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@spunXtain There’s always room for a ninth outfielder.The Reds roster is starting to look really good.
He always gravitates to Hulk. @JmlScrltt We have specific controllers for the kids so they always grab those. The smaller ones that they can reach all the buttons on.
Butter Royals victory. @bruceamartin Walmart is a gold mine right now for dinosaurs.One of Emeline’s friends has a birthday party. She said that he likes dinosaurs and video games. I said that I like…
Sonic tickets secured.
This is a pretty crazy product to see the light of day. It’s only compatible with the NES Top Loader AND the Super… @prbigby3 @CheapyD Astrotrain is. That’s an original Blitzwing.
I use a Dying Light 2 backpack as my dedicated library bag. They gave it to me at E3 2018.
@NinjaLunchBox79 @ktsdaddy $40 Astrotrain. $50 Soundwave.I have completed Nicky: The Home Alone Golf Ball on Switch. I got my 49 cents worth out of it. Rather enjoyed it.Nope. That’s not it. @e976900 @RicF @CheapyD Walmart has been getting waves of them for a couple years now. @jamesthegoose That was awesome. @mikeypredsfan They did some of the cassettes last year. I don’t remember which ones. He comes with Buzzsaw.Walmart also has a Soundwave re-release, but I didn’t take pictures of that because they seem to re-release him a lot (because he’s cool). @hunterrogue99 Yes. @NinjaLunchBox79 Using technology to tell your hitters what pitch is coming next from the pitcher.Wait, Tony La Russa, the Hall of Fame manager who fielded teams full of roided up players is being accused of steal…
@e976900 @CheapyD Yes.They remade Astrotrain. One of my favorites growing up. @NewWombat All the toys I’ve seen on the shelf so far though are 3 different versions of Batman. If they had the ot…
All these delays are accomplishing what Best Buy couldn’t; keeping my GCU discount active on pre-orders until late 2020.Oh man, there’s a Forbidden Planet robot as well.
Nobody is going to remember who Iron Man is by the time that Avengers game releases.I played my PlayStation 4 26 hours last year. I spent 548 hours putting the kids to bed.Clemson still has time to mount a comeback in Day 2 of this game.This football game is so late. I hope the players don’t have any early classes tomorrow.So exhibitor interest is gaining brand attention, got it. Speaking directly to me.
I still like E3 and I will not be dunking on it at this time. @EdwardCintron I think that’s actually the one thing that has never been proven.So the Astros manager gets suspended for a year for cheating and Pete Rose is still banned for life?
@JasonIsbell What if I listen to it on shuffle? @Hellicus @videogamedeals Yup, lots of stuff to do in it if you are the target market.
Tomorrow I’m seeing a cat for an exam named WhisKhalifa. I cannot wait.
Retweeted by Robert GoodeWalmart has these exclusive Ready Player One figures for $20. @funnydale I’m not a modern wrestling watcher, but it’s a fun concept.
I took a picture so it would last longer.
Hmm... @CheapyD I’m on it.
@skubish Call both of them then. Replay the down.I’m here just going back and forth in my head on whether or not Spuds MacKenzie would be down with Bud Light Seltzer.“You can’t call pass interference in that situation.” When is the rule in place for?“NFL is a great product, isn’t it.”So a push off TD & terrible overtime rules really put the capper on that one. @GarnettLee @dallascowboys Marvin Lewis did very well in Cincinnati for an over-controlling owner who doesn’t spend…
@more_jetpacks Captain Gridiron maybe? @more_jetpacks Cool, although I have no idea what that design is. @ScottSemerson14 This was at the Loveland Goodwill. @NewWombat
@RealBenGilbert I cancelled Netflix because I didn’t want to watch anything on there, so just get the service that…
@RetroRGB Hope you get it figured out feel better soon. @JLK_SITH Yup.LEGO Builder’s Journey is an interesting indie style puzzle adventure game. It’s also the first game I beat this year.
Where in the world did all those people eat last night? kids both want to watch Attack of the Clones and I just don’t know if I have that in me. @mikeypredsfan I think Anakin has a 50% success rate in the film.You know what, after watching it again, I still really enjoy Episode I. It’s a spectacle and really tries to captur…
The sound design in the Episode I pod race is still excellent. We can all agree on that, right? @BlueHeelerKY I’m here for it.I also bought Madagascar for Xbox. It’s missing the instructions. into Goodwill and for $3 a pop, walked out owning Disney+. @DoorDash was down so I went with @Grubhub which was a BIG mistake!
Retweeted by Robert Goode @gwaki $4 though!Mini Motorways on Apple Arcade is quite good, I just wish there was more of it.Finally, I can utter the phrase “For only $20 more you could buy a speaker hat.”
@SecretFriendsU Apple Arcade game called Possessions.One of my video game pet peeves is when basketball hoops and/or courts are a little off.’s some good box art. @betafish323 I played it on Xbox. Not sure how it fairs on Switch.Every time we circle the sun the Browns fire their head coach. @CheapyD I also notice that there isn’t an Iron Man. @CheapyD Yeah-Mon.
Gold Star tomorrow!Baker Mayfield is the QB you want on 4th & 20. He’s also the QB that gets you to 4th & 20.The announcer just called Odell Beckham Jr. “ODB”.Bengals peaking at the right time of year. @ultramagnus_tcv Battle of Ohio @ColonelRangoon I think we went performance.Dalton is going to go out and throw 7 TDs this game and make the Bengals think about this.
@ides3 The Big Ten and SEC are the two elite football conferences. The other conferences have some good teams.The second half of this football game will be replaced by me playing with these Thundercats. has dropped out of the Top 25.If the Bengals draft Burrow, does he come with all these open receivers?Remember when they were trying to convince anybody who would listen that this Oklahoma team had a chance.That’s clear targeting and completely unnecessary.Welp, at least Memphis showed they belonged there. Just had to kick too many field goals. @NewWombat This looks infinitely more fun than being that date. @Joey_Canz Pretty sure both of them are originals from friends of the family. The one on the right is a painting of…’ve done it! @NewWombat Hair Bear Bunch. They don’t make them like this anymore.
Not as epic, but still satisfying. @Buzzman23 I’m really good at puzzles.This is an awesome dinosaur puzzle. @dangercats That’s part of the intrigue. @WhipSmartBanky There’s a Hair Bear Bunch though.