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I provide cords for your shundo needs 💯✨

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@JaimeyBased1017 12.2 will work
37.80851, -122.47098 Deoxys raid enter at 27:00 timer #ShinyCheck 🤞🤞🤞🍀🍀🍀🍀🙏🙏🙏🙏 @BDNinja4Life You have to re jailbreak just repeat the last process on your computer don’t let your phone die or you loose your jb @mustbeKiera @ThruMeSheShines Go ahead and try it, I got robot arms. Ok ok go to sleep now 😴 @zettodot No freaken way 🤯🤯🤯 @ThruMeSheShines @mustbeKiera Wake up I’m hungry @ThruMeSheShines @mustbeKiera 🤗🤗🤗 @quino23 @StardustPokmnGO I had no choice lol @sajjuskyrim @LunaJaimes4 @StardustPokmnGO Ipogo @quino23 @StardustPokmnGO Yea I know he is legit and fantastic for sure @LunaJaimes4 @StardustPokmnGO So lucky my friend @quino23 @StardustPokmnGO This was yesterday @juancilloniz Me too @i_arceus Wean you don’t find a shiny for days @Shinytracker FT : shinies L, T, R, A . LF : shinies wurmple party hat, pichu santa, pichu ash hat, pichu witch, p…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @VictorRSweet Snap @LucianaZVBdeF Yes @BDNinja4Life Update @ThruMeSheShines @IceColdMystic 😂😂 @mustbeKiera Yea I like you too.. oh you mean the unown yea that u is nice too 😅 @tsm_are 🤨 @mustbeKiera I’m not even gana try I know I’m not getting one @Aimee43095888 I’m tempted to go there @mustbeKiera See our mains are not being nice to us @ZoeBloom 😧 @mustbeKiera Switch accounts @SwintJosh Being to dam sexy @sidzanybck For me it is @SaiShashank_ten All shinyWell this took 15 minutes this confirming my main is “shiny banned” 😰😰😰😰 @Brotis_Redding 😑 @rRyno8376 🤞 @Deandingal1 Wow @Ampisey Sbaps @Xyphoseos Dang itWait wait wait do you need a special event ticket to unlock and be able to get shiny staryu? What am I doing wrong?… @iare5152 Thanks wish it was on my main tho
@iare5152 On alts only-12.10048, -77.03778 Sableye 💯cp1012 #ShinyCheck-23.26254, -45.90311 Deino #ShinyCheck23.79968, 120.46578 Deino #ShinyCheck @jvalendrinkg Lo are49.43078, 11.85093 Baltoy 💯cp719 #ShinyCheck46.50403, 6.49283 Deino #ShinyCheck53.79109, -1.53402 Staryu 💯cp958 #ShinyCheck28.10390, -15.47212 Deino #ShinyCheck @htownboy412 Agree @Xyphoseos I canSo does anybody feel like hunting anything today? I’m at 600 startu not shiny 😤 @AbhiPrinc3 Thank you @AbhiPrinc3 I haven’t got one yet 😭33.68572, -112.27133 ✨Tangela ✨💯cp504 #ShinyCheck @carl68655402 Wow @rebel_inferno @IceColdMystic Wow best one yet @IceColdMystic @GaganGulati333 It’s not bad right? Wish they had purple pants I would rock those @IceColdMystic 🤪🤪🤪I change my outfit once every day. I see some of my friends trying to look like their Buddy and it’s so funny. One…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @rowaldrullz Worth it29 raids and best thing I got was a 96iv one none shiny 🤨🤨🤨, 139.73929 Deoxys raid #ShinyCheck full lobby35.68453, 139.68579 Deoxys raid full lobby enter any time #ShinyCheck 🤞🤞🤞🤞✨✨✨😍😍 @iZigyy @StardustPokmnGO YesOmg I did not know you couldn’t trade shiny deoxys ok @StardustPokmnGO i need some coins bro help me out 🙏Can shiny deoxys be trade?
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @TheAbysssss Hopefully it gets better @TheAbysssss It happens just restart app and make sure you gave the latest update in cydia @TheAbysssss That’s odd are you respecting cool down times? @mustbeKiera @CoordsPokemon I should have that Amy profile pic @CoordsPokemon Lol 😝 @iJcharly @LunaJaimes4 On jailbreak yesif your game crashes, the ipa was updated again iPogo
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @mustbeKiera @mustbeKiera You keep me happy by feeding me 😬 @mustbeKiera I’m a baby my self so yea makes sense @mustbeKiera I’m gana call you my baby mama cause you having all my babies and how can I forget 🙊 @mustbeKiera @mustbeKiera @mustbeKiera What do you need? Name it @mustbeKiera I’m super ready @mustbeKiera Can I has the Marill baby you have? 🥺👉👈and maybe this one after. Registered it? Il trade ya @shavid8 @Shinytracker Sugestion: rename your buddy with your Twitter acc @shavid8 (or phone number) and ur lucky…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @perez2368 I’m not familiar Muchwith android but there is many options
I tried to help the community by sending remote invites, but it is so overwhelming for me. I could use your help i…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨Spoofers if you are doing raids and you see someone asking to be invited, please send a remote invite, especially f…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @BDNinja4Life Install the repo in cydiaIf anyone still needs a shiny Cleffa, I hatched another one a little while ago. Must have it registered already, un…
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @BDNinja4Life Nope that’s it don’t install any other tweaks r it won’t work @BDNinja4Life Install legit pogo app then go to cydia and Add then install ipogo from repo @CoordsPokemon Experience enough to handle and super soaker with both hands @CoordsPokemon I sure do 🙊 @CoordsPokemon Not giving up, I send you my biggest shiny vives @GingerMcSteezy I’m out of passed 🙁 @pokechapin Beautiful @Shinytracker Thankyou😭🌟✨🙏
Retweeted by Shinytracker✨✨ @CoordsPokemon No shiny 😳33.76259, -118.13760 Another deoxys raid next to last enter at 18:00 timer #ShinyCheck 🙏🙏🙏🤞🤞🤞🤞😭😭😭🙏I need you please shiny33.76227, -118.13887 Deoxys enter at 17:00 timer #ShinyCheck 🤞🤞🤞😭😭😭34.00497, -118.15295 Deoxys raid enter at 21:00 timer #ShinyCheck 🤞🤞🤞🤞If any of my ultra or best friends have an extra shiny unown R or L I would greatly appreciate a trade. It’s unregi…
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