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shinjini kumar @shinjini9 Mumbai, India

Alice in Wonderland. I m told its difficult to be a woman founder and build for women. I m told its difficult to start again post 50. I DO difficult.

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This calls for attention @RBI @SEBI_India IRDA, PFRDA, @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman ‘coz surely we can do better on co… true. My parents had 3 kids by the time they were 22-24 and my mother worked as a teacher n funded my father (… @Newspaperwalli Awww...At least its heartening that my boys are outraged when #Trump makes sexist remarks like getting #husbands back to w…!!! This is such a superb read on this talented #woman and #artist. Thanks for sharing🙏 without a comment - India defended the right to freedom of expression of French people. If you spot irony…
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V got our #Roborock today n its so #cute . The boys named it Patch (101 Dalmations) n the husband thought it was me… Republic of #Bihar
@dugalira Yeah...walk before you run, but start walking (or, create the incentive to walk) rather than be immobilis… @_sachinbansal Also, that will (theoretically) spur race to the top by making players compete on security rather th… @DivyanshuAsopa 😊and where are you selling them? Delivering? @roomynaqvy Hey thank you so much for the offer and thanks to everyone who retweeted or replied. I am going to star… @_ShankarNath @RBIsays Haanji!!! And loads of good wishes for your new venture. 🥂
Being #BrandAmbassador must be good when you can get people to #trust you on both sides...I am@hoping he is doing… @Meetasengupta @priyashmita @Nirupama_s I dont think so. Can you connect us? Will DM @buzshilpi Its you guys who bring out that love. I was talking to Papa about you yesterday.!An exceptional, bright young woman frm my village i m mentoring is applying for a MA program n is worried about her… @buzshilpi 😍 @DivyanshuAsopa @AmazonianPixel Put up a video Divyanshu. This needs more promotion. Also talk about the kind of plants. I will order😍 @ankitv @AmazonianPixel @thebetterindia @NakuulMehta @anubhabhonsle @yomegh Lovely😍Do they do dhoom dhadam at all,… wow @vijayshekhar @Paytm this is superpower 👍🏽💪, when #millennials become #parents 🥂 @ReallySwara Of course Swara...thks and best wishes for everything (esp the new book). Proud of you😍Thank you all the nice ppl that voted to repeat the nice meal in the fridge...that worked! Today is another day🌺
@madversity The only twist I will consider at this stage, is twisting ears of whoever does not finish their dinner… vibe is so interesting...”waise to main Yogi Axxxxx hoon, par ab aarti karna hi hai to ye lo, chalo bhai camera… you rather repeat yesterday’s lunch or eat something worse??? Asking for a mother with lots of good food in t… @theUdayB @ReallySwara Love that tweet...its not about you or Swara or the flight. Its about a parent getting that…
Can we stop saying ‘on a lighter note...’Bus bol he do na yaar. Kharab #joke hee to karne wale ho😂 @RajivMakhni @Micromax__India Also, is desh me, Diwali ke time mein, kaun cheeni kum khata hai😜This simple breakfast for boys...cheese bun, scrambled eggs and sweet potato fries😋 is Vijayadashami. On this day, we celebrate the victory of good over evil, positivity over negativity, and…
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WT Actual F😡 understand as little of #BiharElections2020 as Ashwani understands of #InterestWaiver but ek tweet to banta hai🥂
Thank you @kan_writersside @mansig84 @SangitaSJindal @arunava @KitabKhanaBooks for the important work of highlighti… @GayatriiM @MannDeshiOrg Then, simply the upma recipe. Rai, curry leaves, peanuts, peas, any other veg u like, salt… @GayatriiM Happy to. Starting frm start, i got introduced to this grain at the @MannDeshiOrg fair n had no idea how… this photo made of photos by my marketing you guys❤️ the age of #digital nothing beats physical, handmade gifts...just got this wonderful album of memories from my t… rarely cooked #breakfast , even during #WFH but I braved this jowar upma with extra virgin olive oil, curry leave… @Psilosophy Ah! That works...the taking away of the separate retweet button effect @shinjini9 To retweet normally, just don't add any comments and post tweet.
