger with the eyes in a cave. It hit me… @bluedelliquanti Yeah, it looks like a deep galaxy! These are related to figs (the “flower” is basically a fig turn… @americanbeetles Lovely! I made the choice last year to trim it back like they did here, but this year I’m going to… it’s a relief to see my plants again, husb did a ridiculously good job of keeping them all healthy and aliv… indoor setup for winter. Decided to stop coddling adult succulents and let them suffer instead... a) becaus… edulis had a great year which I didn’t really get to see, but he’s grown A TON since I last saw him in July.… other caudex progress: Dioscorea “expensive yam” elephantipes is now finally waking up about a month late. Thi… that I’m back inspecting my boys... some cute Dorstenia hypanthia. The purple is new world tropical D. elata, t…
@shermanemone He’s currently vibing @Secondlina Duo from Gundam Wing obv... @MrTylerCrook It was all a waste of our time and health and livesGoode morning beans)I’m home........ It’s beantime
@ddcuevat @mooncalfe1 It’s about Somalian refugees and survivor guilt/ trauma/ fear of losing your culture. One of… @mooncalfe1 His House, watched it recently on Netflix and can’t stop thinking about it
Honestly wondered about the ableist aspect of signature verification since we voted by mail a few weeks ago. My mom…
He has destroyed the snacc. Now he is bolstering his giant round body with the tiniest hand. I hope you enjoyed th… news destroys tiny pumpkin and after! Ricanula stigmatica
Retweeted by Der-shing 德馨 Helmer 🌵Taking a break from election stress to watch Sylvia chow down on some worms, she is the best shape (tube) and obliv…
Retweeted by Der-shing 德馨 Helmer 🌵Anura, Urodela, and Gymnophiona @muinamir The new one, unfortunately, but he was successful :( @AbramJBroomIII My brother possesses certain chaotic energies v__v and a background in dance, lolMy brother is twerking to the Unsolved Mysteries theme rn :(