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Shinobi602 @shinobi602 Orlando, FL

Communications guy at @wushustudios & host of #TheJoyofGaming on @EscapistMag. Sci-fi geek, all around friendly chap (not actually Wayne Knight). 🇱🇧🇺🇸

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@Sagadego171 @MechaRecca @shinobi602 3 things you can expect from Shinobi’s Twitter account: 1. Video game hot takes and screenshots. 2. Ad…
Retweeted by Shinobi602 @Icepickdanza Not sure, you'd have to ask him if it's available to play around in.Dude
Happy birthday Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory! It came out 15 years ago today and is still one of the absolute best st… grilling continues. 🍖🔥🍗 @LikChan Rip and tear, until it is done. @roboplato Yeah they must be, been getting a lot of errors for some reason.You've heard me rave about it for a week now. So yep, this week's episode of #TheJoyofGaming is all about one thing… @DyliriousT Definitely a much needed addition.#DOOMEternal #XboxOneX @Romainfricaud Absolutely. And the fact that it runs as smooth as it does even when there's chaos onscreen is really really impressive. @NerdPixelz
@RedRedSuit Amen to that. I'm continuously impressed every year. Can't imagine how things will look a few years from now. @RedRedSuit There aren't that many engines out there that can look this good and run as perfectly smooth as it does… @Caiusto Of course. I assumed that was a given but maybe I should clarify further next time. @ikramanop Thanks, I thought the game made itself. @_ConnorBrown I just disable it. There's no way I can play without knowing where everything Tech 7 is just...stunning. #DOOMEternal #XboxOneX @Mooch1978 Just normal. It's more than challenging enough for me lol.#DOOMEternal #XboxOneX @MThomasbrady Definitely enough to get pretty far into it. 👌 @Skeletor1991 I'm only playing on normal and it's tough as hell to lol. Definitely takes a ton of dexterity and qui… @ibraheembz I believe it's 1800p on the X and 1440p on the Pro. Looks really crisp on my TV. Runs smooth as butter. @RazorRayDH Tough as nails that's for sure! But fun fights.#DOOMEternal #XboxOneX @PrestigeIsKey That's how mine sounds... ...majority of the time 😅Did someone say more fur balls!? #WushuFriends #WorkFromHome
Retweeted by Shinobi602Working with furry friends is the worst. Or is it the best? Yeah it's the best. #WorkFromHome #WushuFriends 🐶🐱🐰🐹
Retweeted by Shinobi602 @Bret80846422 There's genuinely no way to know right now. If things start resuming back to normal this summer, ther… says #COVID19 disruptions may affect profit but it "doesn’t see any notable impact on the launch" of… @cali_rube Does PR have some negative connotation I'm unaware of? Yes, they're keeping people updated...Microsoft says it remains committed to launching #XboxSeriesX this year and acknowledges each of its first party st… artwork found in the game files
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@Under_Ach1ever This original concept art from The Last of Us, released nearly seven years ago in 2013! Artist: Maciej Kucia…
Retweeted by Shinobi602 @Nokterian Maybe one day. Not sure if I'm up for a replay so soon, and so many games to play and more coming! 😬 @E_Vaan👀 @TimePirateNinja @kitemett Rockstar owns the rights to it."Did you watch the direct today Shin?" Did a new Advance Wars or Golden Sun get announced? "No" says their new multi-platform AAA game is their "most ambitious yet" and already in pre-production.… The Collection on Switch is awesome. The more people get to enjoy one of my fav… @Mkeegs79 @SamLakeRMD @EpicGames @remedygames They're multiplatform, yes. @Jack_Septic_Eye’re working on something exciting, something big. With @EpicGames as our publisher, we have incredible resources…
Retweeted by Shinobi602Games published by Epic won’t necessarily be exclusive to its store. Epic describes the new venture as “a new multi… Games announces it's publishing the next games from @genDESIGN_Inc (The Last Guardian), @Playdead (Inside, Li… @Davidson0321't give me a heart attack this early damn it! Trump campaign just released a cease and desist letter demanding that TV stations immediately pull this…
Retweeted by Shinobi602 @GarrulousGambit @whiffer2 It's not just one game. It's always something for me lol, whether it's drivers messing s… refused to take the threat of the coronavirus seriously, now he won’t take responsibility as his administrati…
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@whiffer2 Just convenience mostly. I had a bad experience with Control on my PC, so I mostly just stick with strate… @Dr_Xun Thanks, I know. Just haven't felt like replaying missions yet 😊Alright alright alright. @JoryDV1999 NFS was the first game I got on mine. I still remember being blown away I was playing a game that looke… @whiffer2 I have a pretty good PC, yeah. @MattMcMuscles Hell yes it was. It just keeps getting better ☺️ @TheChowderhead Feels really good to me. Nice and responsive.#DOOMEternal #XboxOneX you're looking for a reliable news writer and/or critic, please let me know. Lost a lot of money over the last f…
Retweeted by Shinobi602Yesterday was the Sony PSP's 15th anniversary ❤️ Can't believe I forgot. I adored that little unit so much - good… @SonOfAlMalki I tried with super glue. It's a very small surface to apply, just wouldn't stick. @MasterJare Love it! @ConnorWalz It's made by @thinkgeek. Nice statue. @bornstellair @DomsPlaying Son... @BlazeFlareon @ZhugeEX Umm, 8 people. Turians and Qunari don't count. @Calvinpewpewpew Thanks! I played DAO on both PC & 360, but DA2 and DAI on consoles.Also yes, Leo destroyed Geralt's sword and I hate him for it. But also still love him. @RishiAlwani @AmandaFarough @AmandaFarough Lol. How do your kiddos let youuu 😭 @LikChan best WFH desk buddies.! Well deserved for the incredible team @idSoftware! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 @Or1onSLi What issues? It's so smooth on mine :) @Neozurg @swoldier13 It does, but I kind of dig the breaks ij between all the intense combat. Like little breathers… @swoldier13 @Parmersan So badass. @RENAlSSAUCE To me, definitely. And I adored the first. @ActaBunniFooFoo I can relate!#DOOMEternal #XboxOneX
@TheMoonWizard77 I would but 60 bones is a lot right now, especially on something I'm unsure of 😬😅 @KPMZERO Oh of course, the narrative in both New Order and New Colossus is great and some of my favorite in any sho… @KPMZERO Wolfenstein II is great but level design took a step back compared to New Order imo. Eternal's level des…, it is. @Jiffster @Dramido @LikChan @idSoftware @DOOM Enjoy the best shooter this gen. @WickerMan22x @Sagadego171 Hmm, I may look into it then. Thanks! @JavShack80 From what I played a long time ago, yeah I had good time. Haven't been interested since though. @LilletBlan Definitely not. I think that says a lot then 😅 @Sagadego171 If there are goals and objectives, sure! @Nibellion