Retweeted by shinjini kumarSubah se dhoondh rahi hoon ki simple retweet karne ko kuch mil kya ho gaya??? we can make out all of it, I feel(s) so superfluous😂 me of the team meetings where kids wld often show up behind their Mom’ of the few treats of…
@christopherkay @BloombergAsia Welcome to Mumbai!!! We moved here 14 yrs ago n still discovering this many layered, complex madness... @renusatti Where is the part on IIM/HBS degree and born to —-? And aspiring role of Partner with JD to network with my alumni? @shailichopra Will change fast, n for good reason. I have >5 requests frm Mom’s of boys to find a suitable girl n n…
@ProsaicView No, no...she is just hiding from Corona virus:)What’s not to love in this❤️❤️❤️ Leaves per person? Fig leaves?😟mrng coz these tiny turtles I carried all the way frm Cape Town (the heads shake) have a missing head...I m going…😊mrng because opening the very last box of small things, managed to unite this tiny couple with their transport...h…
If Mohammed Rafi voiced the world of @riteshbatra. What if.
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Beimaani ki imaandaari hai boss!!! @DanHusain Thanks Danish...We also managed to get him to cut a cake, just in time👍🏽 load the dishwasher n ask the helping teenager to look around for anything else that’s dirty. He goes, “let’s sta… did get the #poet a gift for his #birthday. Saw this series by MA Sardar on lockdown and they were so reminiscent… @AshithKampani As of now my plan is to live long enough to bequeath to a possible granddaughter😜Marin Drive last evening- Bombay. Wonder who the photographer is!!!
Retweeted by shinjini kumarAnd if we do???
I m not going to lie, but often when i been in a long mtg, i have visualised them as schoolchildren and that explai… @NamitaGokhale_ I shld. I read सक्षिप्त महाभारत (Geeta Press) when i was 12 or so...I recall being mesmerised by th… @NamitaGokhale_ @PenguinIndia Lovely!!!OMG! Art at its best...❤️❤️❤️ @karunanundy Hahaha...good one! @giribhai_92 Yeah, if i wear it out, i hav to throw it after one use. But i have these two for intermittent ppl com… @amrishrau Totally!!!Ignorance is the best way indeed😜
@anukrti_U @AttaGalatta @janeborges9 @siddharthagigoo @sidvee @BajajManjul @NirmalaGovindar @PriyaBManian Yehh...keep shining🌟best wishes @Political_Y Thats a good idea...And i missed these kept with my masks because I have decided that I am mot leaving the house without a necklace😜I a… creating value in the new venture is on my mind, but what about all this value waiting to be unlocked post… @Sairee Date rahna...ho jayega🤗Mixed race not only lives but thrives. Withdrawing Tanishq ad means denying our reality. |
Retweeted by shinjini kumarAnyone gets the feeling we are sitting in a train that is going in the reverse, but half the people think v r movin…
@dhruvdbahl @ashneergrover @BhavikKoladiya @shashvatnakrani @SuhailSameer14 @bharatpeindia Keep shinjini Dhruv...rooting fr you🌟🌟🌟 @DalrympleWill @prasanto Oh, I also have this to ensure balance @Ram_Guha Just up’ping my fitness goals... thinking and problem solving!!!! child is NOT the father of the man...apologies W Wordsworth! to hospital with amazing thing that happened is Papa going back to reading (a lot) I guess to cope wi…
This #tanishq debate is so annoying in so many ways, but I am particularly aggravated by how the ‘community’ whose… we see air.
Retweeted by shinjini kumarEver so slowly, this house has begun to feel like #home now🌟 was in RBI and we had significant signing authority. My boss suspected we did not read everything we signed. He u… @kiranjankalar Good for you. I am particularly incensed because we just did the aadhar based lease registration (eq… @mohan_anand @nistula Unbelievable!!! After I failed the min threshold of capture (80 pc as against the upto 20 pc… am embarrassed at how we push ‘products’ without ensuring half decent user experience. I just spent an hour tryin… anyone got the company’s official explanation for withdrawing the ad? Has someone lost their job because they p… of Iran; autumn and Lorestan railways.
Retweeted by shinjini kumarHahaha...This is gold indeed:)"Most teachers waste their time by asking questions that are intended to discover what a pupil does not know , whe…
Retweeted by shinjini kumarNow I have one more NOT let my husband see this!!!! a watch...this man is not able to pull up his ‘need to show respect’ face, but he is doing what many men in t… you heard any #Mundari rock song ever? Mundari is a Austroasiatic language spoken by the #Munda people in east…
Retweeted by shinjini kumarWe will closely watch #BiharElections2020 20 days after voting, I want to see the #COVID19 numbers in Bihar...
@veenavenugopal Very good question...I just learnt to check on my head first...90 pc success rate!I had the most amazing mother ever! She used to say, “if there is no electricity, no need to do homework”. Then, n… @harshilmathur @Razorpay @Sequoia_India Congratulations Harshil. Best wishes for more milestones...