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a sheep #ENVtuber from the sun! • illustration/variety • learning JPN & how to love properly 😤💖 • 🎨: #orianart •

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have a sweet saturday everyone!!! unless you come watch the movie with us, then i might have to see you sunday! ☀️… @CoolCupHQ 🥺🤍first movie night tomorrow!! ☀️🤍‼️ @adasoleilvt don't get sued by sanrio otherwise gogogoooo!!!! @CoolCupHQ right?? it's so adorable @vt_Aya omg thank u so much!!! i was so happy when i saw it!kuuki's voice just went high like it always does when he's incredulous and he sounded JUST like a mouse so i had me…'s so silly when streamers accidentally sound like their animal motifs 😭😭 i love it sm @vt_Aya thank you if you will!! @_Zogi_ @AvionnaVT @vt_Aya double on the fashionable!!! @kyuutiesama usually it's on a whim!! I haven't considered that my community might wanna see specific things from me omg
Anyone know this pair of vtubers? One has pink hair and a large chest with a snake theme. The other is angelic with…
Retweeted by Si☀️n @EliphasGrimoire ok i should’ve seen that one coming i admitI get too nervous again suddenlymiss streaming!! hasn’t it been a week already? I wanna sing with you guys again…BBQ campaign 🍖🏕 Go!Nesu! Go!Go!Go! #shimitheelf #illusRyu #AbyssArt
Retweeted by Si☀️n @EliphasGrimoire hey 🤨i long and i yearn and i yearn and i longthinking of… her @EliphasGrimoire horses are too intimidating i could never 😭😭 @EliphasGrimoire 😔ive been called a horse through extraneous means morning!!! ☀️ @Bael_Cat FORREAL OMGALREADY? THATS SO QUICK
@EliphasGrimoire that’s what’s up 😤💯🍽 @EliphasGrimoire will you eat well today too? or not this year @EliphasGrimoire feel like I’ve never eaten so recklessly before 😭😭 I’m stuffed like the turkey @ON1HEISH1 do you wanna talk about it? I’m hoping it goes better for you next holiday :(unhinged @CoolCupHQ come!!! 🦃🥧🍽eating!!!! ahhhhhh @EliphasGrimoire @HoneyDewVT @ATaterTh0t @MamaManaPomPom nice!!! so may they know they are worthy of thanks 🙏🏾🤍 @EliphasGrimoire never been better AHAHAHAHAAAA..
Retweeted by Si☀️n @EliphasGrimoire give us a snippet!!being complimented by someone u sorta simp for… WAHAHAHNAHSISJDJAUSJAH uhhhh i crave your attention so thank you fo… @ElbyBoxus yes please!!! @adasoleilvt cya!!! eat well! 🤍 @nesugiru BUSTING DOWN!!! bon appetit!!!!!what are YOU thankful for? I’m thankful for lots of things!! like everyone around me! being surrounded with so muc… thanksgiving & happy indigenous peoples day!! 🍁🤍 love y’all 😌☀️ @NoroVTuber my salvation!!! 🙏🏾“So what are you doing for thanksgiving?” twitter mfs #TurkeyLast:
Retweeted by Si☀️n @CoolCupHQ I was watching his streamhihi sunshines!! wish I could tweet lots and lots today, but I’m on cooking duty 😭😭 Have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!thankful tonight! til morning light you guys ☀️ @EliphasGrimoire heheh @AceKongOfficial I LOVE BUGSwho the HECK are these!!!!! @adasoleilvt mayhaps!! 👀 there's only one SUNNY sunny honey[#wip] aye who the heck are these!!! @adasoleilvt @RavenChelsvokia 💕 @RavenChelsvokia @adasoleilvt hi sunshine!! find out who YOU are @Nikki__GZ u are so elite @LucineVT HONESTLY AYE WHAT GOES ONNNcomedian arc @hanbyeolVT shinys are so elite i cannot blame you ofc. wahaAHAH get it? ugh nice @ON1HEISH1 HOPE IT WAS A SAFE FLIGHT @ON1HEISH1 beating around the HUGEST bush to ask you out pffftkldlkfd @sarraquil @adasoleilvt seconded!! @NaozumiKuuki sounds super busy!!! have lots of anti-hangover stuff ready for the next morning @KeinaNate is it mixed lunch w all the grade lvls? @NaozumiKuuki it's not even thanksgiving yet and you're already going all out? pffft @NaozumiKuuki no wonder you aren't streaming at your usual degen hour!! is it a wine not-drunk? @NaozumiKuuki you're drunk?? oi oi look at this guygentle joy in life is going into new streams and seeing each person has their own little unique community who loves and encourages them @RessuGo this had me rolling pffftddfdsnaruto my nakama get over here i love you- (thank you @shiningsion for the clip 🦉✨)
Retweeted by Si☀️n @lucian_games seriously? whoaoh she’s eating @rhain__cloud you're cozy!! so maybe giving cute facts in videos with reverb, over the sound of rain and soft piano music!!! @Oooookamii it was good!! I ate so well today 😵❤️‍🩹 it put me in a food coma and it's not even thanksgiving yetremind your favorite vtubers about this-
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Retweeted by Si☀️n[bonks self] @Bael_Cat thank you bael!!! @Oooookamii how was your sleep, maeda!!!AYO !!!! last stream was in TOTAL SILENCE for like 30 mins but people still stayed and watched me draw in silence u… YOU FOR 130 TWITCH FOLLOWS!!! i have never had an unscuffed stream YET so thank you for still watching them a… @Oooookamii good morning!!!!🦋🌸 TWITCH PANEL DESIGN FLASH RAFFLE 🌸🦋 I need to break out of art block and practice more design! 1. Follow me 2.…
Retweeted by Si☀️nRESSU IS A MENACE IN FORTNITE @lucian_games oh for suredon’t do this, friends and neighbors. it’s okay to admit culpability and simply apologize.doubling down and being caught lying on camera. ON CAMERA. in 4K too. clout is one helluva drug
@rhain__cloud make a pre-recorded brb videos instead of a brb screen!! something on-brand to what the viewers origi… @rhain__cloud actually, usually i can’t feel the urge while sitting down? then when I stand up I realize I need to go @rhain__cloud holding it 😭😭Some of the YCHs done~ slots are open! 💖
Retweeted by Si☀️n @lucian_games and I hope you have a blessed night my deartoday’s goals!! 🤍 finish [1st lore: nebula⇒protostar] storyboarding ☀️ search for 2Dmodel artist that fits my voic… FOLLOWERS ART RAFFLE 🎉 • To enter: Follow me + RT this post • optional: comment ur char below • Winners get a…
Retweeted by Si☀️n @lucian_games 😌❤️Logo, overlay, and stream assets for Kuroina 💜 Congrats for comfy fox debut ☔️💜 #Vtuber #VTuberAssets #PinkyFoxArt
Retweeted by Si☀️n @hanamiseason ack shdhsh godspeed to you 🙏🏾🤍 @hanamiseason why not just go to sleep 😭😭 @SynAustra honestly I’ve been a laptop vtuber this whole time 😭😭 @ON1HEISH1 shdjsjdj it’s not just one person at this point!! I’ve noticed lots of people share this mindset 😭 but e… @RinaKnight_ yup yup you’re so right Rina!!