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hi I'm Shiny | im a Purple Stink Boy | I draw & am Gay As Hell | I get nsfw/18+ | I have a Nuzlocke comic | & Patreon

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I think i'm gonna step away from social media for a bit for my mental health. My thoughts are with my friends that up my stream now! Gonna be working on my YCH, made a 90-min playlist of the gothiest music i have (which is in my apartment, gonna stream again in a few. @Otterpopdraws kirby just wants to get swole too it's ok kirby i support your journey @Otterpopdraws It's something to start with at least! Thank you :3
I've tweeted this before, but does anybody out there have any good resources for free weight workouts I can do with is short so i'm playing a mix i named "coronavirus crush" now, come thrugonna stream starting on the ych! also listening to Chromatica because of who i am as a person. @trashtail thanks! :3 i was excited about the chance to get real buckwild with em
@KitlerFox ...i am boo boo the fool @KitlerFox yeah!! sorry if the quality's a little lower, telegram had the files you sent me saved as an mp4 and i h doesn't let you post two gifs at once, here's the second one. also made progress gifs from the progress updates I sent them! #nsfw So much support from all over the country + the world! We are overwhelmed with gratitude for everyone who has
Retweeted by 成 Shiny Skunk 成Dream Eater, a porn comic commission for @KitlerFox! Im pretty proud of this one. #nsfw
Retweeted by 成 Shiny Skunk 成it's a good album i hope the porn stars have fun with many gay onlyfans streams are going to have the new gaga album on in the background today, do you think.Dream Eater, a porn comic commission for @KitlerFox! Im pretty proud of this one. #nsfw on an extremely sfw comic about summer fun!!!!!!!! nah I wanna watch YouTube and relax while I draw. But! S o o n @JohnnyCallicutt Me listening to 100 gecsThinking I might stream again tonight
@OrbitRetro @MidwestProcyon I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO BETRAYED @OrbitRetro lmao i want to add more but like a) it would all be emarrassingly filthy and 2) what else is there to even saygod i miss sex
@OrbitRetro i only know like three songs, but yeah she's fun! @OrbitRetro YAS BISH YAS BISH YAS BISH........ SLAYTurns out being direct and saying I have something else to do now instead trying to subtly end the scene is the solution! W h o k n e w @Mokiawa I have not heard of that but oh my god @Lexxurevg1 Haha yeah just being like "I gotta go work out, let's continue another time" worked, it turns out @Mokiawa Some guy into that too, in my experience @jackalopeglen what if they're like "and then we both wake up and have MORNING SEX" @pizzatrash damn, vintage 2008 memes, those'll kill ANY bonerHow does one politely end a roleplay over text. Asking for a friend who is my flowerrrrr can't believe Dahlia talked about getting high during the reunion and did not once refer to the herbs she was smoking as broccoli.Streaming while I (hopefully) finish a porn comic commission and listen to a disco playlist from my favorite bar! S @PolarFritzAD i got em babeyokay time to set up another stream i think @Mr_Hypercube i like it, Gay Clown Souls, sounds like a game @Blazingcheeks would help make.
@senedjem it is emotionally difficult and blew my mind! @senedjem Conflict Is Not Abuse is always a good'nimo ContraPoints made an even better version of this argument in the Cancelling video but this one is just more concise in general.i'm thinking about this video again, i wish the whole internet would watch it @SpookyFleas @PatchworkSuits yeeeeeeeeeeeeeIn here drawing ghost hands/dicks and listening to Carly Rae Jepsen babey, come thruSetting up Stream now!
Anyway I'm gonna attempt to stream again tonight, see how well I can do it with the setup I have here. Watch this space in a couple hours.All these poor twinks staying at their parents. Just wanna sit on a real dick again instead of doing the 8 billiont have gotten to know the living rooms of all the porn stars I follow so well during all this. @Certomistle @skunknuzlocke Same, he gave me the cutest ref SPRITZ i'll hire somebody else to do it idk. the future is vast and unknowable!!!i'm still considering making a new website for this thing at some point cause squarespce isn't totally cutting it b that I post WIPs of this comic every Monday over on Patreon, too! Nuzlocke update is live on the website! (And also on @skunknuzlocke) @solicitoussloth @AskSHole I have been baking way too much I literally have way too many leftovers I will fully mail them to whoever @MidwestProcyon Lemon shortcake petit fours! @AskSHole Ooh I would love to tbhhhh @Spades_Royal Tyyyyy Im so proud of them!,Not to brag but I made these and they're delicious @trashtail It does indeeddd I can't believe they're still this good @FoolishRadish N I C E
@MidwestProcyon Do you need a website to declare national holidays for your gross fetishes? Squarespace is here fo @pizzatrash i mistyped because i was thinking about Hot Skunk Dads Fucking You In The Ass @AskSHole @delirost i'm gonna make dad so proud ; ~; @pizzatrash HSDFYITA Day is a religious holiday started in 2020. It has been sanctified by the pope, @FluffyDarkrai oh you know i'm celebrating either way @delirost damn, guess it's canon now, start the hashtags, babeyWhat if I just declared June to be Hot Skunk Dads Fucking You In The Ass Month. Would it just be true? Like who could even fact check that.I listen to this Punch Up The Jam episode like once a month it brings me so much joyI'm a pop dweeb (also don't judge me for still liking grimes) after I finish these two commissions that'll be my just-for-me project.I wanna draw some Skunkdad for when I get to 500 followers tonight.. we dine like kings
Retweeted by 成 Shiny Skunk 成Well this is threatening
@senedjem Hahaha oh my godMaybe I need to just give this thing a full wipe and start over 突突Parents lent me a spare laptop they apparently just had lying around (???) and I'm looking at the applications list @loneliestbara Pleasing.........Animal Crossing Islands open to Switch friends right now if anyone's bored 仄領儭They did the dramatic "gunshot happens offscreen and birds fly away" thing except there were like 8 billion birds a show is extremely goofyMy parents are watching Outlander and the two main characters just burst into this lady's house and found her dead
teddy bear picnic intensifies @rooboyboy i'm going to SHIT i cannot waitthis sounds like it could be an early-aughts-era Kylie deep cut!this is some tacky, goofy-ass nonsense and i, for one, am here for it劾劾汽ODAY I FEEL CUTE AND THAT MY BUTT LOOKS GOOD劾劾This is @eW01F
Retweeted by 成 Shiny Skunk 成Today's the last day to participate in this YCH auction!! will give Tyra this, "That was insulting to Beyonce" is an all time great moment, I had forgotten about it and ha @justlikeorf i'm gonna be honest, i thought this was going to be Jewel @sighotter yeah i don't think they're in season until like augustRaven is so cunty and Tyra is so hilariously w r e t c h e d nobody would ever act like this on drag race now. @bentl_ They're so grody and fun! @sighotter MangooooRewatching these early seasons of drag race is WILD, truly nobody is worried about social media and i envy them deeply
@atorwulfu @justlikeorf @SpookyFleas looks like she's growing a new look behind her there toowhat the fuck happened to Florrie