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@milkoflavender that's understandable. getting over people is hard. I've never succeeded, tbh @FatWitchFanatic is it a political thriller about coronavirus @milkoflavender probably goodi love you seems like it was super fucking worth it. Bravo @fwong
Retweeted by shinyeye @FatWitchFanatic fair dues, no judgement, just curiosity @FatWitchFanatic do you only cosplay girls? I've only ever seen you in girl cos I think
@milkoflavender gotta hit that vyvanse I'm so lonelyCan’t figure out what’s wrong. 😂
Retweeted by shinyeye @WholesomeKitty ever of all time forever @WholesomeKitty oil prices at historical lowest @FatWitchFanatic dude, you're way safer at the moment being far away @Jolene_Brody rank n/a? @MidnightOven unsure if you'd be into my art/OCs TBQH plus i'd have to use an alt or something @FatJalter daaammn @FatJalter eels don't bite, said a guy i know, right before he was bitten by an eel @FatWitchFanatic haha funny jok @milkoflavender @computerThot who's ben, why you drillin him @wormslvt coronavirus was just a long april foolsI'm fucking crying sjbxjxbxi
Retweeted by shinyeye @computerThot @milkoflavender for u my fren i make 1.99, beeg discount for beeg customer @computerThot @milkoflavender u are welcom. 2 dollar for choclit. is eleet. best of israel. big moneys back in home country @computerThot @milkoflavender good day sir i hev one choclit bare for u @milkoflavender plea s @milkoflavender pleas i need weedlegal @milkoflavender weedlegal @computerThot @milkoflavender i go to albert's house and he gives me a chocolate - OPEN RP @milkoflavender i am not easily capable of being mean without feeling bad about it unless it's against a mean perso… @milkoflavender @computerThot (what the fuck is an albersttongs) @milkoflavender i've accidentally revealed the depths of my insecurities oh no @milkoflavender u dont like me @mSperoni BUT IT'S APRIL @sntisded it's the best one with the most action and coolest plot @succuboos yuh I feel like it is very recent, I wasn't seeing them just a little while ago @sntisded did you know that I only really like princess mononoke of the ghibli mobies @milkoflavender oh no ): @milkoflavender drink the biggie can @maiden_head I don't see you @computerThot @maiden_head gre-gone-y @succuboos looks like curious cat is showing questions again? when did that happen @rdbaaa @truongasm bro they made like 15 final fantasies it's ok they'll just make last idea 2 @milkoflavender /: *holds out hand* @sntisded too late, committing to the bit @sntisded awoo @_timejudgedall what's up @06262019R I'm happy for your current state! trauma is a strange mistress, I'm just glad you're in a better place a… @nudeobama ): @brellom bluepoop??
Retweeted by shinyeye @mSperoni she got her whole titties just hanging out @milkoflavender that vyvanse kicking in @milkoflavender take nap @computerThot E-LEETi.....i might
Retweeted by shinyeye @computerThot just build a killdozer, crush them in their house, for safety @DudeImAShark good avatar, also @computerThot BRO you'll get corona virus, don't do it
@BokuNoBeefDip that must be sarcasm right @computerThot because he beat his wife @fallout3355 @BrittChenteale @PeachJars flimflam @BrittChenteale @PeachJars it girl @mewtailv3 because then you can't get coronavirus @PeachJars Peanut ButterI mean pete’s sake you got dads out here sayin’ their sons aren’t allowed to play dolls. Hell, I owned dolls. First…
Retweeted by shinyeyefeel bad @milkoflavender I probably have friends but I don't feel like I do right now @milkoflavender I don't have friends @milkoflavender not allowed @milkoflavender I did, fortran just has complicated networking so I think I fucked it up @milkoflavender thank you 😊man, so sick that you can kill a man and get a paid vacation as long as you're a cop @milkoflavender u need to sleep @milkoflavender good luck, sleep tight, sweet dreams @milkoflavender me @milkoflavender good! it can be difficult but im glad you're working through it @milkoflavender are you having trouble with remote lectures? @milkoflavender no coz I got my chovies
@computerThot @milkoflavender hey you said you were chubby @milkoflavender dam mlady you like cowboy beebers too *smacks lips* I knew you were a lady of class *tips fedora* s… @milkoflavender doing us a serviceGuinea pigs have big "No thoughts head empty" energy
Retweeted by shinyeye @milkoflavender @computerThot @milkoflavender potentially hybrid-alcohol rather than hybrid-gas @milkoflavender infrastructure is very far from an all-electric future. most people in city have no way of charging… @milkoflavender that is literally the price of a model 3 @milkoflavender for reference that's more than a civic type-r or mazda mx5 and both are rather expensive @milkoflavender 74000 nzd for standard model - not really, no and even if they had, I have nowhere to park a wide-a… @milkoflavender I don't think infrastructure supports electric cars atm and they're too expensive for the common man @milkoflavender plus I'm big on disrupting from the inside. though Russia is doing a good enough job w/o anyone's help @milkoflavender not enough money in it and it hasn't destabilized enough to be cheap and provide stupid returns. nz… @milkoflavender I'm gonna invest in oil and use the money to fund renewables and destabilize the Russian fascist government @computerThot @milkoflavender also do hand stretches and massage your forearms. do not get RSI it sucks @ASYMPTOMATlC world at peace* *except all those other placesi truly don’t understand how couples cuddle while they sleep. give your partner a kiss goodnight and turn opposite directions like an adult
Retweeted by shinyeye @IeftcomIoIi @twinkhon oh no @maiden_head men r ez @milkoflavender @computerThot @computerThot @milkoflavender I got an ergo keyboard at work, it's ok @computerThot @milkoflavender what y'all need is better seating, I say, with keyboard on my lap and leaning way back on my chair @milkoflavender fair. how old were you